Thursday, May 14, 2020

Vulture Culture War


Learn, well, your "lessons" kiddies; 
best take them near to heart, 
or your culture will intrude its will 
to blow your soul apart.  
This knowledge can be useful; 
you're better served forewarned. 
See, it's not the devil as advised, 
it's our culture with the horns!

Prefer a counter-culture? 
It will abrogate your talent; 
it'll put you in its prisons 
and then act all prim and gallant
It lies regarding its fair play; 
it produces specious rules... 
...won't itself abide its edicts; 
these are aimed at me and you.

It grinds you with faux-"science" 
that despoils the efficacious, 
then it treats you like a chump revealed, 
so is, frankly, far from gracious. 
It keeps your eyes from wonders 
which are booming in your skies. 
Then it ridicules the questions 
you might ask regarding why...

It won't admit the wrongs it's wrought 
to further selfish ends. 
It won't admit the tyranny 
it's used in "self-defense." 
It shan't reduce our numbers* 
and it poisons starship Earth. 
It is monstrousness personified. 
It's a full-blown—viciouscurse.

See, some think themselves a "better lot," 
their genes so then "supreme"; 
they'd take from you the self-respect 
you've paid your dues to glean.  
These degrade the individual! 
This debilitates the lot
They're gleeful you don't get it; 
you think it's care? It's not.

These define your culture, then, 
as reptiles holding sway.  
These corrupt your sensibilities.  
These smile and say, "have faith."  
These keep you fighting unjust wars; 
these make us fight ourselves.   
These polarize the issues
so the stress degrades your health!

They're a dweller of your shadows, 
and they listen to your moans, 
though your crying is regarded 
as the whining of mere, toiling, drones. 
They shall not, then, respect you. 
Respect compels concern
and the moment that they make that so?  
Less money they can "earn."

You see how this might cramp their plans
and complicate their graft.  
You perceive that you're just grease 
for wheels, and queued up for their "shaft."  
You find that you're beneath concern, 
beneath their small contempt.  
The spot you think you call your own... 
...was never yours. You rent!

There are secrets they're possessing; 
these, the stuff of all your dreams. 
These are dreams of satisfaction 
found like sparkling mountain streams. 
The bluest skies still filled with birds 
to live in easy balance; 
the forests softly breathing air, 
the mountains are their chalice
The desert's colored sand art, 
and the valley is prescribed 
as a cradle now denied you.  
You just grow old, 
lose dreams... 
then die.

These disrespect the weakest 
at their "comfort-loving" peril, 
and ridicule anomaly 
'til it's bone-dry, spent, and sterile. 
These practice homocentric crap, 
while wearing smirking frowns: 
that we're alone in unknown space? 
These covet errant crowns! 
Keep believing we are "conquerors," 
that Earth is subject to our *will*?  
Keep your faith that won't be tested
Forced, the bitter—bluer—pill!

Still... growing could be possible—
would continue past the end. 
Less is more I have discovered. 
More is death; I must contend.  
Though, suffer overpopulation 
to unearth some grand disease 
that will humble prideful humankind, 
and bring her to her knees.

  • Overpopulation...

  • I'll say it again. We have an overpopulation problem, at all—billions of extra people—so any one person does not have to be respected too much. See how that might work?  
  • ...Want to save the world?  Do ya? You could do it in a generation and provide for a general pecuniary enrichment at the same time... True story. Here is it:

  • Take it upon yourself to sire once... or not at all... bam, that's it. I digress...
  • It remains that "Overpopulation" is likely very much desired from the class officiating our duplicitous culture! Read that sentence again as a true story the reader knows as true if remotely honest with "self."  

  • There's a surplus of humans driven to purchase product, in the first place, you see. Then, and this is DARK... if some hapless person balks at a lofty, prideful, and authoritarian command from her manor lord—won't gladly lift her skirts, say, for the imperative of her master's scabby gherkin?  Well! Let's make it easy, then, to procure another! Make it sure that there is always one who shan't balk ... one who will "lift her skirts," so to speak!  An apt if repellent metaphor.
  • Having, then, secured a degraded and disrespected population pool from which to draw? These legislate, facilitate, educate, but otherwise encourage that malleable lowest of low common denominators. Make people as hungry as they are angry! Keep them that way. Misused Tools. Expendable grease.
  • Steer a mendacious "pro-life" religiosity, you know, so it doesn't have follow rules or be logical, authoritative, to secure that end, by the way, and steer clear of a self-respecting, reasonable, and actually conservative—in the long run—birth control!  See, abortion as birth control likely should be illegal, eh? It still remains, no one should be pregnant who does not choose to be pregnant, either!  "Morning-after pills" should be as easy to get as gumballs or straight pins! That's followed up paying a freight for those births currently not being paid... the cause of the vaster number of abortions, it is reasoned.
  • Choice. Is. Paramount!
  • Though, the real irony is there, eh? "Proud blue-collar Conservatives" ostensibly so involved and interested in self-respect and being respected? These—actually—degrade that fabric of respect they enjoy in support of an inconsistent ethic! This is an ethic inconsistent, incidentally, because only the "Christian" fetus has that *right* to life, born to Hindu or Islam? Dismissed as non-human. 

  • To cut to a chase, it is an inconsistent and deconstructive ethic furiously limiting—by the unethical and privileged craft of an egregious and privileged rigged-game imposed upon them—the size of the pie piece for which these betrayed hapless and disenfranchised must ever toil.  Talk about clear consequences of not acting (or voting) in one's best interest! Believing rumors and ignoring facts, these do exactly that. Exactly why one is encouraged to do just that by co-opted culture.
  • In the same manner that old Rome did for itself? We Americans CREATE the barbarians at our gates. 

  • We keep them stocked with weapons—ample guns & ammo, nukes currently, chemical munitions, and biological weapons of an exceptionally extreme and unnecessary lethality—to use, or threaten to use, on one another. 
  • We pretend that those weapons won't be used on ourselves. Why would we think that they would not?  This is a level of stupidity as a species actually stunning all credulity.
  • No, we sit complacently while increasing billions are facilitated daily to rage and starve in ever-increasing frequency... any wonder that observing aliens, entities our officiality has just admitted are out there, are so reluctantly forthcoming... mysterious, and inscrutable? I'd be very suspicious and careful with the type of neighbor we so obliviously portray. You?
  • ...Wouldn't want us in my neck of the woods I can tell you... real irony when it remains that I have to be what I wouldn't want in my neck of the woods... in my neck of the woods!
  • Culture is defined as a plan for societal survival. There have been, and are now, a multitude of cultures. Which serves an efficacious humanity?

  • Authoritarian Culture? Not your friend! Demand the authoritative! Campaign for the Gylanic! There... there is our salvation.
  • Restore John Ford. Read on!