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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Klasskurtxia, Never In A Good Way


Impacted Klasskurtxians*
At best: teats of insentience
and far from "nutrition" 
dispensing malfeasance
At worst?  
...Sullen agents of "darkness" despised—
stooges for them: purveyors of lies.
Drones thus "affected" 
to spin party lines
a message confusing
cross-purposed, and trying
See, crass disrespect 
has been tendered to you.  
"Betrayal of innocence" 
is what they imbue.
...Perhaps we are "losers," 
"neo-dreamers," "no-brainers"... 
with visions of grandeur
"tru-believers..."  "complainers." 
Perhaps it is us 
buying "nonsense" at best? 
Perhaps self-enslaved 
to what won't stand its test? 
Perhaps merely "whacko"... 
a "woo-woo" buffoon, 
or someone who's stopped 
with his meds a mite soon...
...Though, who is to say... 
given "secrets" sans "oversight"
Who is to say... 
given strict "protocols." 
Who is to say 
given trust's been betrayed 
and the "path" is obscured, 
where humanity falls?
Whatever they're saying 
they're taking a gamble
with looming attention 
they're made the example... 
There are these working hard 
to discredit an interest... 
in *people from space*
to encourage "disinterest"!  
Who are these privileged 
to husband such truth, 
but those most rewarded 
to remain so obtuse.
These won't be absolved 
when their castle walls crumble, 
when they're made to crawl... 
on unevenness, stumble. 
When they're made to pay 
for transgressions perceived, 
and they're boiled down 
for the "mouths" they could "feed"!
Oh, these speak with that sneer, 
like EVERYTHING's clear, 
but dodges those questions 
beyond strange and queer
we beg them for answers 
to *things* that we've seen... 
which millions attest to... 
yet remain unredeemed!
...But, they'd front for the ignorant shadows, of course; 
they'd fan up the murk like "klasskurtxian Korff."  
These lie and they cheat to perform obfuscation.  
They're sell-outs and scoundrels beyond all objection. Psychopathy reigns from a gated community 
where criminals thrive in a gravid immunity!
...And what are their bona fides; 
what strange credentials 
are part of a makeup 
that makes them essential? 
Is it "Bull Shit," or More Shit"... 
Piled Higher and Deeper? 
What's their agenda? 
Who's the real sleeper?
...For me? These klasskurtxians? 
They're personally insulting
a little revolting
obtuse... deconstructing! 
They're a block or an obstacle
a hurdle we face 
on the gamut endured 
to touch TRUTH on her face! 
They have nothing new
just trot out old arguments... 
...Still used like a "salve" 
of their "fraudulent unguent"...
They're dishonest, deceitful
designing... disingenuous
They're conniving, contemptible
and they're cads... ignominious
...Better persons? 
...Destroyed for transgressions like these! 
Whither klasskurtxians? 
Are they different? Ohplease!
Errant klasskurtxians 
promote their "bad credit," 
and it seems they're much worse 
than the folks they'd discredit. 
...See, where are their "arguments
that we've been "forgetting"? 
What mistakes have they made, 
and they're huge I'd be betting!
Their approach is quite manic, 
a frenzy at rest
thousands of E-Mails 
(but they answer mine best). 
They have all the "answers," 
and they're here to put "right" 
all the hounds of my "ignorance"
my "cognitive blight"!
I resent their intrusion 
as one's piss on my leg! 
Yes, tell me it's raining! 
But to differ, I beg. 
Their tone is so facile, 
and it sings the same song: 
balloons and old swamp gas
just to string us along...
...Double down on denial?
Kick the can down the road?
Endure double-dealing 
promising less of a load?
...Yet, feel there's something 
a-watch from "out there." 
We'll know not its "purpose." 
It just sits there and stares... 
recording, perhaps, 
our own irksome consistencies, 
our gross infidelities, 
our craven propensities...
...And our *boys* "unelected" 
have the *info* galore
you can bet it means changes... 
that it evens some scores! 
...But there... they're struck clueless
so must grasp to their chests... 
what their pay and position... 
or their excess expects!  
Then, it's much easier 
to sell us all out!  
They have "insulation," 
...but we'll do without.
Bunkies make ridicule 
and mock all those things 
that perplex or confound us; 
they taunt, sneer, and 'spin.' 
They drool proclamation 
with airy aplomb, 
but their sarcasm's worse, 
a disparaging bomb
They chaff, and they razz
but they're smelling the fear... 
of a change to their worldview 
that's been bearing downnear!
...And what is their program? 
What's their agenda? 
...While trying as hard 
as they can to offend ya'! 
Where'd they get off?
 What is their plan
What's the connection
Who understands?
I'll bet they inhabit 
a rabid right aisle; 
I'll just bet their soft hands 
hide a predator's smile.
Yesthere are secrets, 
clandestine ... dark... 
of needs buried in dungeons, 
and cellars or parks. 
Though, along with "no Santa Clause" 
there is evil conspiracy 
to dump on the masses
We've corrupt institutions! 
We wallow in lies... 
that don't come from Hoagland, 
Art Bell, or those guys! 
It's "justice" for sale 
to a moneyed elite. 
It's corruption in government, 
crooked cops on their beats. 
It's 'worship' for doctors 
and 'honor' for priests. 
It's money to "scientists" 
who march to "the beat."
Why, it's them and their manners 
which typifies loss 
of all that the cosmos 
could give us at cost
Their eyes look away 
from the light that would shine 
if we asked better questions... 
for those answers opined!
Don't you find it... well, strange
not a little bit odd... 
that these are well-funded 
and that they get "the nod." 
...But these? ...Mere contrivance 
to confound our credulity! 
They are here to make waves 
to provoke our stupidity!
Who's the big liar? 
Is it Hoagland, or "Nye," 
he of klasskurtxia 
faking faux-facts besides!

One would presume an inverse there in the last stanza that I'm just not feeling myself, eh?

The klasskurtxian speaks for science, right? No, the klasskurtxian* readily invalidates himself: his ironic failure to investigate, his lack of constructive imagination, his inability to admit an error, his propensity to tender any slap-dash excuse as valid explanation, his abject intellectual cowardice, his lack of humility, his gravid inconsistency, his re-visitation of the discredited as plausible explanation again and again, his sullen intransigence in the face of all reasonable-ness... ...well I could go on and on, actually, and do...


...Straight prose and in their own words so no-fair not "getting it."
This one went on a bit long.  Sorry.  Not.
*It's a word I coined in a mash-up of the names Klass and Kurtztwo CSI(COP) "heavyweights"attempting to put a name to aspects of their anthropomorphic, arrogant, and altogether cowardly philosophy.
"Klasskurtxian" is, I submit, a graceful co-mingling of Onomatopoeia and crystal self-definition clattering concussivelyif effortlesslyoff the tongue and palate like a big porcelain urn of live poisonous snakes dropped in the CSI(COP) Commissary. It has a meaning easily determinable in context, eh?

To Touch Truth On Her Face...

Restore John Ford!

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