Sunday, October 11, 2015

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind

Close Encounters Of 
The Fourth Kind

A Review Of Wendy Connors' Fourth CD Compilation Of 
Ufological Aural History
By Alfred Lehmberg

One can hardly run out of superlatives regarding Wendy Connors and her stunning compilations of aural ufological history.  I won't run out of them here.  She is solely responsible with regard to providing what is just not going to be found... in any one place... anywhere-else-in-the-known-universe!  Small hyperbole, reader.

I refer, of course, to the—very nearly lost!—recorded expressions of those most pivotal in the study of that which may very likely foretell an exciting, intellectually profitable, and expansively efficacious future... for all of us in the rank and file. That's my feeling, at any rate... Take it with a salt mine if required.  It remains a strong intuition.

On her fourth disc of vintage recordings—including three times the material of any of her previous compilations!—one finds the same kinds of discovery and is provoked towards the same kinds of ufological inspiration as the previous three. This iteration is called CE-IV, or "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind"—An Audio History of Alien Abduction and Animal Mutilation 1957—1976.

...The abduction phenomenon...

...It may be that people ( know?) are being abducted by alien beings for purposes that are... well... not being vigorously investigated by the leadership, reader, so far as we'd know!  Digress with me a bit.  Who would profit as a result of this "process" of... non-investigation?  Answer that to zip confidently down the ufological rabbit hole, friend, to imagination's emancipation.  See, a status quo is profitable for the few even as it apes a parasitic leech on the many.

It's a question, moreover, folks can ask themselves as they survey the twenty-six (plus!) hours that Connors' disc contains. A rich and stunning history of the abduction phenomenon is contained therein, folks, spanning decades! Additionally, there is no contesting that any true understanding of the flesh and bones of this abduction *thing* will have to include some familiarity with the history of it.

Good thing, then, Ms. Connors is on the scene! But for her we would all be relegated to current distortions, convenient interpretations, and conventional wisdoms of same... facilitated, of course, by closed-minded individuals, corrupt institutions, shadow-born agencies, and unabashedly authoritarian governments... no... rather kingdoms—fiefs!

Does the reader think he has the low-down on Betty and Barney Hill?  Think again. All the reader likely knows about Betty and Barney Hill are a distorted legend and a few grainy photographs proffered by conflicted persons powering the preceding paragraph.

A portrait of the Hills as composed by reactionary skeptibunkies, noisy negativists , and knee-jerk ufological denialists—errant klasskurtxians—paints a picture of a dodgy working class "interracial" couple (always pointed out!)... ...two people who very likely made the entire story up out of whole cloth, solely for purposes of some late-night time in the loony late-night limelight, presumably.  This too ready explanation doesn't track.

Yes, that all too convenient assessment is blown away, decisively, when one listens to Connors' compilation. Truth is decidedly stranger than the official fiction.

Interviews and accounts recorded from key persons, at the time, indicate that there was much, much more that was going on with regard to abductions... than can be accounted for in the so called "record" maintained by our duplicitous mainstream.  Barney Hill, a mail-handler, homeowner, and tax-payer was a very uncomplicated man with a degree of New England seriousness and an abundance of personal bravery... or tell me that interracial marriages were celebrated in the United States circa 1950... even if he and his equally brave wife DID reside in the Northeast United States and far from a toxic "Bible Belt."

These recordings on the disc actually let the listener get to know Betty and Barney more than their detractors are comfortable with. One discovers, upon listening, that Betty and Barney are simple persons, uncomplicated persons, decidedly non-silly persons... innocently guileless persons... but persons who had a complicated, otherwise convoluted, and decidedly bizarre experience the high-domes and propeller-heads are unable to adequately explain, even to themselves.

Betty and Barney were reluctant reporters, reader, and they endured a lot of abuse, then and now, for having the bravery to make their astonishing report or tell their inexplicable tale. I suspect the stress killed Barney.

In support of the Hill's story, moreover, are the recorded analysis of quality clinicians, researchers, and scientists like Richard Hall, Dr. Benjamin Simon - MD, John H. Luttrell, Dr. James E. McDonald, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Carl Sagan (...before toeing the obligatory party line?), Dr. Leon Jerrif, and Mr. Edward Eddleson... et sig al.

Marjorie Fish is included with the above for a very interesting reason... Her meticulous astronomical work vis a vis the Hill case is actually a real show-stopper and despite its startling merit being clearly pointed out, most notably by Stanton Friedman (heard on the disc), it remains a reason furtively marginalized, fringe-ified, and too airily ridiculed by the palsied lions, bluffing tigers, and tedious bears of non-reflecting and reactionary 'debunker-dom'...

...Betty Hill's intriguing and astonishing Starmap!

During one of Betty's adventurous ordeals the aliens allegedly showed her a screen that displayed a map of the local transit lanes between our sun and other star systems. Hypnotically regressed by a named clinical psychiatrist, Betty reproduced a pen and ink version of it. That intrepid sketch still causes trouble.

The disparaging hue and cry of the skeptibunkies was predictable and lamentable, but the aforementioned astronomer Marjorie Fish (...heard on disc...) wanted to be a little more scientific than that. She constructed a wire and bead model of the universe local to our own sun (still in use in college classrooms) and against all odds (...contrary to what the noisy negativist is going to thoughtlessly try to feed you!), found a convincing correlation between Betty's sketch and the physical reality!

Moreover, not only are the stars in the correct locations as related by Betty Hill, the stars are all of a type similar to our own, medium yellow second generation stars, the type postulated by science to be the most forgiving of carbon based life evolving around them! This was something not widely known, if at all, at the time... Now—how the hell did child welfare worker Betty Hill confabulate all that?

Put together 20 plus stars actually in the positions that Betty sketched with the subsequently discovered fact that the stars were of the type to be friendly to evolving life... and you have the makings for a wonder that raises the hair on the back of ones neck!  How did Betty know?  Give the White Rabbit your ticket stub, reader, and go on in.

Cattle mutilation is explored. Travis Walton is interviewed. Professional law officers give testimony. Cleve Baxter cleanly bitch-slaps our esteemed where not "steaming" Philip Klass for an added treat! Dr. James Harder lectures on conjectured Alien Communication and Dr. Leo Sprinkle investigates the prophesy of abductees... be assured that somethin's shakin' in the tall grass, friends and neighbors, and it ain't Andy Roberts.

There is more on the disc, of course. I can't discuss the whole 26 hours here. Everything from the first recorded abduction case (the Hills were not the first), to learned explications by Stanton Friedman... I've just hit a few of the high points.  There is much more, reader, and more real because, thanks to Wendy Connors, "you are there."

This is real.