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Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Isn't It Queer?


What's new with John Ford
How goes his travail? 
Does he shamble around 
with a mop in his jail?
What are his chances; 
does he pretend (?) 
sweet liberty's restored 
to him ever again?
Is he despondent? 
Is he depressed? 
What do you miss when 
your freedom's oppressed?
...And he's been so for decades...
has been buried... interred...
been tied up and shut down...
ablated... deterred!
Is he despairing? 
Is he tormented—
writhing and chafing 
his unearned internment?
Of what might he THINK, then, 
"forgotten" in prison? 
How does he manage 
his hellish condition?
How does he govern 
the feelings he has 
for the folks who betrayed him, 
or cheated him ...bad...
What are his thoughts 
on that lack of concern 
from his own damned community 
who's shunned him, in turn?
What are his options
What's his prerogative
His right to release 
is a sad interrogative!
Loitering streets? 
...Some far worse than him! 
Released, and at large?  
These are MONSTERS, my friend!
Though, it's Ford who is jailed 
like a serial fiend
when, in TRUTH, he's done nothing 
but question "the meme"!  
...And what is this "meme," then, 
the circumspect ask?  
Well, the meme that you can't 
take the "system" to task!
He's scorned for his courage 
of strident conviction! 
He's jailed for reasons 
concocted from fiction! 
He lives a perdition 
of "slow rot" to please... 
those who "make out" 
if he's brought to his knees!
He lives his debasement 
to further the ends 
of the demons who profit 
from what they propend.
He's tied up and muffled 
to further the cause 
of political ambitions... 
that should give us all pause!
Forgotten and lonely 
he sits in his cell, 
thinking—quite rightly—
he's gone straight to hell.
What's the damn hold up? 
When was his "crime"? 
Who was it injured 
for John doing time? 
Where are the reasons 
he's suffered these years? 
Why can't we help him?
Isn't it queer?
How's it continued 
he's held and confined
and never a trial?  
Why, I'd lose my mind
From the pages of Kafka, 
confined and abused 
for years without end... 
could one BE more bemused?
What of John's lawyer? 
What was his take? 
How much of John's property 
paid bills he had faked? 
WHERE are John's assets? 
What of his pension
How long must he suffer 
the man's foul detention?
WHERE is the Justice? 
WHERE'S the fair task; 
where has this *fairness* departed, 
some ask!
Why can't he speak; 
why can't he talk—
why can't he tell us 
his crime is a crock? 
What is so secret 
they'd lock him away 
then lose all the keys 
that would free him today!
When will he get 
all the rights that he *has* 
for being "AMERICAN," 
I hasten to add!
I'm thinking of you, John; 
I'm in my back yard. 
I'm looking at Venus, 
and stars that shine, hard...
The wind's in my face... 
but my freedom's a fake
with you in your jail, 
my freedom's at stake!
It's all washed away 
by the whim of the man 
who handles our lives 
with the heaviest hand.
Step on his toes 
in a search for some equity, 
and suffer the slings 
and his arrow's inequity.
Make a demand 
for respect you be shown, 
and be thrown to the foot 
of the man's jealous throne!
Demand a just treatment
to be kept well informed
and be found (surely!) outcast, 
shunned, and then scorned!
When is your trial? 
Shall you be heard? 
Or will they just mock you, 
and keep you interred?
...May John, the fates willing, 
secure his release, 
and then sue for a bundle
a billion at least!

This egregiously small adumbration of his grotesquely violated civil rights justifies that SMALL hyperbole, reader!

How much longer, people? Remember!  It's YOU in there ...rigged "due process"... Without a review. Without an appeal. Without any hope?

"WAIT! Isn't this America"?

...Was it ever?

Put it together yourself, reader.

The *accused* John Ford has an altogether efficacious history to the very moment of his alleged crime. The accuser—the late John Powell—in suspicious contrast, is associated over a period of many years with tremendous graft, vast political corruption, and an open-ended racketeering enterprise for which he later pleads no contest... AND IS CONVICTED!

Ford was relentlessly INVESTIGATING Powell for a reason only important in that it is used later as a reason to institutionalize him, and seal him away from the very light of day. See, it remains, Powell could bear NO investigation for any reason, and so had a zero tolerance for same.

The accused, John Ford, was a tax-paying and law-abiding "boy scout." The accuser was, clearly, a sociopathic career criminal pleading "no defense" or contest... pleading out for bupkis accountability... Black and white so very seldom delineate themselves so plainly, do they?

No, the circumstantial brilliance of John's seeming innocence should be a red flag to the rest of us. How can we in good conscience let anything like this go so blithely... without some investigation ensuring that no injustice has been done?!

Let me tell you something you sons of bitches (who know who they are); you imperil YOURSELVES with this too-easy and disrespectful complacency regarding John Ford. Let a machine grind ANY lawful individual in arbitrary gears with impunity and you WILL, eventually and with certainty, be ground in those same tyrannical gears, yourself! If not you—your children, or your children's children ... and with certainty, remember!  That goes for all of us.

Restore John Ford!

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