Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Odd Observation #11

I've gotten inquiries from folks wondering if I've been "seeing" anything, lately.  The short answer is, yes.
I've always said that all one has to do is go outside at night and rock the head back with just a smidgen of anticipating patience and a dash of rational open-mindedness.  There is stuff up there to see, good reader, and that stuff generally rocks the "established" world with the sting of reality's bee.  That's a good thing.  "Why" is difficult to describe except that it is the "kingdom at hand," inspired by an intuition harbored since childhood.

I was back from the west, finally, my now late Mother on the coat-tails of "for the better" on my leaving of her... (she would soon be living with me), and had been back for days... subsequently returned to soupy southern skies of lower Alabama and the lights that pass, flicker, and crawl teasingly within them, lights unheralded by NASA's J-PASS... Time passages...

Somebody knows, eh?

The morning of the second was especially clear and cool, disappointingly. A morning flight from Sacramento (to the south of Anderson) five hours and some change later, crowded the allotted time outside to watch our festooned sky.  ...But it should be no surprise, at this point, that they were there as well, three at once, flying in definite formation, the trail object playing catch-up to the left echelon of silent objects flying before it...

I first noticed them below and to the left of Polaris, about 40 degrees elevation, at 3:35 Central time traveling west to east.  All three lights were identical in color and brightness, about magnitude one, and were never closer than one degree (the objects in left echelon preceding) and never farther away from one another then three degrees (the object in trail, catching up).  The echelon traveled at a rate of 3 degrees a second and the trail object slightly faster.  The trail object was decidedly closing with the echelon.  

The impression was that these three silent objects were in one another's vicinity. I watched them until they were obscured in the tree-line to the northeast. The silence of their majestic passage was deliciously discomfiting.

About half the nights since I've been back from California ( mother was ~painting~ again when I left!) ...have been either obscured with morning fog, concealed by overcast, or shrouded by storm clouds. On those remaining mornings with good visibility the gnats, flies, and mosquitoes, refreshed  by all the wet weather, would have their buggy headbanger's blood banquet in honor of my return... but I know the "secret" of the Bounce™ anti-static dryer cloth.  I could sense their woeful disappointment as they moved off sullenly to look for dogs, squirrels, and birds (…thanks, Mom).

The strange objects were there, of course, every time I had the ceiling and visibility required to detect them, and I'm provoked once again to wonder where they come from when I see them... where they go when I don't, and how many facockta satellites am I supposed to be able to see, on a day to day basis, anyway?  Officiality is not adding up with regard to a disingenuous implication of an erstwhile predictability for these sightings.  "Two plus two" becomes "3" or maybe "5"...

Many objects too, reader, of varying brightness, displaying colors of white through yellow to red, and moving at different speeds on different tracks (including due west!)... these graced the skies as I watched them... the prosaic non-prosaic.  God, but what are they?

I could go on about the magnitudes, elevations, and azimuths for all the sightings.  I could specify rates, specific times, and individual colors, but I think I've demonstrated my ability to count a measured bean (even an anomalous one!) in the previous years of these odd observations.  

There's no need for the reader to have to wade through all that.  Besides, my purpose here is to get the reader to go outside for awhile, themselves, ...measure their own rates, times and azimuths... so they can see for themselves what their conflicted mainstream would airily (and suspiciously!) deny.  The reader could have her own horizons vastly expanded as has happened with me and myriad persons I've encountered in my ufological trials.

There's a strange comfort in those expanded horizons that is hard to define, reader,  as I said before, but it's like you can look out on these silent, tiny, and purposeful orbs with a cool morning breeze on your face and be reassured (in as much as the hijacked mainstream won't own up to them) that there is something really there… beyond the confines (and outside of the box!) of that jealously conflicted mainstream.  Something... further... I don't know... but something that does not dance to a skewed mainstream's duplicitous tune. 

If that object can do that, stand solidly without the mainstream's (even grudging) support, perhaps each of us (who would want to) might find a way to do that, too.  Think of the strides we will be able to take as a species then!  And that's worth all the money you have.  That's worth all the money that anybody has.

I remain watching our skies. 

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