Monday, December 07, 2015

Odd Observation #5

I feel like a bad skit on SNL ( that show still on the air, live?).  I digress too soon.  Let's re-groove the needle.  ...Does anyone still remember what needles and grooves are?  I digress again... ...Reboot.  ...What did "boot" refer to as regards starting a computer?  ...Whoa!  "I gots it bah-yud"!  Is this an early admission I've nothing to write about?  Yes, frankly.   Bear with me.

My intention with this "Odd Observation" series is to chronicle a little of what I've been seeing in the sky as it regards the aggregate and bionic weird.  It seemed like a good bet when I started that I would frequently be able to report on "something".  They are up there quite a bit, or at least they had been... they are up there if you take the time to look, at any rate.  I've been looking.

...But I've nothing to report ... I have no report ... I am without report...  

This is, therefore, only a seeming way to do nothing more than waste your time and otherwise distract you from a seeming panoply of obscene, obsolescent, and obnoxiously inordinate (sometimes certainly harmful) goods and services otherwise proffered like a dirty black market human organ bank on Futurama

I'll always have a reason for compromising your time with any of my narrations, eh? A reason even if I'm just letting you know that I'm still looking, have the capacity to look, and that I am still keenly interested in looking.  

Forgetting my own personal enjoyment, I'm glad to be able to do it for the interested who would "look," themselves, if they had the time... You know, if they (unlike me) had otherwise "productive" lives precluding the looking referred to? [g].  

...But, producing ~what~ widgets to weapons of war! [no cute emoticon here]

All kidding aside?  I never feel more alive than when I am looking out at the bright, bright sky in the early, early morning. The sleepy southern town is more or less shut down around me. It is no distraction to me as I enjoy my complete and uninterrupted watching... watching, watching... for what might be moving strangely in the night's perspicacious but unknowable vastness...

...But nothing—outside of the dreary prosaic—has been moving.  Dead calm.

...And that's pretty weird all by itself.  It is, in some ways, every bit as weird as having a lot of "something" there and extant to readily observe.

You see, if what I'm observing in the sky as "weird" is prosaic, where do this prosaic go as I've asked before?  How can I see them every day for a month (spectacular sightings!), and then go a month without seeing them?  Oh and by the way, what the hell are "they"?

How far is up?  Why is air?  Will you walk to work or carry your lunch?  When is now?  Where is when?  What must you?  Who would want?  In other words... huh?  It's not writ large that talking tribe-monkeys like us will "grok in fulness."  Chill-ax!

...But the "funny" part about it is?  The universe (multi~verse!) is big enough to answer all those questions (and more) in a manner that would make eventual sense, forgetting, though, that it takes you to a place you never imagined... on a path where you thought a path could never be.  

That aforementioned sense?  It'll be a new kind of "sense."  We've done it before.  Don't worry about it.  It's like death and taxes.  Run blithely through astonishment, denial, and rage's resignation into the arms of surprised acceptance!  It's the cut to the chase!  Babies resent their expulsion from the womb, too, but are served by same, hopefully. The antithesis is sure death... ...Onward.  Forward. Up!

What are "they"?  I don't know!  I can only have ideas regarding what "they" can be.  All likely wrong.  I've read a lot from the forbidden index—indeed discovered why the forbidden index is forbidden!—and what is the "forbidden index"?  Simple.  Please allow this momentary if pertinent digression.

It is (very nearly, don't waste time cataloguing the absurd) any book, film, or recording that the "authorities" tell the individual not to read, validate, or test.  You may be told vigorously that something, perhaps even something that you observe yourself is not happening or is dangerous... or is foolish... but know that these might be false motives for your not being told.  These are motives that may be ulterior, likely shortsighted, or convenient to others, not you. They are, therefore, highly suspect (an understatement). 

No, Virginia and Virgil, your society or culture does not have your best interests at heart.  ...Never has!  It has, at its heart, only the best interests of that culture or society as it is defined by unelected officiators.  ...And most times that's measured pretty narrowly, too!  The mere and arbitrary officiators of that culture protecting themselves at the readers peril.  

Forget that, in the round, the "plan" of culture may facilitate the individual... that's admitted straight up.  Full stop.  Though remember, instead, that the individual is and always has been the enemy of that culture, that opposition most times fomented when a good thing goes bad and beneficence is replaced with tyranny.  Being the enemy of tyranny is not, necessarily, a bad thing.  Yes, V&V,  sometimes it's RIGHT and Correct to bite the hand that feeds you.

Why? Accept still a little more digression ...

The individual is the proponent of quality change, and quality change in culture is always resisted as bad change and vise versa.  This resistance is not necessarily for the most efficacious of reasons, either!  Remember that more and more absolute power means only more and more corruption.  A fun ball to run with, sure, but the fall is often hard and only worth it to psychopaths who just love to officiate things and facilitate themselves, eh?

It is not necessarily born out of the greatest good for the greatest number.  No, sometimes this 'resistance' comes, merely, from a minority of officially inconvenienced  "officiators" of culture aforementioned (elected and non~elected!) deserous of keeping a cat-bird seat.  

In other words: those most rewarded by society and culture and, therefore, the most loath to change an egregiously profitable ( know the difference!) status quo... to what may jeopardize or lessen that reward to which the officiators of "culture" have become to feel entitled!  Donald Trump, by way of example, is an iceberg's tip.  

To that end (and this can be effectively argued) a vast array of media implementations are mobilized and employed to manipulate the individual in support of that arguably corrupt mechanism of our convenient culture. This aforementioned mechanism can only be identified and decried for the institutions of the sociopathic elite (...they know who they are!)—not to put too fine a point on it. [g].  

Yes, V&V, a corrupt elite surely exists and has always existed.  Would you think that it has your best interests at heart?  That its pronoun is "it" should give you a gentle clue.

As I said before (and ending this digression), I don't know what "they" are.  My ongoing study of the suggested forbidden index demonstrates a justifiable revision of a history... to ~include~ all sorts of reasons why they may be intelligently flown craft from places other than merely "here".  UFOs just... ~are~.  They're logical.

This is born out in a "brave" science! Don't pretend to sneer that it is not (or mumble that you "don't have to pretend").  It is demanded by an honest philosophy (always in search for an understanding, acceptance, and utilization of ideas from the "people from across the river"), and it is suggested by religion (as an ontological study of Earth's religions may readily demonstrate!). 

Moreover, it is recorded on too much film.  It is seen by too many credible witnesses.  It is written down in too much ink and chiseled into too much stone.  It is too much old paint splashed on too many ancient canvasses.  It has the private interest of too many competent professional people afraid to step forward publicly.  It is woven too finely into popular culture, reflected too readily in the obfuscating media, and it is vigorously implied by too much secret (black!) government chicanery.

So, where are they, lately?

Indeed, the only thing lacking is the admission by a contrived  and corporate mainstream.  ...And if that *mainstream* is afraid of the ambiguous consequences of disclosure, what would they have us do?  Dump this problem on our children or our children's children? What cowardice! What a humiliating lack of real courage!! How unbrave!!!   How reptilian.

I'm filled with shame for us.

Enough.  I remain, watching our skies. If I see something (?), I'll tell you about it. Read on.