Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On The Subject Of ET Crashlanders...

Today is the 64th Anniversary of the 
"Frametown Monster" Incident

The "Flatwoods Monster" Returns?

Not Flatwoods!  Frametown, eh?  This is a whole other fish kettle and downed alien aviator incident, a result of the war declared upon them, perhaps.  

No smiles here.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods of Braxton County, eh?

See, on the night following the "Flatwoods Monster" incident, another terrifying alien close encounter occurred in Braxton County, about 17-miles away in the Frametown area. It was September 13, 1952, about 8:00 pm in the same Indian summer when George Snitowsky, his wife Edith and 18-month baby were driving through Braxton County, on their way back home to New York from a short vacation stay in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

The young couple had decided to take secondary roads on their trip back home and enjoy the great mountain scenery on their journey through West Virginia, visiting many small towns along the way. Upon driving into the area of Frametown, they had no idea that they were about to encounter something that would be more frightening than their worst nightmare and change their lives forever

It was dusk, the sun had set.  As George Snitowsky drove along the darkening and secluded road, the car suddenly stalled for no apparent reason. Snitowsky coasted his vehicle towards the side of the road and then put it in park. The car was completely dead, which baffled him because the battery was relatively new and there was no indication it was draining during their trip.

Snitowsky attempted to start the car but it failed to turn over after several attempts. George was getting frustrated. He jumped out of the car, inspected the engine and battery cables but found nothing wrong with the car, which puzzled him. Moments later, the fresh mountain air around them suddenly became engulfed with a noxious fog and terrible odor that Snitowski likened to a mixture of ether and burnt sulfur!  He thought there must be a nearby business or factory  that was on fire to justify this chemical stench. Only that would account for the toxic fire-odor spreading throughout the area around them. He could see no evidence of a fire! What the hell, he began to wonder.

Snitowsky got back into his car and rolled all the windows up. It was quiet, then shockingly, a dazzling beam of deep purple light flashed across the hood of the car from the nearby woods! George rolled the window down to get a better look. The sickening odor of the strange fog entered the car. The interior filled with the cloudy haze surrounding it and they began to gag from the redolence. The baby began to wail uncontrollably. The situation was getting worse by the second.

As everyone gagged, heaving from the nasty odor, George got out of the car hell-bent on doing something...  perhaps get some answers from the brilliant light in the woods! He walked gagging towards it and as he got closer he was dumbfounded, a deer in strange headlights, to clearly see a glowing UFO hovering behind some nearby trees!  It was ovoid in shape and gently rocking back and forth. 

Nearing the object, George was at once surrounded by electrical charges filling the air around him and penetrating his body. He compared it to a low-grade electrical shock. Stunned a little, he  backed away, turned and quickly headed back towards the comparative safety of the car parked at the roadside

As George neared his car, he staggered and repeatedly fell down. His legs had become rubbery from the electrical shocks he'd received upon nearing the floating object. He continued on; however, staggered against a tree attempting to regain his balance to catch his breath, and then he vomited.   A blood-curdling scream rang out, filling the air, as Edith shrieked warnings from the car of the impending danger approaching him from behind! Terrified, George stumbled on!

Edith, now in a wholly hysterical state, was screaming at George and pointing excitedly to his rear at... a huge 9-foot tall alien hovering in place about 30-feet away to his right! George, clueless as yet to what was now behind him, yelled to Edith to see what she was screaming about. As he approached her, he saw a paralyzed look on her face with wide-open eyes as she continuously screamed trying to warn him inarticulately, blubbering as if at looming demons!  

George Snitowsky turned and looked behind him. Startled, his knees buckled at the sight of the huge reptilian-looking being peering at him menacingly from such a short distance away! He froze in fear at the horrific sight presented as, for a moment, they stared each other down. George was able to describe the alien as at least nine-feet tall, having a bloated body with long spindly anthropoid arms forking into only two long fingers, no thumbs Snitowsky saw . 

Without any warning then, the hovering being moved towards George.  He said the alien figure seemed to glide across the surface of the road at him. Snitowsky  further described the lower torso of the being as a solid mass, a conveyance. A construct. A craft.

Additionally, the lower torso of the figure was the source of the sickening sulfur gas that had tainted the air throughout the area. This being was described as inside of a craft, some kind of a hovercraft, which acted as a mode of transportation for it.

The huge alien quickly hovered towards a terrified Snitowsky and followed him back to the car. Upon reaching it, George fumbled with the door handle, hurriedly got in, pushed his wife onto the floor as she clutched the screaming baby, and then grabbed a big knife from the glove box as their only protection. Shielding his family and huddled on the floor, he hardly dared to look up!  He just stayed on the floor for several minutes hoping it would go away. 

The huge figure then circled their automobile and seemed to stalk them as it lingered in the vicinity of the car. Unbeknownst to the Snitowskys, the huge alien had stopped and positioned itself in front of the car. When George, thinking perhaps all was clear, looked up across the dashboard, he saw the being gazing down upon him through the windshield like the aforementioned demon! 

That's enough... Much more about this terrifying incident and other spectacular UFO events can be read in Feschino's book. Read on, and don't be afraid to go into the woods in Braxton County...just don't take my word it's safe... read on!