Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Effulgent Swine

Gene Steinberg, paranormal web-mook and embarrassing podcast hosebag, reopens wounds scabbed for half a decade to facilitate real monsters over genuine innocents... in my cited opinion.

I'll gladly embrace all incoherence, Steinberg, you fulminating twat, if it means I can avoid pandering, like yourself, to snakes and weasels abusing trust, violating best practice, and preying on the suffering of persons expecting professional behavior from lettered "professionals" who duplicitously use University stationary to fake their masquerading collegiality!  Shame on you, you grasping scourge, capering stooge, and laughable meme of a so-called "reporter" on the highly strange.  Here's a talking head, reader, sans all support systems.

You know that Meers is a shill for science-less and sophistic silliness betraying the very study it purports to encourage. You shill for psychotic shills, Steinberg, then refuse to comprehend your complicity with, facilitation of, and predilection for leering psychopaths dead and alive, pronounce glibly upon that of which you have no proper understanding and, finally are the very portrait of the sad irrelevant drongo, playing with a weak hand, obviously bluffing and brushing up against losing your saggy ass... forgetting as lost your leased car. 

Piss off, your "report" here is more an irrelevancy wrapped in the disingenuous and then cocooned in swinishness, bigotry, and misogyny. Posted. 

With regard to UFOs and Dr. Jacobs... I know what I saw, reader. Paw-writ so ham-handed justifications for revealed outrageous behavior, writ way too little for far too late, blaming the victim and absolving the revealed perpetrator of revealed wrongdoing?  Well, that's just not going to cut the mustard... only the cheese. Steinberg is the enabler of such runny Camembert.  

...Coherent enough for you?