Friday, July 28, 2017

...Pat Robertson & Alien's Ketchup...

Mistakes matter not
see, his meaning was plain
The evidence says 
that his *printer* had *toner*; 
we know that he's rich—
that he's got half a brain!
See, "mistake" is a farce! 
Pat plays us for fools! 
He was too fully aware of his import
He meant us real harm; 
the message he knew: 
Androcratic sentencing 
from his *fundamental* court!
His glad implication? 
That God suffers murder 
...cold pressed from the pulpits of churches
"Take them and stone them 
and grind them for filler…" 
"…First scourge them with switches 
from poplars and birches."
Those who look up 
and afar or away
"Rad dreamers who wonder 
the reasons for things"? 
"Make them the first 
to atone and repay"! 
"Mark them as first 
for their earned stripes and stings"!
"More will come later 
as our power base swells"! 
"...We'll settle our hash with the Jews..."! 
"We'll get all the Friedmans
the Feschinos, and Lehmbergs" 
"We'll murder these rebels... 
those strangely imbued"!
...Some wonder just what Satan's like 
while scuffing knees to pray, 
when the tithe they bleed 
just sweetens up 
the bottom line... it's Pat's "Pay"! 
A coward waving gaily 
to his fellows gone to war… 
then Pat protrudes the pavement 
for his "show," 
this dangerous bore...
Well, I've a new germ 
of conjecture, so strange... 
...Predictable sure, though it stuns... 
Consider me unhinged or deranged
But "Satan" is ... Pat Robertson… !!!
Pat said, "the faithful" 
should torture and stone me ... 
for being outside of his norm? 
Pummeled, and rocked, 
then crushed to my knees... 
I should be "begging for forgiveness" 
... pleading to conform!
...Robertson's the reason 
we're feeling uptight
Robertson's facile confusion
Robertson's the reason 
we fight useless fights! 
Robertson's a soulless tool... 
for hate's obscene infusion!
Robertson: an evil thing 
who's burned a book or two... 
Robertson: so FILTHY 
from the pockets of the needy! 
Robertson's done his gleeful part 
to *foment*—misconstrue; 
He "slouches off to Bethlehem" 
his foulness proudly greedy.
I'd thought these things 
before I'd found 
he champions MY demise... the whim of wing-nut's 
...But I'd refrain from murder, 
even he whom I despise
He calls for executions, friend; 
he's through his devil's door!

Stone ME? You better tie me down, you smirking psychopath, or gut-shoot me—I throw BACK!
This pompous "piece of work" has wished death on benign heads of state, and just this minute on whole cities unwilling to switch-out a more solid science for ludicrous superstition... Katrina and the Twin Towers preached by the whining and disingenuous pedant as punishment from a "loving" God?
Jesus would retch, so this cranial deformity of a human reptile would be that rich man pulled "through the eye of a needle," and how hard is that?
For my part? I defy you Pat Robertson; you and all your scurrilous apologists or simulacra. On your admission that you would have me killed for opposing you—I redouble my efforts of opposition, and, ironically do not contest your right to life! ...You officiously obnoxious and ironically soulless bastard!

Christ's Pattycakes — but it almost seems like we argue from the supposed position of the other! Who's the real Satan, boyo!
You are, Pat Robertson... or one of evil's more ardently capering imps! You are the foulness you would warn us against! You are that stench so offensive! You... ...a pile of noxious human waste. You! This is not name-calling! This is assessment!
Fellow motes! I feel real good about telling you that if you see Pat Robertson moving in any firm direction? Sprint hard the other way! He's the one to lead you straight into the grasping arms of grinning hell!
Accept no substitute! I say unto ye verily! Pat Robertson: a justification for atheism if ever one drew breath!
Yes, Verily! Down to a choice of letting Pat have his "way" with me or having an Alien eat my head? I hope the Alien brought his own ketchup.