Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Socialism's Security Reaction

Appropriated from a work by Regan Lee

Socialism's Security
by Alfred Lehmberg

In this new year and on the subject of Social Security: True... It's the rare even mythical human being who can appreciate what they have not worked for. Air is only ever appreciated where there is none to effortlessly breathe.

We all understand how this works, even to that man and woman wholly honest with themselves. Ease is rot. Reason must then dictate that an unworthy "gift-receiving" person is not a "served" person, at all, but a wrongly indemnified person "indebted" to or even "enslaved" by that "unearned" gift... as is touted by a decidedly more secure GOP. The gift "receiver" gets used to "clean air" and then there must be misery later on when "the gift" MUST be taken from them.

"Free stuff" is a bane and not a blessing, or certainly can be a bane more often than not! Look at the fates of lotto winners! Addiction and excess! Ruin and debt! Early death! The "no-gifting" logic appears faultless. The Republicans would appear to be correct.

Then, No. No, not at all! Not if you won't credit their scurvy premise, and their premise IS scurvy! 

These "Republicans"... these treasonous buzzards circling road-kill on a busy thoroughfare they had voted not to put a traffic light on... They would be correct, might be correct... only if Social Security and Medicare were doles... or gifts... or handouts... an "enslaving manna insensibly tossed to the undeserving" and not a "humane REACTION to our cruel civil existentiality, worsening every day"! No... one does not pay in for a lifetime... for a gift!

Social Security is a "reaction," see, and a very sensibly just one, at that, too! Observe! You earned every penny of your Social Security

You paid DEAR into it, citizen, your whole working life in the first place, and your Social Security employer's contribution (forgetting Medicare) has only ever been the wages that your employer should have been paying you... in the first f'n place!!! 

Do you get that!! Jesus, man! Social Security is a humane reaction to the mechanisms of a crow's murder... no, a Raven's unkindness... of psychopathic monsters!! Right-wing billionaires, IOW. A reaction!

It is a sensible reaction to reptilian Walmart/McDonald's like corporations paying slaves wages to harried employees so taxpayers have to pick up the dime via Food Stamps and Medicaid, later on!

It is a sentient reaction to dwindling pensions and health benefits from predatory and reptilian corporate transnationals to middle-class families too quickly slip-sliding to the squalor-status of the working poor!

It is a rational reaction to decades of wealth trickling up since Reagan, while foreclosures, investment failures, vulture capitalists, and crushing debt rained down on the well-betrayed people "beneath" them!

It is a just reaction to hyper-privileged Americans not proud to pay a fair share and then even gaming the system they already corrupt to pay less, hide assets, and weaponize convenient monetary loopholes placed there, specifically, for their use by their own rewarded agents!

It is a righteous reaction to those using as a disingenuous excuse the largely unsupported "fact" that "people don't respect and appreciate what they haven't worked for"... to abuse people, short-change people, cheat people, and prey upon people... all for an unethical pecuniary gain entirely at the people's expense as expendable, if sometimes useful, insects... insects beneath concern, contempt, or the remotest consideration, finally! Grease for unconcerned wheels beyond all reasonable responsibility. Reptiles, as was mentioned, heretofore.

Social security is not a "grift," a "gift" or a "handout." An employer pays the wages he should have been paying the employee, to start, and the employee ponies up a huge chunk besides, as already pointed out. Money held in reserve, for later! ...350 odd million People taking reasonable care and responsibility for one another in an efficacious and efficient civil society based on sense and science and accessorized by a creatively constructive philosophy. 

Social Security is earned! Wholly and undeniably!

Beginning our approach for landing... Social Security is a humane reaction by people of principle elected to our Federal Government, in all sense one hopes, to reparate working Americans of the 99%... for the thievery, graft, and predations of Reaganesque PIRATES in the 1%... endured to one degree or another since the founders founded this Nation! It is earned, morally and ethically, at all levels and indices! It should be GREATER!

Republicans very profitably confuse apples and oranges to come up with their own orange-tinted soiled adult diaper, at best. Also at best? That they are merely disingenuous! At worst they are faithless hypocrites, craven liars, and gloating psychopaths alluded to. Monstrous psychotics, even! That's still lipstick on a pig!

Expand Social Security. We wouldn't need to if a reasonable employer paid a reasonable wage, but they don't or won't (it's not that they can't!) unless compelled! Reptiles show cause to be coerced to mammalian behavior, by mammals for mammals.   

Resolved: it may be immutable that they cannot be reasonable! Hense, Social Security becomes necessary. Yes! A mandated necessity!

This writer is a veteran of air combat and holds a Bronze Star, so step off as regards his patriotism, but it occurs to the perspicacious that the Socialist aspects of our National Society are the only thing making these United States, and remotely, a worthwhile Country to live in at all! I'll stand by that!

At 73, I've lived frugally, saved my money, and secured a military pension ... but it's the socialism of Social Security and Medicare (et sig al) that allows me any... dignity... at all. But for these, with my medical issues, I might be dead or in the street.

Closing, this writer offers that we might embrace that which has proved to be worthwhile and eschew that which would relieve us of same. Both sides are NOT proactive on that! RESIST! I will!