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Monday, December 14, 2020

...Heir To The Stars...


...So, what's on our list 
keeping "Saucers" at bay? 
Much I'd surmise, 
but a few must be said. 
...Betrayals allowing for benefits, say, 
for elites who live well 
on the backs that they break!
Don't think this unwitnessed!
We embarrass ourselves
To believe there're no witnesses
observing our hell.
Conscience demands 
that humility, friend.
...And where we won't "sail" one? 
We'll lose any wind.
I've said it before, 
and I'll say it again, 
that it's good to be *rich*, 
but you've got to contend 
with the minimal mote 
who is heating your water ... 
your builder, enrich-er
your *mover*—your *starter*!
Power is always
dependant on those
providing its provenance
for "power," as known.
Though, it goes to a dark place
if it's not obliged
to those who provide it...
one's less than surprised.
Treat 'her' like dirt, say 
or pay 'him' slave's wages... 
and trouble is written 
to copious pages! 
Enmity's earned for this 
class-war betrayal—
predictably crass if 
a common portrayal.
It's, such as which, this ...
keeping *saucers* away! 
...And for this we should kneel... 
...or grovel and pay? 
The saucers aren't landing 
for obvious reasons! 
See, we're not friendlyforgiving
we're viciousegregious!
...Let's posit one reason 
why saucers won't land! 
Why, it's WIRE festooned 
by that "throttling hand"!
See, wire's the web 
of a power-mad spider!
Dragons like SMAUG!
Drug-dealers! Connivers!
The transmission of power, 
above ground, is immoral, 
given it's hanging, 
like nets, in the sky. 
Drooping from towers, 
offending the senses, 
it wastes precious dollars, 
and destroys valued lives. 
These lives are too precious 
(and too many by far), 
for enduring inequity—
they're heir to the STARS!
...And heir to these stars, 
it's their birthright to go "there"! 
Like learning to fly 
is the right of a dove! 
We are a potential 
beyond our perception. 
We're not alone, 
and the other's above!  
Composed of a "star stuff," 
we've the strength of its will
We'd challenge Unknowns
and we'd thrive on that thrill!
...But "our lives are entangled 
in draperies of wire," 
which, producing a field
—connived and conspired—
distorts able thinking 
we'd feel apart
from the "rays" so ablating...
 our funereal start? 

These "fields" produced 
are affecting our senses 
in manners all planned 
and contrived, sans consensus
Electric control 
of our minds these extol! 
Their wire is naught 
but a tool with its toll!
It's the rule of the *wealthy*—
their ghastly plutocracy! 
These mock a "fair play," 
and they bugger Democracy. 
Too, still are these "nets" 
installed above ground 
where they kill and distort—
it offends! It's unsound!
What manner of being 
betrays, so, its innocence? 
Who tightens their grip 
on the weakest of throats? 
Who sets into motion, say, 
the betrayals of "Tesla"?  
Who preys on the "short-changed," 
and milks them like goats?
Who dumps on their own 
for a profit's percentage, 
and what would these do 
What saucer then lands? 
...They'd avoid us completely, 
appalled with our ethics 
and offended by our race!
Tesla? He's power
that "humans" aspire to!
A power for mammals!
Sentient! Farseeing! 
Edison's power
is power for reptiles!
Reflexive! Insentient!
Only "cash" has a "meaning"!
...See, wire's not the single thing
that keeps us so alone! 
It's but symptom of some process
which, then, cannot be condoned! 
And yes, as we have done such... 
to ourselves... 
we'd surely do...  "another." 
For this we're lost, then, yes... ignored!
—Shunned, so remaining "undiscovered "!
Would that be our epitaph?
The grunting of a swine...
precluding any membership 
In a heaven we could find?
...Or perhaps even hell,
we'd FIND what we looked for!
Mere humans at last?
We're in at the ground floor!
...So... it's back to "humility"
as we're not the jewel
in the crown of creation:
the thinking of fools.
No, it's all upon us.
We can't blame a God
we invent for that purpose.
That God is a fraud!  

  • Quarantined? Incarcerated Psychopaths!? What!? Who? Us? The crown of creation?!?  Those whom "the Angels" serve? The favorites of God?!  Yeah... Push a sock in that shit!

  • Restore John Ford!

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