Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alfred's Odd Observation #21

Alfred's Odd Observation #21
 by Alfred Lehmberg

Discord, Disharmony, and insentient Dispute... And just when everything was busting loose with the most person friendly political platform in our Nation's history! Such is the resolution of things. Though, not here, not now. 

Here was a bonified sensory expansion in the measured world of Descartes! Metaphorically slipping on the eyes of virtual gods, a result of an off the books temporary loan of military-grade true night vision devices, I'm empowered with the eyes of owls and cats! It's like lifting your eyes from the cave's shadows to see the causative light causing them from without.  I say true!

Facilitated by the most dazzling piece of visual enhancement technology this old aviator has ever hung on his hairy face, I was treated, reader... to detailed arrays of otherworldly fluctuating lights and glowing orbs!  

These observations included ~searing~ instant zippers and slowly crumbling flashing dimmers, all wholly unperceived unaided! Extant were thoughtfully slow, ponderous movers of varying magnitude brilliantly represented! The sky was accessorized with Exploding stationary "bloomers" dimming abruptly and dashing furtively about, transitioning left or right several degrees only to then blink out like failing light bulbs! This, reader, was just in the initial few minutes of first having them on my face!  I watched for hours in the double digits!

"Camera-flashers" flitted like fireflies within specific fist-sized regions of the enhanced  and virescent  glow of the astonishing new sky!  Verily!

No magic is involved; one will not see what is not there.  Only the light that's (remotely!) available, magnified thousands of times is made accessible to the otherwise inadequate human eyeball.  

Even without the strange stuff otherwise cluttering it, it is a stellar show without visual parallel! Truly, Van Gogh's starry, starry skies... revealed through military TYPE III NVG's, are the stuff of all imagination's illumination! 

Too, given time to watch, and this writer had had weeks in clear winter skies, the presence of the "just not talked about," is plain.

Clearly, it is a show that is not easily describable.  Most, living in and around towns and cities, can go out at night and see dozens of bright stars, perhaps even make out a few constellations with their unaided eyes.  Others, blessed with less light pollution in rural areas, can see HUNDREDS of stars, all the constellations and a hint of the milky way.  Those fortunate enough to have access to cold dry desert air can see, with their naked eyes, a stirring star-show of THOUSANDS of stars that quicken imaginations as they quicken and inspire the courageous heart with an overpowering galactic panoply...

...But slip on a pair of TYPE~III night-vision devices, highly refined for aviators, and leapfrog, blithely, over ~millions~ of stars to see ~Billions~ ... of individual stars, stars so numerous they're draped like sheer curtains of jade fog, and feel like one who sees the sky as a god must... with clarity, totality, and entirety...

I got my late mother (she was 75 at the time) out in the back to look through them and she was ~wholly~ astonished, even overwhelmed with their visual impact. Unconsciously snatching the goggles from my steadying fingers so she could take possession, however fleetingly, of what amounts to a *real* superpower of enhanced visual capability and capacity, she gaped, forgivingly open-mouthed, at her newly revealed reality.  She.  Was. Astounded.  I'm reminded of how Giordano Bruno looking through A telescope that first time.

...See, it was suddenly revealed to her that she could now, and very truly, see what she'd had no idea was there, and she had the startling realization that if this was true... what must yet remain, remaining to be seen, still!  Cue the "mind-blown" music!

A similar power transferred to the "physical" would have the individual swinging buses around her head; transferred to the "ear" is to hear a butterfly's wings in an adjacent State hundreds of miles away... It is an awesome power—an intellectual force multiplier!  Truly, anyone who looks through these vision enhancing devices is reminded, forever, of what is REALLY up there...  Time and Space and Dimensions non-conceived and beyond conception...

EMPTY of the non-prosaic, and merely composed of previously undetected ~emerald galaxies~ and billions of ~spilled green diamonds~ (of divergent size and intensity on a dark green felt background), it QUALIFIES the very IDEA of the not prosaic and QUANTIFIES the excuses one can have for same!  

*They* ~are~ real! There ~are~ people across the *river*, and there ~are~ fewer reasons (one should even be able to grasp) that we would be isolated in our corner of the universe, much less "alone" in it... and that's the rub...

 "AlienViews," is a small collection of earnest individuals who associate with me (you know who you are) in cyberspace, and who have known one another for several years in many cases. These are persons who have watched each member in the collection grow and resolve over a period of time and are individuals who have learned, if with some pain, the value of our rational toleration and its utility in creating an efficacious synergy. 

Use your imagination on the just preceding if you have to, but expect no angles or percentages. This is but written to be understood and so believed as a perceived truth is understood. I say true and won't apologize for the aspiration. Without shame we are about cooperation, we are about synthesis, we are about teamwork of contributing individuals—we are about "inclusion."  That's the aspiration.

With only the most minimal amount of divergence from that pointed imperative, that is all we have EVER sought! I exalt in my community... this tangentially and tenuous fabric of 21st Century communication. A glasnost and perestroika of cooperative fellowship uncomplicated by unwarranted negativity or lack of constructive imagination...  I welcome any challenge that would dispute the spirit of that!  ANY challenge!

Persons honestly skeptical of an AlienViews outlook are inevitable and are in the end appreciated and welcomed as skeptics!  Our company (even if reluctantly) welcome the divergence of these skeptical because if a friendly communication can still be made, extended, or maintained... it only widens the experiential base of our TOTAL effort—an effort to understand what precipitated all these divergent views in the first place!

What is it?

When erstwhile erstwhile and faux-skeptics split off from AlienViews, perhaps selling their soul to the reductionist's company store, we are not depressed and disappointed that our effort was somewhat diluted, we but wish the departure well, we were well met. after all. The best of luck good winds and God's speed. Are there bigger fish to fry?


The sky's alive at this moment, honored reader, with the objects of our intense interest, and it is in no way affected by the inexplicable actions of even the most talented of intelligent sociopath or faux-sceptic. It doesn't care that reductionists don't believe! The skies are crawling with life not admitted by the hijacked mainstream or the garden variety bush-league detractor periodically arrayed by the duplicitous mainstream.

I've seen UFOs with my own eyes, continue to see them, and have access to equipment that allows me to see them, better still.  Given the time I have to look for them and the equipment I had available for use, the respected reader would see them, too!

That's enough!  For AlienViews, I continue to watch the quickening skies. Read on!