Saturday, February 27, 2016

Odd Observation #9

An Eyeful...

I was still on "Central Time" and physically sick as that proverbial freaking dog.  Miserably, I fought waves of nausea as I keyed my words, trying to reacquaint with "Pacific time" out in Anderson, California.  It was likely the fault of something I picked up on the plane ride out from Alabama... or perhaps just the result of being in one of those positions in your life when you found yourself standing on the "lip of oblivion" with a seriously ill loved one... and confronting a suddenly very real and insistent sense of your personal mortality.  

Still, they fly.

I would of necessity blow off an insignificant summary of sightings (a mere prosaic report on the non-prosaic?) given my prevailing existential considerations, but this morning's multiple sighting was so noteworthy I'm compelled to get on it right away, regardless.  I had six separate sightings of these "aerial peculiarities" this morning between 04:20 and 04:50, and all centered on the 96007 zip code of my mother's home.  Make of that what you will.

Each moved at speeds dissimilar to the others.  Each had a unique appearance with regard to color and magnitude and the variance of those things.  Each (save one) was at least as bright as a star of zero magnitude. Each varied their track as they progressed across a very bright star field, forgetting that the equally eminent waning moon (low in elevation to the south) detracted somewhat from the quality of the sky's "North California" clarity.  Finally, each of them raised the hair on the back of my neck despite my nagging illness, an aching head, and the seriousness of my personal situation... All in all a puzzling collection of peculiar crawling lights NOT explained by reference to NASA's "J-Pass," fellow travelers... not to put too fine a point on it.

To the details…

The first light blinked on one degree to the right of Arcturus (the guard of the great dipper bear), in auspicious serendipity!  As I was watched that star progressed to the southeast, briskly, at a speed of one degree a second.  It "meandered" slightly to and fro (up and down?) on that track and was an unwavering "cream" color as bright as brightest Sirius.  After it traveled about 50 degrees, it blinked out.  So it began.

The second light, first noticed as it shambled through the Great Bear, headed generally South-southeast, was slightly brighter and whiter than the first sighting, and almost slowed to a stop, directly overhead, before continuing on!  At its fastest, it traveled about one degree every three seconds, but its speed wavered from dead slow (one degree in five or six seconds) to the aforementioned, predominate, speed.  It traveled about 60 degrees before it dimmed to a point where it could no longer be seen.  This sighting occurred at 04:25.

I was back from refilling my coffee cup about 04:35 when I noticed the third light, a bright and unwavering white "blanch" as brilliantly challenging as Jupiter directly overhead, heading West southwest on an unwavering track, and traveling at a speed of one degree in two seconds.  Abruptly, another silent orb blinked on about five degrees to the right (north) of the initial light!  

The newly appearing light paralleled the speed and track of the preceding light for about fifteen seconds, then (have I mentioned the dead quiet of this North California morning?) it astonishingly slowed (perhaps the lead object sped up?), and fell into a "following" position in direct trail... They continued in this fashion until they both disappeared in the west about 30 degrees elevation.  The sighting would have fluttered even Phil Klass' dead ufological putterguarenteed!

The fifth light appeared at 04:40. It was as strident as an insulted Venus (just below Polaris) and steamed along at a steady degree a second. It sailed, grandly imperious, on a track of due south until it got too dim to see.  It blinked off, oddly, as it traveled in a very regular manner (for about five seconds) and reappeared where it would be predicted to appear by any, remotely trained, observer.  A former Master Aviator for the Army, I am at least that.

This signifies the regularity of the object's flight (about 90 degrees total) while doing little to underline the oddness of the too long blink.  It performed this weird blinking regularity three times. The hue of the object was a rich cream color.  Field glasses, incidentally, yielded orbs in all cases, already mentioned in this report iteration and yet to be mentioned... not the light-points of focused stars in the star field back-dropping these objects or aircraft lights... self-illuminating orbs.

The final sighting of the morning (at 04:50) was a dim Tinkerbell's dash of abrupt reddish quickness, about a magnitude or two, and was first noticed in the belly of the great bear on an azimuth of about 350 degrees and 45 degrees elevation while shooting easterly at a speed of three or four degrees a second.  It moved too quickly to get my glasses on it and feeling already quite well served with regard to the morning's cornucopia of sightings, I didn't even try… Summation: In the real world, if one "looks" (?), one "sees."

It was quite a morning for "satellite" observation, fellow motes, forgetting that these objects were off the prediction schedule of NASA's "J-Pass", and overlooking their described wavering magnitudes of speed, color, and direction... additionally dismissing that they were flying in apparent formation (on line through echelon right to trail, in at least one case...) ...Quite an invigorating morning, indeed...

...Wait a minute...

...Something has a more clever dominion of these clear California skies than we have, and that dominion is well off the beaten path of accepted mainstream experience... if one but takes the time to look up, reader!  Regardless, I can appreciate that one is hard-pressed to find the time for such apparently fruitless activity. Though, how "fruitless" is the activity, really?

The activity is actually gravid with fruit! Not so astonishingly, the individual is best served by the perception of this larger reality!  Our 21st-century potentials of limitless clean power and unending efficacious life are a testament to the realized perception of those 'larger' realities.  We live the lives of gods (if a sub-lower case "g"), many of us (many that live in the first and second worlds anyway), to even the elite human beings (High Priests and Kings) of just a few hundred years agotruly.  We owe our boon of usefully expansive human experience to our courageous (individual) embrace of that very real larger realitya reality presently (and very suspiciously) denied us by the conflicted and reptilian mainstream.

That larger reality is, of necessity, outside the bounds of official comfort, external to the box of "accepted" conjecture, and beyond the limit of an officious status quo.  It always has been. Nevertheless, just as always, one finds it necessary to move beyond the barriers, establish new frontiersset new limits.  Such is growth.  To fail to grow is to die, I suspect.

Besides, who is best served by adherence to the limitations of these suffocating comforts, convenient conjectures, and stunted status quos?  Who profits as the reader is distracted from the larger reality, actually in existence, by a well-orchestrated and contrived threat to personal survival, comfort, and happiness?  Not the harried reader, I would bet, borrowing against a harried Peter to pay the ominous Paul, and actually sacrificing health and family to provide for suffering same, in many cases... as a function of the "trusted" cultural mechanism, ironically.  I don't know.  The acceleration, of all things, continues...

...But look up, good readeron an abundance of different levels!in an attempt to see these things that I describe (?), and the reader shall see these things, be reassured that there is a larger reality and that that reality points to greater self-worth, greater self-respect, and greater self-awareness than an individual has generally been privy to in all of recorded history!  Yes!  

We are blessed in cursed times!

Out of these greater advances come greater potential for self-actualization, greater personal satisfaction, and positive individual contribution beyond the jealous boundaries of the "accepted" cultural boxbecause stronger individuals are able to make ever greater contributions to the grander cultural team!  Additionally, this hope continues unabated as long as there is hope for synergy (the whole greater than the sum of parts) or the elevating results of the strength and power always found beyond the sum of an effort's modest, though seeming unimportant, nonessential parts...

Individuals, understand, transcend the essential! Individuals decide the essential. Individuals create the essential!  "Nothing or nobody" has power but that it has a pack of passionate individuals behind it. "Nothing or nobody…"  

Ominouslythis includes that deity of any case or faith.  Likely, that deity alluded to is merely an idea manufactured by the powerful to do the powerful's bidding.  The individual is always key.  Consider the weakest link in the otherwise powerful chain...

...Still, something flies in unknown skies, while my now departed Mom, asleep on her bed behind me, seemed to be doing a little better that day…

Butthat's enough.  I would be watching California skies during that time.  I expected to get an eye-full.  I did! 

And as I can appreciate that the harried reader is hard pressed to find the necessary time to do the arduous watching (?), I'll gladly watch for both of us.  It's my job.

Read on!