Sunday, February 07, 2016

Odd Observation #7

Hide Not Seek
by Alfred Lehmberg

Well, what is it about Sundays?  It it Angels airily flitting about in pursuit of their heavenly tasks & errands?  Ah... mmm... no... 

Demon's minionsor Satan's spawnbusily prosecuting their, perhaps justified, hatred for God?  Again. No.   

UFOs mysteriously engaged in activities all their own, and just like us, good and evil?  That's more likely, eh?  We humans are but an example of others in the fractal corporeal, or real world, that appears to be the expanding universe where any discussion of size is a profound understatement.

These are ideas or positions of mutual exclusion, reader, remembering that the vast, vast majority of individuals who don't have a ~clue~ what any of these 'positions' or ideas really arethis writer included.  ...But I saw two "Manifestations of an Indeterminate Type" (MITs?) on Sunday morning during my routine night watch, and I was neither saved nor was I possessed... so far as I can perceive...  

I was transported, mind you, but that's an explainable result of getting a quick (albeit fuzzy) look at the larger reality... and not the conflicting realities of the over-pompous and predigested pap we get from our corrupt institutions.  ...But whoa, friends and neighbors... that's a digression too fertile to look at right now!  

I don't want to talk about that, and I'll get to my sightings (mere, but eerily performing, NLs) in a moment. But right now I want to talk about HYPNOTISM.

Hypnosis has a strange history shrouded in chicanery, smarmy humbuggers, and a little something extra one can't but put a finger on. That little "something extra" is what keeps it around, makes it sometimes useful, and so then justifies a harder look by science...

...Sometimes it works.  Science says so.

One hears the word "hypnosis" and is overcome by images of stage personalities suggesting to people that they can be transformed into barnyard animals, dance a grand ballroom fandango, or be compelled to quit smoking... lose weight... but the program can be more insidious than that.

If two-thirds of the population can be affected by phenomena which science can quantify (if not qualify), it  seems to be a ready mechanism for control by manipulative forces and their convenient programming "suggestions"... autocratic manipulations delivered via a daily sensory bombardment from a very tightly controlled medianewsprint, radio, television, and the internet.  

An individual buying into the unceasing manipulations of this contrived, distorted, and corrupted mainstream might even take the next step in their own "control" by hypnotizing themselves with self-suggestion!  In effect, rendering themselves incapable of perceiving what is there, plainly,  to be perceived, and NOT, conversely, seeing what is not there to be seen.  It's all about suggestion, rationalization (ever rational lies), and a prepackaged excuse to avoid critical thinking...

A story...

While on active duty many years ago, and before I developed a ~keen~ interest in the ufological, I had a barbecue at my home, one evening, with five or six couples and a few singles in rowdy attendance.  I was standing away from the noisy group with two other men, one AH-64 (Apache) instructor pilot, and the other a fixed-wing driver who was a rare Army candidate for the astronaut program. These were two quality guyshaving to otherwise demonstrate a rare degree of intelligence, competence, and skillin the kick-back mode. The sun had just gone down and dusk was washing out to the blackness of the appreciated night. 

There was a lull in the conversation, and one of the men looked up and said, "That's odd..."... 

Pointing at the sky with his beer hand, we all looked up to see a black strip about as wide as a little fingernail held at arm's length and flying diagonally through the air, left tip forward about 45 degrees, supplying no hint of fuselage, nose, or tail!  As it flew, one of the men remarked that the craft had very peculiar position lights.  These lights were white strobes that ran from wing-tip to wing-tip, and then back again... additionally there was no evidence of the required red and green (left and right) tip lights, and no flashing anti-collision light... whoa, eh?

"Well ... it's got to be something..." someone said... and, with that, the object was all but forgotten and otherwise erased from our short term memory. All three of us returned psychologically to the spirited party.  More beer was had by all and the festivities continued into the usual drunken mini-brawl for which Army aviators with Cavalry experience USED to be famous...

I didn't remember this occurrence again for almost a decade.  I was only reminded of it later by seeing a similarly baffling object in California... after  I had developed an aforementioned interest in UFOs. 

Back at the barbecue, I would suggest, now, that my two fellow aviators and I followed the programming hypnosis of "polite" society and ignored a sighting that should have been VERY interesting to two professional military instructor pilots and one candidate astronaut, one would have thought!  We reflexively and very neatly self-hypnotized ourselves with the calming mantra:  "It's got to be something... It's got to be something..."  Meaning, of course, It's got to be something prosaic.  I remember doing it.  At the time it made perfect sense... there were "bigger" (hah!) fish to fry.

So, we were less than interested, and we astonishingly ignored a genuine UFO as a non-event... behavior on this end of time that now seems wholly inexplicable to me.  

We hypnotized ourselves (followed our social programming) and rejected the unsettling enigmatic for the comforting mundane.  We ignored what our eyes were reporting to us and replaced it with an "accepted" pre-programmed routine.  We turned our back on the unexplained, likely occurring around us all the time (unseen), and made it fit into what we are trained to find culturally tolerable... Adjusting cultural blinders, we returned our eyes, not so bravely reader, to the ground.

I've watched this process of denial (through self-hypnosis) at work twice now.  Another occurrence manifested itself at a rubber~powered model airplane flying meet in Northern California. Dozens of us watched a UFO fly by five times, over a period of a few hours, with fewer and fewer people looking up to watch it fly with each succeeding pass that it queerly made!  ...Tell yourself enough times that "something's" not thereand it's not there!

Recent scientific research gives every indication that science believes the human brain is capable of convincing itself to perceive what is not there to be perceived.  I would suggest that it can also do the inverse of that.  It can also mask what is there to be seen, as plain as shining day.  We won't pay enough attention to that, given that we have to overcome so much programming from our myopically conflicted, and, therefore, suspect, culture... but I hazard the same digression I just walked away from earlier...

 ...We MUST pay a new attention, ultimately, if we ever expect to see anything really there, at all.  Presently, we stumble through our lives with social bags over our heads that we would not tolerate if we had a suspicion regarding that larger reality mentioned earlier.  Look around under the lip of your bag, reader, and see if you can't agree.

I've looked beneath the lip of my bag and had sightings of my own like the ones I mentioned earlier. Sunday morning these fast-moving nocturnal lights clipped by collectively overhead at over five degrees a second!  Also collectively, they were of equal brightness and color, a couple of magnitudes dimmer than Sirius and pearl blue in color.  No field glasses that morning (the wife had moved them... argh!). 

The first was noticed when it was due West at about 60 degrees in elevation, about 04:50 Central, before moving like a tracer-round into the body of the great bear, tracking due North until it was lost in the distance.  The second occurred about 05:00 hours and was first noticed above and to the left of Polaris (about 70 degrees in elevation). It tracked due South until lost in the distance.  I don't know that they were the same object, but their appearance and speed were identical.  I have to allow that it is possible.  

It's suggested by the larger reality, cited in the forbidden index, and proven in the heart of the individual. 

Such is so.

It's "got to be something" for sure.  The "new" wrinkle is that I no longer self-hypnotize, or otherwise allow myself to be hypnotized (where I can help it),  that it has to be something... "prosaic."  Though, it does have to be... something.  Something, indeed.

I remain watching our skies.  Read on!