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Sunday, September 02, 2018

What, Where, When, How, And Why...


What is the upshot; what do we gain? What's the prognosis; why then abstain?

Where is our "wisdom"; why is it loss? How are we wrong, and where are we lost?

When does our hour come? Why do we kneel? Why won't we struggle to see what is real?

How are we hoodwinked? What do we give? Why all their guns, and why hide their shiv?

Why are we scared? What's been foretold? Where is our courage? When are we bold?
Well, most won't know a real deal if it bit them on the ass! "Reality's" a made-up thing; be in shock and stand aghast! Rock too hard on bad foundations? Your "heavens" crack and fall—falling down around your ears—never really there at all...

Ones living's so conditional. It's shifting in dark sand, while the sky you see above you is without surcease or end. The potential of that sky provokes new spirit from those wronged, greatly tests the courage—makes us doubt... but makes us strong!

You're pushed too hard believing that the answer's not at hand ... that UFO's aren't under-seas.. extant upon the land! A "bait and switch" is offered up as proof of Hope's "profusion"; then dismissive of the Mexican who has FILMED some real confusion!

My laughing ass has come undone, is rolling on the floor. It rolls on down the street sans shame, and though it guffaws... I'd implore:

"Open up your mind," I'd say. "Don't give in to "the man." Broaden up your scope (...ah hell!) ...yank hard upon his gland"! Pull the damn thing off, I say, just yanking ain't enough... ...that's the wage for psychopaths... as "betrayers of your trust"!

There is some dark truth afoot, and it reeks of fish in Denmark! Conspiracy's alive my friend! We see its sign and hallmark! Whipped into a frenzy by those who sell soft soap, we are dazzled by anomaly dismissed to sully hope!

Have you checked into the multi-verse? Have you felt its length and girth! Do you really think we're all there is? Do you think that we're the "first"? …Discount the paranormal? Think the "milieu's" full of shit—when it's fact that mere "attention" changes all abused by it?

...Got your Walmarts and your Save-U? ...Well, then I guess you've got it made! You're in the pink and nothing stinks? You're laid back in the shade? You've got a job? The works not hard? Why... you're even getting laid? Well, slap and call me Susan, hoss; just dismiss all I've just said!

All of it... then tune in some American Gladiators or a Trump rally re-run. Though, watch any of them. They're all re-runs

Item: ...On an "exhaustive internal investigation" of their records, the CIA has absolved itself of all wrongdoing and conspiracy allegations in the matter regarding the involvement of a profit made from the international transportation and sale (!) of illicit, destructive, and exceptionally hard narcotics. You know the kind I mean... the kind that turns people into cockroaches... We can, of course, expect them to be entirely forthcoming as regards UFOs!

See, if what is passed off for informational relevance is good enough for the patronizing talking heads of network multimedia, and it's good enough for the individuals with pre-programmed brain cells, then... what's my problem? ...Didn't I watch the news on FOX?

"...It's true, Marge! ...don't you hear the music?" -- Homer Simpson.

You know... your consent for what you pay for should be at least minimally informed... don't you think?

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