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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Odd Observation #16

Wrong, Wrong Minded, And Wrongly Motivated Wooden Nickels

Odd Observation #16
by Alfred Lehmberg

...Stationary periodic flashers of remarkable brilliance.

...Thought quick fast-walkers.

...Slowly moving "foraging insect in and amongst the stellar shrubbery" types.

...A couple of very unlikely "due-westers"*... These were a few of the sky observations I'd made since my subsequent report.

...And one startling observation here on Earth... a one-time friend of mine (a friend thought WELL within the realm of transparent innocence) was reportedly being stalked, bugged, and otherwise harassed by agents of a shadowy opposition, though, that's not what I want to talk about. 

I'll just want to hang that out there (used later perhaps given the lay of the land) to illustrate the point of my contention regarding one Dr. Joe Nickell, a ranking CSIcopian, and what he once expressed on SDI (Strange Days Indeed) in June of 2002 about ufologists "wasting their lives" in the pursuit of a paranormal "ephemera." 

Well, he couldn't be more WRONG. He couldn't be more wrong-MINDED. He couldn't be more wrongly MOTIVATED.  Such is the supposition of an intellectual sophistry and unwarranted superciliousness leavened into lives which can have no meaning save the dictates of covetous number-squeezers and celibate hypocrites in long black dresses: two sides of the same coin tossed in a hand beyond all humility and larded with unwarranted hubris.  Posted!

He "couldn't be more wrong" because he is the complete antithesis of what he would otherwise give every indication that he must be!  That persona is one of an educated man "going where the data leads." In the crusade of science's light?  Mmmmmm-no.

He is not data led. Stanton Friedman, the late Richard Hall, Jerome Clark, and Jerry Cohen... forgetting David Rudiak and UFO history's all but forgotten Jean Van Gemert, and Brian Zeiler... these give an abundant argument that he (and the rest of his imagination-less clan) is not remotely circumspect regards this milieu of the unusual... WHY he is not circumspect , and HOW he is not circumspect.

To start, he is wrong because he says he does "science" but will do NO science which requires him to rethink his shaky position (he has to be right EVERY SINGLE TIME where this writer only has to be right only ONCE). He is loath to redo work ineffectively and unconvincingly done (his ufological research is canted, reactionary, and demonstrably facile and bogus). He is steadfast only in not giving up on a wrong conviction (UFOs are, too, real in any sense of the word!). 

He is wrong because his philosophical predilection is to a too rigid conservatism based on too many steps cherry-picking data stepping laterally and too many steps of cognitive dissonance BACK, obliterating the too conservative (some would argue cowardly) reluctance to take a step forward

Another essay map if I wished it so, he is hugely wrong in spirit, he is demonstrably wrong in letter, and he is decidedly wrong in principle. Moreover, he IS the corrupted mainstream, and so a ready symbol or tool for all the ill-employed wrongness that that implies.

Dr. Nickells is wrong-MINDED for similar reasons. His inexorable entrenched position is soaked in the mire of staid and intellectual rot... forgetting the National decay via our traditional academic authoritarianismHe typifies the self-aggrandizing conceit of the lettered with broad proclamations as bereft of support (but in lettered vapidness) as they are of consistent logic. See the named references above for exquisite detail!

He is repelled by the more open-minded authoritative and too forgiving of the laughable gaffs of his authoritarian CSIcopian brethren. I'd suspect a Limbaugh Republican bent to his social politics, too: "no love" masquerading as "tough love" and "no research" masquerading as "investigation enough." Resolved: he is thoughtless denial  personified, masquerading as thoughtful apperception...

Finally, Dr. Nickells is wrongly MOTIVATED because his impetus implies mindless support for the suspect status quo of the "stealthily non-forthcoming," so... where's the beef? No, "intellectually beefless," and based on the paramount in limit tests for credulity: it facilitates blind acceptance of professional (all but closed) institutions in medicine, law, and "science" (agencies preying on the masses like wolves on wildebeest).  Squeezers and dress-wearers aforementioned.

Moreover, it empowers cold blooded institutions that have always had something OTHER than the public's best interest at their cold and dark hearts.  These are institutions hard wired to early, vociferous, and strident dismissal for the contrary individual with a new idea. 

It doesn't matter that the odd idea ironically ensures the continuing power of the (all but closed) institutions (and the men by which they are perpetuated) who would dismiss them. A similar devil of easy intellectual complacency and unexamined cognitive dissonance truly has Dr. Nickells (and his turbid ilk) by his arrogantly officious shirttails and dust dry short hairs.

Along these lines (bear with me!) and a long time ago, the Lists were abuzz with talk about an "A" list film regarding Keel's "Mothman Prophesies" and their relevance to ufology as a whole (as it presently exists in a National if not global consciousness). With respect, I think that everyone missed a point about that movie that I'd  discovered once the brou~ha had died down and I actually rented the film to see for myself. 

Reflection on that motion picture indicates a portrait of a toxic mechanism in society, as typified by Dr. Nickells, giving dark substance to the "waste of life" that someone might be blighted with, in pursuit of a very ephemeral and paranormal ufology, for example. This is to say that Dr. Nickells may be right, ironically, but certainly not the way HE thinks, and only for reasons which he and his spurious and back-stepping ilk are pointedly responsible for!

Will Patten, a deceptively effective character actor, played the part of a very simple and aptly named middle-aged man (a composite, actually), Gordon Smallwood. Smallwood was confronted with an actual anomalous manifestation that "apparently" drove him to the loss of job and family, likely insanity, and then, finally, death. 

Richard Gere was able to escape a similar fate by denying the "anomaly," at last, when he would not take a call from his "dead wife" and tore the phone out of the wall to throw it angrily (a symbol of what's out of the "box") across the room and away from him out of fear, revulsion, and loathing. The lesson here would be one of pragmatic denial then, to assure "continued normalcy," ... "comfort" in a contrived and insentient invention of reality, and comfortable "acceptance" by one's peers, subordinates, and superiors on their faces where one complies with the jealous status quo.  That's living dangerously and pointlessly this old man has discovered.  I digress.

But WHY were the characters driven to insanity or close to it, and to such terrific loss, REALLY? 

Some would say that it was the enigmatic "devil" that made them crazy or their flirtation with the unknowable was the strange agent taking them to the brink or over same. That answer seems too easy, anymore.

Forgetting there is something as "unenglishable" as it is "unabolishable" underlying these phenomena, something much more creatively agenda-led may be likely: Smallwood its enigmatic scapegoat... and what's more dismissably guileful than a UFO stuffed with anomalous and discountable "Mothmen"... What is THAT but the reflexive and all too abject DENIAL of those things "outside the box" by a shallowly depthless and intellectually cyclopean CSIcopia, or its equally effective clones, also extant enemies of novelty and imagination...  

Consider, reader, that it is these persons critically regarded who are myopically motivated by an existential "heat death" in a future near or far, prophesized by the fuzzifying figures of the rarest of elite mathematicians... but that those figures are disintegrating before that elite like a logicless mist as they're parsed and sieved beyond the capacity of the strainer's imagination to encompass them. These conceive to perceive only an arrow of implacable time pointing to an existential and inescapable meaninglessness... the bleakest of bleached bleaks by way of that inexorably desolate and frozen fate reportedly at the absolute zero of time's unspeakable and dreaded end...  

Well, in a universe clearly evolving, by their own admission, from the very simple to the vastly complex... will DNA, raging against the dying of the light, make itself immune to Thermodyne's 2nd Law?  I suspect that remains to be seen. Bunky's mind; however, is made up. 

No, these charge vehemently!  "History's a random walk entirely by chance and the end approaching is a gaping maw of the darkest cold meaninglessness !"

That's not this writer's intuition, perhaps awash in my own hubris... enthralled in a personal fable of "meaningfulness" each individual can grasp for themselves... especially if they had the support of empathetic fellows... and there's the rub!

What if the Patten and Gere characters had been able to consult an enlightened consortium of lettered persons, a Bizarro CSICOP if the reader allows (one that didn't automatically presume a subject's dementia?!) regarding their highly unusual experiences? Quite simply, they would not have had to shoulder the burden of it ALONE and been driven to the excesses they were compelled to act out! 

Had they been remotely respected for their reports, instead of ostracized and marginalized, they wouldn't have been driven to be the loss enduring, introverted, pathetic, tragic, and suicidal characters that they portrayed in the film!  Humanely treated, they would have just been more DATA for a problem's solution!  Hell, the only lettered person in the picture's communicational equation was a Doctor that was HIMSELF ostracized and marginalized for looking too deeply into the light that may "be," where there is no choice between living a normal life... and never finding answers searching for what teasingly refuses to be found.

Who is the cause of the OSTRACISM and MARGINALIZATION, the reflexive ridicule, and the readily employed smirking sneers? Well... that would be what we reap as a result of the intrepid Dr. Nickells and his intransigent clan of not-so-merry or open-minded, scientific, creative... even clever or imaginative men and fewer women (to the credit of womankind)! 

What MAY have started out as an efficacious device to root out charlatans and chicanery, and was supported by such noted personalities (individuals I add) as Steve Allen and Carl Sagan, becomes what we have today: the mainstream's instrument of easy paranormal denial and intellectual backstepping.  Such is unquestionably so.

It is the fraud THEY perpetrate... that people should be on their guard for, FIRST!  ...NOT the wishful thinker or the crackpot dreamer encountered in the unnecessary if well facilitated "informational void." 

Oh sure, be on guard for them, too, just FIRST be on guard for CSIcop, a craven mouthpiece for a status quo unconcerned with the greatest good for the greatest number, the efficacious individual with a new twist or idea, or an individual person's right to "know," ...or to be informed regarding aspects of society justifiably challenged by what only gets weirder and weirder.

...Proof that CSIcop's a fraud?

Well... remember the "bugged," "followed," and otherwise "transparently innocent man" harassed by "dark agents" of the conjectured second civilization? It's situations contrived like this begging the question why they would need to be hoaxed at all except to provide for a discredit and plausible deniability of UFOs... which remain to be buttressed by seven categories of vetted evidence in the face of that lone hoaxer, harrassed, bugged and followed.

Turns out that the person alluded too would more likely be me and not the person to whom I had been providing support and who had embroiled me in a humiliating hoax. Indications were that that was on the level, too. Truly.  I can be wrong, and such was so!  

Dismissal first demands the even-handed investigation! Still, I'm perplexed by that ride... Why did _I_ have to take it?  I was approached and recruited into a ufological tempest arguably the beginning of the end for Budd Hopkins and by extension the very questionable David Jacobs, though I digress again.

CSIcoppers, in their artless turn, would reflexively deny every aspect of the odd, out of the box, experiences of a genuine experiencer, experiences which are (without a doubt) the only thing that would lure the interest of these interested agencies who, by considered report, stalk and threaten, stalk and threaten us all.  One fraud does not obviate or make indication that an entire milieu is fraudulent.  Even the CSIcopian would protest making conclusions on a small sample size; one is the smallest as can be found.

The corpocracy which has become our government MUST know facts and details about UFOs and their appellate issues that it does not admit, hence the very real and frightening harassment by spurious activists... among others, maybe even my betrayer.  No informed consent here.

CSIcopia has strong ties to our special-interest hijacked mainstream, is my intuition. Its parent non-elected 2nd government knows at least some of the truth? Ipso? CSIcop, the mainstreams lap-dog, is a fraud!  

Given its name and brand change to "CSI"? It's pretty plain when you go where the data leads.  Such seems decidedly so.

That's enough... eh? I remain watching our sky. Read on!

*A "satellite" traveling due west is likely not a satellite... 

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