Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Bug Eyed Monsters? ...Not So Bad!


I must have ninety hours, now, 
good film on UFO's... 
not counting books and pictures...
other persons that I know...
If some believe me... "immature"... 
for my "consuming interest"? 
I can, but only, point straight up
to indicate... the endless...
...Sure, and I concede, again, 
that much of this is "crap"! 
Sure, I understand, again
that most of it is "cracked"! 
Sure, I will admit, again
there's little "proof of contact"... 
but less is more, I'll say again
and make the better contract!*
In ninety hours I have found, 
perhaps, ten minutes—most profound. 
These are scenes passed proffered "answers," 
scenes offered up like new-wave dancers... 
Though, all they do ... just "dodge" and "dazzle" ... 
dis the "Major,"** chump Mack Brazel. 
Humiliate their kith and kin, 
cloud the issuethreaten them!
I am NOT a dummy, friend. 
I've got eyes, a brain—my skin. 
I've seen them pulsing way up high, 
in morning, noon, and nighttime skies...
Too, I speak to folks I know with "crust." 
These are folks, quite sane, I trust. 
These maintain there's something shining... 
zipping, zooming, warping ... ~flying~..., 
something unidentified... 
but still an object they'd not hide!
This is NOT a "UAP"! 
Phenomenon!? Oh, stop it, please!  
"Phenomena" shan't have to be there
but "objects" MUST, we would declare!
Indeed, we see these "stranger" structures—
we've "entertained deranged conjectures." 
...But, we have kept our heads, at last—
tied them down, but made them fast!  
See, leadership betrays our trust, 
and to that "void" attention's thrust!  
They'd deny the frankly obvious, 
and that provokes "the dark oblivious"!
See, something hides in star-stained skies. 
Something "cosmic" strangely flies. 
Something lives beyond this Earth, 
beyond our garden, yard or hearth
Something lives by different rules... 
propending weird... peculiar schools! 
"Someone" watches from the edge. 
Something new is on the ledge
Something keeps its "eyes" on us...  
...and should we show it love and trust?!
We may as well, my sneering friend; 
it's Humans who've been nasty fiends! 
It's these with their obtuse agendas, 
to "these" you are dismissed minutia.  
then screw you for percentage, proud! 
And this to spite relationship
associa, clan, or kinsmanship!
Put your faith in Bug-Eyed Monsters, 
dripping slime from every pore, 
before you trust a mean humanity
shown malfeasant and abhorred!
No, don't you worry over-much,  
your B.E.M.'s "intentions." 
They're the least... of your concern; 
fear Humansmy contention!
See, it's not the "vicious" space folk 
who've sold you cigarettes
not them who planned (in secret!) 
your addictions, you can bet! 
Not them... refined their nicotine 
to a "teased up, unbound state" 
that's exploding in your brain, 
my friends, like black-fanged, smoky snakes! 
Not them who hooked our children, 
not them providing strife, 
not them who took our money... 
and then ruined blighted lives! 
Not them to lie about it 
and then hire on "Ken Starr"*** 
to fight their heinous battles 
from that "well respected" bar...
...Something lives far ~out~ there. 
I've "ten minutes" says they're here!  
They happen sure as it's a fact... 
...but, of them? Allay all "fear."  
...And no, I don't say a better deal 
awaits our lot with "them," 
but compare our present status... 
why, the best AND worst that's been?

Why, we've been raped... abused, confined... 
by our culture—skin and mind! 
Better contracts could be had!  
BEMs then... not so bad!

*Absence of evidence is often ill-serving as evidence of absence. 
**Jesse Marcel, with Mack Brazell, key at Roswell, NM...
***On Ken Starr
The Tobacco Companies and Kirkland & Ellis

by Stucco Holmes From

[Infamous prosecutor of BC's BJ, Ken] Starr's elite Washington law firm, Kirkland and Ellis, represents the tobacco companies in the litigations brought against big tobacco by the Clinton administration. Starr worked as a lead lawyer on these cases before being made special counsel and continued working on tobacco cases long after being appointed special counsel, i.e., well into last year. This is highly unusual, as special prosecutors typically drop everything else so as to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Starr has conspicuously failed to do this. Starr is, however, sensitive to such charges and, in response, has appointed former Watergate committee counsel Sam Dash as his "ethics counselor."

The FDA, under the Clinton administration, has shown that the tobacco companies have been engaged for decades in a conspiracy to defraud the public. It's not just that they market something that hurts people. What the Clinton FDA has shown is that they've known for years that the stuff was a) addictive and b) linked to cancer and yet they've consistently lied about such knowledge. Not only that, but they actively moved to increase the addictive elements in cigarettes and consciously marketed the stuff to kids. They are, one might say, drug lords, whose deceit has gotten a lot of people killed. (Meanwhile, recall that Ken Starr claims to be deeply disturbed that someone might lie under oath. Also, note the state--North Carolina--that Senators Helms and Faircloth represent and the industry that dominates its economy.) The tobacco companies are also among the largest contributors to the Republican party.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kirkland and Ellis is currently conducting an internal inquiry into the possibility that a partner in the firm has been providing "unapproved assistance" to Paula Jones and her lawyers. The partner in question, Richard Porter, was formerly a senior aide in the Bush administration. During the 1992 presidential race, Porter handled "opposition research" for the Bush/Quayle reelection campaign. Opposition research, or "oppo," as they call it in Washington, is a polite term for dirt-digging. The oppo specialist is charged with finding material that can be used to embarrass, undermine or smear an opponent. Clinton's lawyer, Robert Bennett, has alleged that personnel at Kirkland and Ellis may have done secret, undisclosed work for Jones and her lawyers regarding their sexual harassment suit against the president. As partners in the firm, both Porter and Starr are legally responsible for each other's work.
...and he's currently down for fascism, the implosion of our Republic, and the death of Democracy.