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Friday, November 13, 2015

Fastwalkers Revealed!

Fastwalkers Revealed...
by Alfred Lehmberg

...Because I'm reasonable, rational, intellectually honest... and because I look?  I see UFOs.  No "beam-ships" or "mother-landers" as yet.  Cool the jets.  I only see point-source lights remaining unidentified.  

That is all.

Now, sometimes, through blows and stretches, these observed UFOs go away.  It's like a ufological "silent spring," out there for me, when that happens.  That... ...inexplicable sudden dearth of strangely moving unidentified objects in the night sky, sometimes lasting for days, is, and unsettlingly, peculiar.

I'm nonplussed by that absence, even as I am encouraged, inspired, and excited when they are around. Where do they go? Where DO they go?

Truly, they ARE conspicuous in their absence, but—as we can all extrapolate and I paraphrase!—evidence of absence (my own evidence!) is NOT absence of evidence (sic).  It's personal to be sure, hard to transfer, but abundantly adequate enough for me.  

UFOs are real... I wonder what that might mean... my intuition is good things in the aggregate. Somebody knows.

Hey... that's the ride we're on... ...Right?

So, where ARE the objects a stridently pompous skeptibunky or stuttering klasskurtxian has said SHOULD be up there! The proposed satellites, stations, and shuttles ... the birds, bolides, balloons, and boosters... are not to be found at all... considering the frequency with which I used to see *them*, and which the aforementioned skeptibunky has always maintained they were...

Where do they go? Where do they go? Where do they go?  If what I am seeing is the prosaic mundane, where does the... "prosaic mundane" ...go?

UFOs ARE out there, of course.  Too much about them has been hammered in stone, penned in ancient ink and pushed into old paint for them to be anything BUT real, reader, just to start!

Indeed, Jacques Valleeamong significant others like Friedman, Feschino, Hastings and Dolan—has written extensively and convincingly about them.  Many years ago, now, he even told us what they were called...

Fastwalkers!  That's a coined word just dripping incongruity and high strangeness... isn't it?

"Fastwalker":  a term NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) invented to categorize objects approaching from space, entering our atmosphere, maneuvering strangely about, and then leaving the atmosphere again in a manner not consistent with the aforementioned boosters, birds, balloons, and bolides!

Uh... maneuver about and leave?!  Let that sink in...

It is a word also used to describe trans-lunar phenomena (tlp's): anomalous motive objects with the particularly peculiar flavor of *things* ufological... moving quickly across the face of the full moon and filmed through quality telescopes on Earth... or on shuttle flights... let that sink in... too.

The Air Force NORAD facility, it has been convincingly reported, observes these "Fastwalkers" from its subterranean facility deep inside super-secret Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and tracks a rough average of 500 of them (UFOs for the uninitiated) each YEAR as they enter the Earth's atmosphere from deep space, maneuver around, and then leave again. You're reading that correctly... ...enter... maneuver around... ...leave again... what?!

This is not a fiction. It corroborates a similar report from AeroJet General engineers Lee Graham and Ron Regehr, who have revealed to the bully-boy and erstwhile UFO researcher Don Ecker documents further revealing that AeroJet's DSP satellite system, alone, routinely detected UFOs flying into Earth's atmosphere from deep space... ...up to two to three times per month.  My Dad, Alfred junior, worked at Aerojet until the space program imploded.  He told me similar stories...

Ho hum? I suspect not.

But these ironically well cited tales are dismissed as... ...fatuous fluff... from the fabulous, if late, Philip Klass' "fabled foggy fringe of wrongly focused and facile fools" (...no respect for dead sons-of-bitches here!) ... until, that is, one stumbles quite inadvertently upon corroborating evidence from an unlikely source in an unlikely place at an unlikely time.

Pay attention now...

MY corroborating evidence was picked up like a winning lottery ticket found in the commode stall of a Baptist Church lavatory...

Fastwalkers revealed... ...up close and personal... Here are the details:

As a function of my long military experience at Fort Rucker, Alabama (Home of Army Aviation), I have a few enjoyable privileges left coming directly as a result of it.  One of these privileges is an invitation to the annual "October Fest," a stateside based German Aviation Officers Ball... put on every year (towards the end of September, oddly), for their American allies, et al...

At this fest (...a satisfyingly gonzo party, actually...) there is polka music, traditional German fare, wursts and krauts... but the best is yet to come! ...The finest damned beer in the known universe is imported unpasteurized (YUM!) from the genuine breweries of the Fatherland mit strumpfhosen und tanzen girdleya?

...I mean beer so good you can have it for freakin' breakfast... FREE!  Yeah-baby!

Life is indeed GOOD at these (by invitation only) Teutonic soirees... Yee ha! ...but I digress...

Towards the midpoint of the party my wife—a German National herself, oddly enough, so we're kind of tuned to the stammtisch—led me to a table presided over by a woman she knew from the Fort Rucker German club. The conversation got very lively, all the male participants were abundantly sloshed (...getting sloshier...) and feeling tres expansive, dicks all out, while expressing themselves similarly... ...with all guards well down…

The females graciously indulged us that ... given how messy we are to both tolerate AND clean up after, subsequent to an "abundant sloshing"? ... anyway...

One of the participants at this little ad hoc collection of retired and active duty aviation officers was a very senior Army lieutenant colonel (on the list for full bird) just coming from a very interesting, on topic, and unusual military assignment.

Get this... he was the senior Army liaison officer to the Air Force's facility at Cheyenne mountain, NORAD, mentioned earlier.  I sobered up pretty fast.

"How about those fastwalkers," I asked him in a lull of his rather too pompous oration regarding the NORAD assignment...

The broad smile came off his face like I'd slapped him.  UFOs ARE serious business, it seems.

"NORAD is not set up to see things like that," he said with a focused, clipped, and too narrow tightness.

"Like... see what exactly"? I asked him with an evil grin.

"That's classified," he said frostily, all expansiveness in retreat and alerted guards coming up like fists.  He got the "offended Colonel" look.  I'm sitting there well retired with long hair and a Guy Fawkes beard. The other guys and their wives noticed the sudden *frost* and fell silent. Someone even asked, "What's the matter"?

...The good Colonel just gave me an indication how weird things really are... I thought to myself, but without violating any security oaths. Though, I allowed, out loud, to the beleaguered Colonel that I didn't mean to put him on the spot about security issues, just that I found the subject of UFOs very interesting myself (and shouldn't everyone?)... I might as well have tried to get a silenced adherent to talk about Skull&Bones.

The conversation went (too gratefully) back to a now muted party talk, and the Colonel?  He and his wife were the first to leave.  OK, a UFO Nut ruined the party, but what about what's on the other side of my offense?

Does everyone else see the veiled admission here? Does anyone else see the incongruity of the exchange between the colonel and I? Why the quick frost; why the terse (and blundering) reminder of top level classification; why WAS he so put off? Maybe if he told me he'd have to kill me, not as funny as it sounds ...and what's up with THAT?

Fastwalker... It's just a word, isn't it? That aforementioned fascination of "facile fools" mentioned earlier? Be that as it may, it was a word that one very slightly ambushed Colonel knew and apparently knew very well.

It was also a word that held a lot of jaw clenching import for him ... forgetting that it was enough of a word for one total stranger to be reflexively terse, tensed up and tight-mouthed over, damned near hostile... ...with another. It was certainly enough of a word to inject ill will into the pleasant encounter ... when seconds prior good will flowed from baccalaurean fountains and a good time was being had by all!

...Perhaps, just perhaps... it's more than just a word at the denouement. Nes't-ce' pas?

...As regards the absence of my own observed Fastwalkers? When they go away for any significant time I begin to wonder, sincerely, if I had ever seen them at all... but that I can review the previous written recordings I've made chronicling some of the more significant sightings, personal evidence (...a personal record...) of something I've indeed seen in starry skies all over North America, points of occurrence north AND south and overseas. But for this series I wouldn't (couldn't!) be so sure. Writing about it is a recording after all.

Writing about it is a lasting monument to it having happened. I know you have other things to do reader, a family to protect and provide for... a living to make...

...I'll make that written monument for both of us.

So I do see something, my testimony is a matter of public record, and "Fastwalker" IS a real word... indirectly, but convincingly confirmed by one of the *players* in that field.

Fastwalkers are real. N'est-ce pas? Nothing else makes lasting sense.

Now—apart from what I report here there readily exists some interesting footage and intriguing reportage lathering the potentiality for more of the same in this area. "Fastwalker" is also a credible film recently released by the team of Bruce Jessop and Robert & Anthony Miles.

They further invite us on "a great and wondrous journey... an exciting adventure, perhaps into our very own past, present and future"! The film's production values, the quality of most of the witnesses and commentators, and the overarching theme is such that astounding events are imminent, reader, and not restricted from crossing international boundaries effortlessly via this film. A new era dawns if we but allow it.

Indeed, a new transparency and accountability from officialdom seems penultimate to offing! Moreover, that aforementioned transparency and accountability could provide for a progressive forthcoming-ness... leading to a new age of increased potential and enhanced capability, possibly, for humanity transportation, medicine, computer tech and nano tech.

 That said, whatever one might think of exopolitics and the persons officiating it? The message of the proceeding film was entirely consistent with an efficacious personal philosophy and I could find nothing to disparage in any of it, even from any of the contributors of questionable quality; I can only wonder at the inclusion of some of them at all.

 All voices heard? Still, my sense is that the film's message is entirely without fault.

That's enough, eh? Read on!


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