Saturday, September 24, 2016

...Ultimate Sedition...

See, you said it! It happened! You only spoke truth! The opposite's unthinkable! I'd held you aloof. You parents, and teachers—my culture, or government; you got my attention—secured my involvement.
You served it all up with the straightest of faces! You believed it yourself; now dissonance faced us. With a primitive sound and occasional pictures, you employed your devices of half-truths and stricture.
I bought into it, fine, as you played with my mind! I believed in whatever you said, you will find! I’m just a good citizen, and I’m paying my taxes to the best of abilityain’t taking no chances.
But, to tell you the truth? You now scare me silly. Your minds are all closed, and your countenance chilly. You don’t look around at the damage you cause, "Who pays while I play...," stands apart from your law.
Why, entranced by the "mainstream," I misread the sky! Thank God for my Dad"UFOs are alive"! Though hard ass, conservative, on Newt’s party line, even he could admit that the system's a crime.
Mistrust of the sky is encouraged by those who are fired from Airlines for telling what shows! "Odd things in the sky must have rational meanings"... It then HAS explanation . . . you pretend you are dreaming!
~You can safely buy in 
to what’s heard on the news!
Too, believe what "good Catholics" 

report about Jews!
The bunkies are right, 
and the Earth needs no healing!
There is an integrity! 

You perceive double dealing!
Blacks are all uppity, 
beyond their capacity,
And women are flighty, 

unsmart... no sagacity!
Chicanos are lazy, 
and Arabs are crazy. . .
Poor white folks endure 

these indignantly lazy!
Rednecks must carry 
a gene for green teeth!
Asians are plotting to 

take over our streets!
The "system" is trustful, 
its honor’s replete!
Any fault cannot lie 

at MY lily white feet!
Well, I've blasted on out with a new alien view, Where "it just don’t add up", and what’s *hidden's* a *clue*. College is hopeful, even filled with old commies These know about books hard to share with your mommy!
Yes, observing your flinching's a touchstone for me! It's where I must look and then be off my knees! Unravel all ignorance! Begone tangled yarn! We'll be weaving new robes where the truth dares to darn!

A literate veteran of foreign wars, a retired military officer, and a teacher with a certificate earned summa cum laude, at 68 I presume the right to bump gums. I'll take it in any case.

To begin, I would have been so much further along, now, but for an, albeit, absent early admission regarding societal warts and chancres on a shared society's face. We all would have.

See, all I got were tediously boring and prevaricating stories regarding an unreachable, so unimpeachable, standard—a standard where America could do no wrong... even as we decidedly were! Wrap this up in an organized spiritual con game of duplicitous untested faith prosecutions, qualified by twitchy authoritarians legislating their turbid moralities, and the societal shine-on is complete.

These contrived cultural stories were woven of half-truths and outright distortions into dissembling garments, I suspect, that never really fit our National psychological profile! Could that be true? 

Not as predators and psychopaths living way beyond our means, by any means, but as that sweet example to the rest of the world. Verily—as without fault as we were was supremely compassionate

These deceptive, disingenuous, and dissembling garments only gave the illusion of real clothing. Lies by another name and smelling, ultimately, as sweet. A cleaning bill comes due.

We’re naked, all of us, only thinking we wear rugged clothes. We hang from a thread, all and one... three meals from savagery and the artless cessation of all our pride and civility. Our rent is about to come due, too, I suspect.

All this "fearing and loathing" comes as a result of the social inconsistencies, institutional infidelities, and phony mainstream inculcations!  These are endured as a result of unending wars for profit, a rubber stamp electorate besotted with self-defining convenience, and stupefying educational practices busily retarding souls and individualities to an idiocracy.  Further fear and loathing are provoked by that aforementioned hijacked mainstream, and in at least two recent national elections 2000 and 2004: wide-spread vote fraud accused by the perpetrators of same facilitating criminal conspiracy fostered by open-faced liars, unrepentant cheats, and hypocritical thieves.  That's a conservative estimation. Time to pay?

Presently, this is a nation leaving its dead to rot in the sun for over a week before the world's revulsion gets a little activity started with regard to addressing suffering people's needs... I worry about our ability to "adapt and overcome" successfully in the looming and inevitable crisis approaching. How about you? Who's paying for lunch?

Me? I’m going to go to the tap right now, draw off a convenient clean glass of minimally potable drinking water, and make a point of savoring every astonishingly convenient drop.

"...And he did, too."

Enjoy your SUVs good people, but know your thought positive and enabling behavior is in the process of insidious betrayal even as you read these words.

UFOs — the ultimate sedition. In other words, ending on a positive note. Hey!  Maybe getting your heads eaten by aliens is preferable to getting your ass sawed off and handed to you in the guise of products you don't really want... or your children murdered, butchered, and then eaten, figuratively if not in actuality, by their own kind!

Folks? In order for that to be the ongoing reality, you're going to have to buy in and continue to enable your abusers. You have to buy in. Your cooperation is required. Billions of bilious bucks are spent every day convincing you!

"Boom's away," folks, for a hard turn to port, 45 degrees to start... err to the port beam side if err one must.  Anything else is psychopathy.

UFOs... The ultimate sedition. Why? Because admitting to them, even if in arrears, brings US closer together and gives us, further, a future of no small expansiveness. Indeed, this is a future where reach extends to grasp... unendingly. That's my feeling, eh? Read on.