Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Butter Melts In His Mouth!

Frick and Frack!  The butter melts messily...

"One more thing: Don't forget that [Emma Woods] has, since she began her vilification campaign against [David Jacobs], turned herself from a nobody into an international personality by playing the victim card. She has been on radio shows, written articles, and been the subject of extensive debate across the online world. I don't know if she has earned any money from any of these pursuits, but she is far from an unknown now. She's made herself into an object of sympathy."

"So who is exploiting whom?"
Gene Steinberg Host/Executive Producer, The Paracast

What gravid idiocy. What stark misogyny. What smug intellectual cowardice on the part of Gene Steinberg! 

"Playing the victim card" is a snap when you see a "doctor," expect to be treated with "respect" and "professional courtesy," and are instead treated like a toy for the amusements of a slack-jawed psychopath and woo-dabbler the likes of a David Jacobs, imo, and then relegated to victimhood! "Playing the victim," one finds, is effortless exercise where one is forced to same and is an ACTUAL victim, Steinberg.

"International personality" is the weakest tea for an alias, Steinberg, a ridiculous accusation when she'd trade it all back to have never been introduced to Jacobs at all! Moreover, how pleasurable is that "fame" and "celebrity" for you were it imposed on daughter, wife, or mother?  Would that make you proud? ...Maybe you!

In pursuit of justice, the recapture of self-respect, and to alert others to the clear and present danger of a too celebrated psychopath in their midst, imo, she was a guest on _few_ shows, written _few_ articles, and endured only a mawkish celebrity as the subject of "debate" in the online world... the butt of smears and attacks by Jacobs' insentient fan-boys and lick-spittles alluded to earlier. What _fun_!

...And leave it to the money-grasping and shamelessly begging insentience that is Gene Steinberg to wonder if she has "made any money" on her intellectual rape and horrific abuse, eh? How like Gene, am I right? 

See, she didn't make _herself_ into an object of sympathy. She was forced to same by the inappropriate and unwanted dalliance of a smug slubberdegullion, only, and one ever thinking, only, of himself. What could possibly be the mechanics of Woods' "profit"?

Indeed! "Who _was_ exploiting whom"?  Gene Steinberg, money grubbing taint sneeze, wants to know.


Emma said...

Thank you, Alfred.

I find it unbelievable that Gene Steinberg could make a comment like that. Some of the things that Dr. Jacobs' supporters come out with defy belief.

Indridd CColdd said...

and that from an "award" winning author? - who has written a science fiction novel about an Earth man who finds himself in an unknown land faced with life-threatening situations? Stand back in awe and wonder; A.E. Van Vogt, Alfred Bester, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, A.C. Clarke, Theodore Sturgeon, Lester Del Ray, John W. Campbell, Fredric Brown, Robert Heinlein, et al - How original. How deeply contemplated a core narrative for a science fiction novel. Put that brown paper bag, that somehow has fallen off, firmly over yer head, hold your breath and count to 10 - if you can. Jeezus Alfred ... really?

Alfred Lehmberg said...

...Such seems abundantly so.

Stephanie Quick said...

The only ray of light in that paracust forum thread is the several posters who put their foot down and said that DJ's treatment of Ms. Woods was morally wrong.
At least some people are waking up and speaking up, and I appreciate their efforts.

Thomas R Morrison said...

No worries, mates, the Paracast is ,blowing up at the seams. Say Goodbye to Christopher O'Brien, Gene!! lulz