Thursday, August 23, 2018

Accountabilities Suspiciously Unaccounted For

Accountabilities Suspiciously 
Unaccounted For
by Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs? These are accountables for which there is a decided dearth of accountability.  Call them phenomena detailing an ultimate sedition, seditions end-running, effortlessly, our insincere status-quos just like a compassionless pro club against a middle school football team. Lots of juvenile hair, teeth, and eye-balls litter the playing field.  This may go a long way to explaining that lack or dearth alluded to. That's no excuse, right?

See, currently, Trillions (with that indomitable "T," all those zeros, and in the double digits) are just ...lost... to manipulated chance, mal-oversight, and fudged paperwork. The "official officiality of Governance" would pronounce that it has no time for suspicions with regard to sketchy ephemerals and their space-wittering hyper nixies... while billions litter our environs like dark-matter confetti! Let's call it disingenuousness in the extreme and be done. Not so fast.

Summing up, see, UFO's will never be accounted for when billions of your dollars are poured, hither and yon, into the greedy coffers of non-accounting black-ops shops—facilitating, good Christ patient reader, god-knows-what! Glasnost and Perestroika are Russian words, remember, so words having had their shelf-life. Ask Vlad.

A handle on the UFO, forgetting its numerous twitchy ancillaries like the abduction phenomenon, crop circles, and ET itself, will remain forever elusive until we can put to rest who the 'man' really is... ...and understand, more, the mechanisms of his vastly sociopathic and disrespectfully hateful manipulations, manipulations held over, as it happens, from an arbitrary and absolutist time of the *divine rights* of priests and kings, enduring still!

...I'm reminded Voltaire wrote that the last priest should be throttled by the last King with the King using his own greasy entrails for the grisly task... I'm ok with that, but digress.

A conservatively suggested alien presence, I submit, will not treat with us on any level we'd appreciate as long as we environmentally foul our bedclothes with authoritarian religions and their wars for ill-profit, and then throw the dirty sheets of that egregious busy-ness into the faces of a hapless lot of ever-increasing "never-haves." Humanity could be better than this.

If we do such as that to our own? ...How would a stranger fare? How have strangers fared? ET might reason such with all alacrity.

All the fronts of ufology, those ancillaries aforementioned, are tied together into this heaving mass of almost was, and could have been with regard to UFOs... ephemeral perceive-abilities of ties into the reality of an aggregate other. This other is composed of part and parcel and affected by its own nuance and suggestion. The seemingly "understood" remains filled with rampant surprise, so a deepening mystery is no surprise at all. The bigger a fire is built the more the shadows will be perceived, forgetting that what's revealed by the new light is unspeakable. It won't always be so; it never has.  

No. No closure... good news!  Anything else eventually bores, I suspect. Suffice to say it's a good thing that the universe is stranger than we can, at present, imagine as Haldane pointed out. Likely talking monkeys won't ever get the dead-lock nut on... understanding, eh? 

Too, though composed of all these form-defying portions and components, the "other" is still a whole that is, like ourselves, greater than the mere sum of all of its parts. It must be seen thus eventually, I suspect... this *whole* is easy to lose into an infinity of ones... a contested compendium of ideas of divergent value... cowardly hashing and rehashing moot details until they have lost all meaning, relevance, subjectivity, and objectivity, eh?  Eh-heh! 

That's the deleterious drill of discourteous debunkers and dotard dissemblers. Gotta not shake up the money people! Ask anyone with a job on TV. They get anxious when you attempt to slide out from under their unrelenting and unhealing heel.

The imposition into our consciousness by this *paranormal/UFO "other" thing* is a management of our perception of the whole by this *other*, I suspect, in a way discrediting much of the validity of our *cherished* traditions and *fundamental* foundations. A "Mike Pence" creed, if the reader allows, as we know where Pence comes down on Religious "Freedom" and what his "foundations" entail. Cutting to the chase, a new "Dark Age."

One is reminded that these *traditions* and *foundations* have frequently debated, even outdated, utility. This is true or we would stroll over and righteously kill a man who was working on the holy day, more frequently. Too, re-recall that these  *traditions* and *foundations* are only a few generations in length, early in an intellectual adolescence of our species showing itself to be as ignorant as it presumes to be arrogant. The other could be millions of generations in advance of us, if not billions of same. What are we to aphids on a leaf?

How far back do we have to look and not be revolted even of ourselves? Not that far, currently.

Unquestionably, UFOs are a knock at proud science's stuffy stacking swivels. They're an ongoing reminder of how little we know... meager our pathetic little intellectual fires... deep the shadows the aforementioned fires only begin to illuminate. Still, I have to believe that there is something more to our aggregate reality than sifting desultory minutia, following *rules*, paying taxes, and dying finally... fertilizer for a rich man's flowers?

We are fed a thin gruel of religion, work ethic, incomplete intellectual development, or gross and prevaricating sexual titillations from a learned media—a media knowing better!—...a media decidedly low-roading, reader... ...all clearly a tool of some shadowy control body of sociopathic high rollers and their pyramid of eager support weasels and me too, actually, against our knowledge and outside our informed consent...and precisely why that Government of, by, and for people is required! All are the game pieces of weasels, and as Frank Zappa pointed out: they rip your flesh!

We don't get the real deal, just a distorted mist of half-truths—a lie in the fog. *Traditional* disrespect you could cut with a knife. Might as well... it's sure cutting you, reader.

Cop to that, and the mists begin to dissipate, the lie becomes impossible to even tell... for all the truth being told, you see, displacing it... ...and WE stand sorrowfully revealed at last...

...But Improved...


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