Sunday, May 24, 2020

That Masturbation Of Means and Ways

That Masturbation Of Means and Ways
by Alfred Lehmberg

  • Ways. Ways and means of ways. Means justified and means just... not. Elaboration is not required, am I right. Not a question.
  • You cross a line, you see. You cross that line to find its an egg you can't unfry... ...and then there's just no enjoying "it." There is no being served by "it." There is no achieving satisfaction with it... Every luxury just ashes on the decadent tongue for the interminable and death-wishing joylessness endured, amen. Happy happy.

  • My way? Few would want to know. Seriously... way is not a way for everyone. Though, it has some small success. It's counterproductive to wish for more. 

  • Consider, plastic plates and sporks are as the finest porcelain and silver flatware with an alien view. The former has the appreciated adequate efficacy and the latter remains to have an appreciation enjoyed for it but not taken for granted. That's where the madness lies. 

  • One's decadence, that inability to enjoy or be satisfied with a luxury or a blessing experienced, does not become the crippling issue afflicting those who are covetous and grasping. Humility supplants all that. So? There is enjoyment. There is satisfaction. There are wholeness and fullness. Completion. Self-actualization. Maslow realized! That's been this writer's experience at 71.

  • Yeah, granted. One has to seek to start early, show-up, make an effort, have a lot of luck, and aspire to truth (hard). One has to give credit where credit was due (harder)One has to realize that there is very little of what there is about stuff... that is about you (hardest). That's a tough task and rife with failure. 

  • The writer, by way of example, fails a little even now realizing the import of what he's writing and taking too much pride in the realization of same! The reader can see how this works, eh?

  • Ever unprepared for the tumult of  "new information," one was encouraged by best practice to have flexibly sensible core values, still, even as those "values" themselves are in no way inviolate. Sometimes your "values" are insentient crap. Regard the "Prosperity Christian." 

  • To be able to note when "core values" become so invalidated is to be blessed... verily. We are as indeterminate smoke, doomed and damned, if not. 

  • For my part, I tried to learn from mistakes, my own and others, even as I could have gone down at any time like a stepped-on grape, just for stupid stuff!  Current information informs consent, I observed.  Informed "consent" is paramount, I concluded. It's why we don't fuck our kids, for illustration. They can't give informed consent. 
  • Remaining, one of those aforementioned tentative core values remaining is a decided lack of toleration, by and large, ironically! This is regarding intolerance itself, for example, or the easy toleration of secrets wholly disrespecting individuals in that lay citizenry shared by all... as these secrets are jealously and unethically kept, serving the few against the many! Who pays and who just plays?  

  • This lack of toleration we regard also encourages that toleration for errant systems punishing ethical individuals who righteously "whistleblow" as a result of this conjectured—if likely—and wholly unethical, "secrecy" ...observed as right and correct while astonishingly known to be unethical. Humanity is likely not served by ignorance. That's the history. Too, insist on the identity of valid whistle-blowers, only to make them extinct. That's the history, also. 

  • Is that "secrecy" alluded to just... everywhere, in this manner? ...where and why? Who.  Is  Served? Again, Why?
  • On reflection—I would do away with this category of secrets, monstrous "keep-aways" spelled like they were nasty little four-letter words. Most secrets are, certainly, just like those words... tiny packets of disrespect taken form... for profit by way of deliberate obfuscation. Many times, actually, the traditional four-letter words reflect health superior to that betrayal by errant secrets we travail in their stead! Words which are certainly preferable to the secrets we must despise in an unfettered comparison of same to protest same! 

  • Fuck ignorance, Sincerely!
  • Why do you keep YOUR secrets, and are those reasons tragic? That UFOs (there we are!) are kept a secret from you is a multiplier of that tragedy, by way of example. Perhaps the reader can agree. UFOs? Let's not quibble reader! This writer would reflect on the nature and manner of the occupants of such! 

  • Remember, readers, these exist because we do! Behold the universe. Nothing happens once! How could they not be there? ...and they are there, indeed, lately admitted by the US Navy! We'd be on that rice's "white," this writer believes, but an impossible POTUS and then an avoidable pandemic confounds that other affair or initiative in its regard...
  • Here's a secret... A secret that, revealed, would be the undoing of many other such interrelated secrets. Verily!

  • Revealed! The still very egregiously tormented UFO investigator John Ford, by way of example, was innocent of any crime. He's in gulag, now, the last 20 years, plus, because his very "official" lawful and landed accusers were, ironically, guilty of multiple crimes not the least of which was, clearly, a coverup regarding decades of UFO activity in Suffolk County, New York!  Clear parallels can be drawn straight to 2020! I won't digress. 

  • That said, I expect that an honorably functioning and reasonably transparent governmental body conceived in honesty and making every effort to perform best practice in the interests of its people, would in no way be threatened by a... "WikiLeaks-like" revelation say, even a rogue one... especially a rogue one when the reader thinks about it, perhaps. Existentiality's WikiLeaks started out so hopefully... then it wasn't... But we won't digress further on that ...just yet. 
  • That John Ford was incarcerated at the hands of a criminal government elite illustrates precisely why an uncluttered and unbound WikiLeaks-like initiative, beholden to naught but truth revealed, is more a likely blessing and less a curse.  Would that Ford could be wiki-leaked.  Someone skilled should try... the pay-off could be in the millions for the right legal team... and Ford restored.

  • The man was an innocent RAPED by a criminalized US societal political machine... Republicans, then, too.
  • A moral and ethical "WikiLeaks" is not thrust upon the undeserved and undeserving; I offer select persons provoke it, themselves. I submit that decades of crafty mendaciousness, black ops, institutional duplicity, fulsome graft (27 Trillion dollars worth since Reagan!), Alex Jones down the street sizing me up for cannibalism (true story!), accepted du jour sociopathy, but wholly dishonorable practice... ...apart from wasting the lives of cannon-fodder soldiers... facilitates this fertile ground for fear, and a bright light into current "business as usual" politics as disrespecting, reader, as it is disrespectful. We know that's true.

  • We know! That's true!
  • No, the blame rests with the "profiteer facilitator" of the regarded mess... Like our Secretary of Education's brother, not a "WikiLeaks," conceived to expose and address societal injustices and tragedy... A conjectured "Wikileaks," conceived as pure in heart and ruled by best practice and conscience, only provides ample motivation concerning the reflection of a revulsion we must all feel for elected officials betraying the public trust as soon as they take their wide-bottomed if still powerful chairs. 

  • That's the real problem, eh?  It's these and the entirely unelected personal empire builders standing behind these, who are to blame for our toiling travails. Their hubris and glaring psychopathy are the fecund soil.  Please note that I point with all twenty fingers and toes by default as is physically required.

  • WikiLeaks, the real one, failed itself and us. Sadly, it went the way of anything that presupposes its own nonaccountability. We're all well-schooled in corrupting power and the absolute corruption in the ever sought power absolute. It's very sensical... 

  • See, with no consequence of behavior, it is only the very exceptional person who can continue to behave responsibly unreminded by that consequence. It's why we aspire to three separate and co-equal branches of government...

  •  It's why so few could lift Thor's hammer. Three, interestingly.

  • Verily, without consequences, oversight, checks, and balances... Thor, Vision, or Captain America, a WikiLeaks fails. It fails to confirm what must be there. It fails to be truthful with regard to what it reports is there. It fails to speak truth to power and so then fails in our empowerment to report the truth about that power.

  • Sadly, we only masturbate our plausible deniability regarding UFOs. That's been the way. The means have been a nasty synergy of duplicity, mendacity, our biased manipulation, and putting everything we are behind the short term gain, neatly pulling the covers on the most important, consciousness changing, and paradigm evolving occurrence in human history. What are the UFOs? We're not asking...We're better than that. 

  • If not? Then, one of many... ...or the much less likely single aspiration to lasting beauty and efficacious intelligence in the universe... ...we deserve our cosmic quarantine. Verily, at this point expiration seems justified based just on observation and some brutal self-honesty. We beg, in truth, for our very extinction. That's on us. Stupid. Has had. Its run.