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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Odd Observation #10

Somebody Knows...

...Once upon a time, there was another of those UFO-filled auspicious Sundays!  The sky was, again, alive with them, forgetting the stationary strobes of flashing white light and meteors that left glowing trails for breathtaking seconds! 

This is forgetting unseen lights flashing brightly from the southern sky behind me!  These  lit-up outside walls to my front so that I could see them reflected indirectly off the house sides much like that unknowable light casting equally unknowable shadows on the walls of Plato's cave.  

What were these unseen lights?  Meteors or mother-ships, one or the other... It wasn't triple"K"* flicking his tedious ufological BIC; of that, I am (reasonably) certain.

It was a little on the chilly side also, putting a break on any insect noise, still dense air made the sound of over-flying aircraft very plain.  There was one of those, too, but just one... everything else conformed to the unsettlingly exciting anomalous (!)—silent glowing orbs in my field glasses or wandering stars perceived with the unaided eye.  Breathtaking stuff.

All were of varying warmer colors from dull red through golden cream to hot bright blue-white.  All the objects maintained sundry speeds and only general tracks in their characteristic meander through the very clear and moonless night. …Better than "Coast to Coast", forsaken this night for National Public Radio… as it happened. Coast to Coast was just not coming in readable that morning, at all.

How many satellites was I supposed to be able to see this Sunday morning?  Well, by NASA's prediction I was supposed to see exactly, uh... (let's see... add the first column, carry the one, divide by two, subtract the result... and the final tally is...) none! Truly!  

J-Pass predicted exactly none in the 24 hour period beginning 12 hours prior and ending 12 hours after the time of my observations.  Curious. The reader can begin to see what I mean about comparing data sets and finding them unsettlingly dissimilar, mentioned in a previous report.

What I am seeing should be  predicted easily by NASA's J-Pass given the magnitudes of their individual brightness—one would think.  After all, NASA informs us straight out that we can use it for that purpose, and they're the "scientists"… But, nothing is provided... which is predictable and typical of the contrived and myopic mainstream science community undured. 

I had eight sightings this morning between 04:30 and 05:30.  To start I saw one of those stationary strobes I've seen infrequently over the years.  A single strobe light flashing once very brightly (or dimly) every fifteen to thirty seconds, or so.  It is stationary or makes random flitting movements in a single one or two-degree area of the sky.  I've written about this variety, previously.

The strobe flashes occur at varying intensities, too.  As bright as mag. -6 (!) or as dim as mag. 2, or so.  This morning's strobe was high in the east, stationary, and flashed a similarly varying brightness.  Blink and you miss it.  An unblinking stare is required with one of this type, and it is, therefore, a mite uncomfortable to bear.

From then on I'd have a sighting every five or ten minutes, and on one occasion two of them together, though I don't think they were together (they were on dissimilar meanders).  At 04:40 the first headed south at a degree a second, about a magnitude zero and bright white in color.  It was followed by a subsequent similar light five minutes later which performed in the exact same manner and in the exact same place. A third light appeared while the second was still visible!  It was the same as the first two, but on a slightly different track. All lights reported were tiny orbs in my field-glasses.

At 04:55 a brighter, redder orb moved slowly from the south to the north, directly overhead (as all this morning's objects had) at about one degree in three seconds.  At 05:10 a dim red light appeared to the east as I watched, traveled very slowly to the left for 10 degrees of arc at one degree in six seconds, and then blinked out.

Turning to the East just after the previous sighting, I was rewarded with a meteor that split the sky in a brilliant flash about 15 degrees long and so bright that it made me wince.  In its silent wake, a white-hot plasma lingered, churned, and glowed for several seconds.  I listened hard for several more seconds for a transonic report I'd heard before but heard nothing in the cool quietness.

At 05:15 a light of zero magnitude traversed the entire sky in a steady march to the north directly overhead.  It was followed at 05:25 by another of the exact same type.  I wonder, again, how many satellites I am supposed to be able to see?  How can I see so many at once?  Where do they go in the weeks when I don't see them?  What kind of craft crawls the uncovered sky like a tiny glowing insect, makes no sound, and continues to be so baffling?

Somebody knows.

So ends the litany of sightings for this iteration of the ongoing observation.  I would likely have seen more, but I had been outside since three and I was ready for some house time. Consider, even a whirling dervish speaking in tongues and spitting green fire should get an eventual ho-hum if I saw it every morning... but then it's been years, now, and I've yet to get tired of looking at these peculiar objects plainly visible in a guileless sky and then writing about them.  Perhaps the odd reader is not getting tired reading about them, in a similar fashion.  What is there to be seen, truly, astonishes. 

I wish I could point them out to you.  I may yet!  I'll give you an earful.  The satisfaction is in the new "knowing." The perception that you're no longer being duped, priceless.

And that brings the conversation around to us... what about us, the patent and facilitating uniformed?

We must be more than mere pond scum (if self-absorbed pond scum at that) to the conjectured watcher of our schizophrenic species. These "Watchers," who could be less than forthcoming with the masses of humanity (explaining their part in the obvious secrecy) only because the "mass-drivers"—the "intrepid" human leadership—of our aggregate human culture, are less than forthcoming with us, themselves?  They only follow, perhaps, the lead of our "fearless leaders"?  Perhaps they have their own brand of "The Prime Directive?"

Somebody knows. 

Understandably, I perceive a reluctance by these, something-less-than-altruistic "mass drivers," to give in to the greater reality only because it bumps them from their ill-achieved cat-bird seat.  That's the long short of it.  They're pond scum (make no mistake!), but they're high-class pond scum, damn it... those men and women allowed on the lifeboats first when the Titanic went down—them and their psychopathic descendants.  Who's to miss the "common rabble" but more of that same "common rabble"?  Who will miss you?  Who will miss me?  Them, when we are gone. 

"Galt Gulch, USA," is a myth oblivious to the fact that people wanting to live there fool themselves into believing they can get along without those "socially beneath" them.  "Chiefs" fool themselves that they don't need their "Indians."  Enough digression.

The greater reality ebbs and flows around me, honored reader, as I watch these enigmatic lights conduct busy errands in the infinite halls of space above my head... I am encouraged and inspired by them. I am instructed and enlivened by them.  I am galvanized, motivated and energized by them! I'd suggest that you can be, too.

Yet to be rattled from my lucky perch (I feel like I "know" stuff "they" get you for) I sense I can reach a little higher and grasp a little more of the firmer, more solid reality of a greater multi-verse populated with all manner of divergent ideas and the beings who have created them. Why not? 

Anything else courts hopelessness and the despair of eventual pointlessness.  Nothing else has art.  Nothing else has music.  Anything else is a flashily empty Pepsi Commercial or the reincarnated "wars on terrorism and drugs," where "drug wars" fail profitably and terrorists are created by those making war on them...  

Around me are trusted persons, moreover, convincing me that they are touched more directly than most are by that "highly strange larger reality." The immediacy of their considered positions touches me with the derision, lack of concern, and ridicule that they must endure as a result of a convenient mainstream denial of that "larger reality."  UFOs are real as apple's spots

More than touched I am irritated that so many have to be ground in the gears of a society that eats its young so a few gravid sociopaths can live out their canted destinies and the realization of selfish short-term goals.  More than irritated I am angered that the mainstream can be so blithely indifferent to the continuing reoccurrence of the ufological (and, therefore, sociological!) obvious.  

UFOs are REAL!  Don't we get it?  That we do is shown by the ironic indifference to the same UFOs revealing themselves over and over again!

Moving back abruptly to the subject of "pond scum", we have the ultimate power of simple pond scum, presently, don't we? Like pond scum, we are with regard to the whim of any errant asteroid, sun burp, or virulent bug; we are blown before our weather patterns and subject to the vagaries of shattering quake, rising flood, and fire-belching Earth. 

Are we but fragile insects dreaming that we have sentience, mere dust between the big winds of local chance and happenstance—a fleeting pride before a sudden fall—an ant hill just off an intra-galactic Freeway?  We are all of those things; we are none of those things? 

Still, we know enough to ask the question, and there lies the beginning of our salvation!  It's never been about the answers!  See, it's the questions that resolve the face of God. That's all anybody or anything else is likely to have at the start.  The better question… ...It's a great start...

...And I discover that at least one of those motes of presupposing consciousness would reach out to touch the face of God, embrace the larger reality, or accept the inevitable evolution.  At least one of the mice dreaming he's a man would presume the awful but liberating self-awareness provoked by actualizing the idea that we are not alone—much less the best example—in our backwoods corner of deep, deep space. At least one is self-assured and confident enough to strike the sun if it offends him... me?  I'd like to think so.

Challenge faith! …shake righteous fists at God and demand an explanation?  I suspect that there are a few more with the efficacious temerity—a temerity likely more respected by a conscientious God.  Whiny supplicants piss me off; this I know! [g].

But, that's enough for now.  I remained watching the Pacific skies, presently, for the odd "reportable."  Let it be my contribution, apart from voting, to our Nation's combined civic duty. 

I couldn't be doing anything more important.  Read on!

*Kal K. Korff

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