Wednesday, August 15, 2018

...Not Space Farce...


Is it Earth-like in space as I travel vast distances? Can I breathe the Earth's sweetness in transit 'twixt stars? Can I live in a "can" that retreats from the sun, or in rings that we built from the moons around Mars?

The answer is yes, is my own learned opinion. The answer is yes, in all ways, shapes, and forms. The answer is yes; even frat boys are grudging, as they plan their dark business in churches and dorms.

We could push to light speed, or real close to it anyway... We could slow elapsed time to a glacial-like crawl. We could do in a moment what the eons were taking, and we'd seed our environs with life, after all.

It's all in the living the joys of continuance. It's all in a place you can stand safe, and watch. It's finding and knowing, and beating the nightmare that nibbles at your nether-mind, then bites you on your haunch!


What's passed grows small in a rear view glass,
 retreating with the sun.
See, all you need is with you in your city on the run.
Not running from some consequence, 
or running on the lam,
but running to a future where one gives a tinker's damn.

This city's where you're living, then. 
Its travel spans the stars.
The Earth is carried with you; 
Earth you've coaxed to live in jars.
All the people you have with you, 
that you'll ever see again,
'cause time erased those left behind like, 
indeed, they'd never been.

...But... ten thousand years still passed on Earth, 
and these had found some way (!)
to obviate realities that we endure today!
Less is more, they had discovered, 
and could travel in a *wink*
what our ship in space had traveled, then, 
in all that time—just think!

...They meet you at your journey's end; 
they visit on the way.
They upgrade all your hardware, 
but they never judge or weigh.
They don't peer down their noses… 
don't insist upon new prayers.
It's rather like you meet nice folks 
while climbing cosmic stairs!

...You can go or you can stay
you can have it either way,
either one has heaven's promise—the attraction!
No one "pays," so you can "play"; 
you make it work; you save the day!
But for you? ...Why, living grace in satisfaction.

Return then to your night of dreams where, 
nestled in the stars
are the fruits these satisfactions can provide... rocks from Mars!
I metaphor ideas, 
we then take our precious breath,
and we live among our stars to cheat 
a grinning, leering death.

Though, you won't be engaging your garden variety cosmic brotherhood... friends and neighbors, while hapless children starve anywhere in complacent aggregate neglect right here at home.  We have to earn more passage than that.