Friday, May 29, 2020

Whither MUFON?

Whither MUFON?
Illiberal, authoritarian, and unprogressive...
...and just gone underground?

How can they get all hard-nosed 
and act like they've the plan? 
They pretend their circumspection; 
their pretense is they've command!  
See, "understanding" is forthcomingness
progression to a goal.  
MUFON spews mendaciousness
and that's the way they've rolled.

These propound a faith in "models," 
they're a tricky paradigm,
and lord help those 
who won't buy-in... 
these prescribe you'd lost your mind!  
Then, you're cast upon the waters, 
you're pushed out on a floe 
for questioning "direction" 
and the way things "ought to go."

...And it may be you're specious...
your "ideas" out of wack. 
That you're just short the french fry,
so your meal's not intact.

...But it won't be from MUFON
your assessment should be made. 
Their assessments have a bias...
you'd want light where they're the shade!
They're rightist to fascistic
So they're prone to making enemies 
Narcissistic, not reliant...
They are not your cricket, Jiminy!

Too, forget about due process
and accusers ever faced!
Forget about an audit path
of which there is no trace.
Forget about collegiancy
to aspire greater goals
than that business which is usual
with our data down black holes!

I care not for their "fence side, Sir"! 
These make the errant struggle!  
They'll be damned as they're elitist! 
When I can I'll pop their bubble!

I despise them! I abhor them! 
They have sold us out for peanuts
Where they suckle teats of privilege
They confirm their stand against us!

These live contrived and pleasant lies; 
they're safe behind their walls
They're owning their own lawyers, 
so they're knowing all the *stalls*. 
If things get hot, they're slick as snot... 
they've *dirty tricks* brigades! 
You can count on their discretion... 
just as long as they are paid?

You can *shut away* what scares you, 
'til your eyes can't see what's there
You can have a little drinkie
and pretend that you're not scared
You can roll in squalid flesh piles 
if that rings salacious bells. 
You can run from all your nightmares, 
*pray* to gods providing hell...

...Why, if it's not your precious property
or a *fair-won* trophy wife? 
Then it really shan't concern you. 
It can't freshen up your life. 
It won't fatten your account. 
It won't land you on your feet ... 
so what’s the bleedin' point, you reason
Why not make your life "complete"!

I am answered by the worst of them.
The one most psychopathic.
...Resorting to the gaslight
Of the spitting autocratic:


"So tell me, precious 'Poet Boy'," 
these smirk their angered sneer,
"...Just what in hell would you give out, 
you whining, leftist queer"!
"What's your *gallant* sacrifice; 
what do you give up.
What do you contribute"? 
He drops his 'Cuban' in my cup.

"With the *big bucks*? You're no different,"
and he shoots his silken cuffs.
"...You believe in UFO's"!! that would be enough.
"You're a nut case! You're a bonehead! 
You're a liberal bleeding heart.
You whine your stupid spewage 
that is off *my mainstream* charts!
You badmouth lauded Scientism... 
which has given us "the power"...
to tame this world with human will"! 
He stands there (...small!), and glowers!

Well...I'm a soldier and a teacher; 
I give and get respect. 
I've always shot for excellence... 
if my reach exceeds my grasp. 
I pay my way; I drive small cars; 
I'll not abuse advantage... 
of a system, or a program, 
or a human... Disadvantage.

Mine's been a life of service, friend,
and I've worked the harder jobs. 
Too, I've learned a lot from women 
I must give respectful nods. 
My wife? She drove a school bus. 
My son is not in jail
My friends? I think they love me, 
and its them I shall not fail!

My charged *belief* in UFO's 
is strictly common sense
I've seen them, leering critic, 
if you shan't? It's 'cause you're dense.

My wage? It's near the bottom 
when compared the least of you, 
but I would give up everything... 
as long as you did, too.

So, BE NOT PROUD, you fascists, 
that you betray "the Earth," 
that you use her like your garbage can, 
and treat adherents worse. 
Your position's NOT that lofty, 
'cause you're *clever* to betray, 
never asking who'll be paying 
as you make your facile play...
...Authoritarian and imperious
and fascistic in every way.

You are not the best of us.
In fact, it's made quite plain.
You justify our quarantine.
It's you, our mark of Cain.

  • ...This is not forgetting that less is more. What is abhorred in the whole is not a result, many times, of what happens at grassroots. Where rubber meets road in the local chapters there is a sincerity of affect... I've seen it. I've met and otherwise come to know some of these wonderful people living and now dead. These know it's not about them and their agenda... up, down, or over and out. No presumptive effrontery! 

  • It's true, even remembering that a liberalism's inclusiveness provides for discovery's outreach! ...As opposed to the autocrat's personal covetousness providing only for more personal covetousness! ...And there's a real comfort, believe it or not, in the mere recognition of that. 

  • See, the less MUFON squeezes, the less MUFON's upper reaches intrudes it autocracy on those grassroots...the fewer of us are pinched out through its fat gauntleted fingers!  An authoritarian grip is weak locally, thankfully.  See, we could accommodate ourselves spending time and attention ufologically while living richer, fuller, more healthful, and more satisfying lives, together. Even, reader, in this time of what seems to be a wholly unnecessary Pandemic... It was all choice actually... when we look back on it. We chose poorly.
  • No, I submit that a serious study of the ufological... a cultural top-down admission that we're in kindergarten and have significant growing up to do in a cosmic sphere is best course, best idea, and best practice-stuff right f'n NOW.  The antithesis is to urinate opposed to the meteorological disturbance extant. 

  • C'mon, read that last sentence again.  MUFON would seem to work apart from the efficacious in the preceding and perform that opposition described to piss in wind? That's the up-shot.
  • There is absolutely no one good reason why general life should harmfully raise your blood pressure as a matter of course, and with such tedious regularity, too. It begs the question why it does.  Causing this high pressure may be a lack of common courtesy or the remotest due process too often displayed in the activities surrounding us. Why, MUFON providing for a wholesale Saturday night massacre of its females (et sig al) from their leadership positions sans the remotest smidgeon of such, is case in point!
  • Does an increasingly irrelevant MUFON demonstrate that it has become completely unconscionable, inconsolably unaccountable, and wholly contemptible? Unendurable, even?
  • The answer to that question cuts across the proclivities of corrupt governments elected and non-elected, duplicitous institutions over-facilitating their bottom line unconscionably, evil agencies of criminality without oversight as accomplice, and all this leavened with cynically authoritarian religions without real conscience, compassion or genuine respect for the individuals they otherwise manipulate, chump, and coerce!  Does MUFON complete its transformation into this kind of entity?
  • Prepare to be invalidated by those self-same individuals for whom you'd  have no respect, soulless MUFON corporatists... scabrous and psychopathic disrespectful! The end of your legislated sociopathy must be inexorable and well nigh, so wholly explaining the autocratic and unilateral activity on your part! Do these provide for liquidity in ulterior"portfolios"? Somebody makes money somewhere... even if that money comes as a result of shoring up a less than efficacious status quo...
  • What's this to do with UFOs? Everything.
  • It's what the future is. Verily. Think not?  Jacques Vallee, a current grand darling of the "it ain't what you could think," crowd—a crowd insisting on science, also something less than efficacious, as default arbiter—allows, even, that science must account for the "mechanism" that is the UFO, and the adjacent, alternate, or extra intelligence, the wholly other, that the UFO must intimate... and do this without regard to the provenance of that the UFO, too, from the trans-temporal, through the xenocryptic, to the full-blown extraterrestrial.  ...An "other" exists "apart," employing (and enjoying) a "technology" of we cannot conceive. Cop to that

  • Will society implode as a result? Well, we better f'n find out! Putting off the dentist is a bad idea. Putting off the cosmic dentist I suspect would be worse.
  • See, the future is the inevitable extension of the past, reader. The past, in its turn, is riddled, very conservatively... soaked, imbued, permeated, saturated, and infused with a clear history of the UFO... ...unmistakable encounters with the wholly *other*.

  • Peter Jennings said just before he died that official acknowledgment of same was unsatisfactory. His language was harsher, actually. He said "rotten."
  • Too many "quality instruments are making [too] many quality observations," reader. This is forgetting the reportage in old ink and more ancient stone, remember. Denial is ludicrous.  Where has a MUFON been but allegedly collecting information they've done nothing with... for decades! Have they ever been an instrument of our ufological obfuscation?
  • An intelligent *other* is obvious. Also obvious is MUFONs aggregate titular cowardice with regard to its conduct. Yes. Accusations of revolting sexism, fatuous intellectual cowardice, and general infidelity are not remotely out of line!
  • Alternative behavior concerning the preceding is the effrontery of the presumption we are the first intelligence ever... (pause for laughter) when that is very conservatively unlikely in the first place... ...and badly executing, if true, in the second! Those remaining to be the pompous and presumptuous pathetic?  Please move to the shallow end of the gene pool. Volunteer for sterilization, even, so your genetic contribution can be more effectively cauterized from the species. You're not helping, this is to say...  
  • The rest apart from a corruptive MUFON? These keep looking up! These transmit or radiate an ardent desire, clear intent, and brave acceptance... (some freaking humility?) even humanity ...and... ...soon, I suspect, that future will snatch them up to grandly soar and cleave the heavens... leaving far behind what officious others still perceive far in front of them... ...if those perceptions can be made by them, at all. 
  • Yeah!  Existential "Rapture" for the few who didn't buy into the hijacked mainstream and scurrilous status quo... its illegitimate governments, its dark agencies... its dogmatic religions and reptilian corporate institutions! Perhaps... it's my intuition at any rate.
  • Realization of all of the preceding is a matter of will, reader, you think it hard enough... ...and it becomes so. Heaven or Hell. Reality is the state of mind.  MUFON continues the pretense that it has relevance in the definition of the quality of that state. That is not so.
  • Restore John Ford!  Don't wait for MUFON. 

  • ...For my part?

"...Well...I'm a soldier and a teacher; I give and get respect. I've always shot for excellence... if my reach exceeds my grasp. I pay my way; I drive small cars; I'll not abuse advantage... of a system, or a program, or a human... Disadvantage."


Geo. said...

Dear Al, Excellent post. Spoken indeed as Soldier, Teacher and that other thing I capitalize, Gentleman. All best wishes to you, --Geo.