Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good News Guy

I guess I'm not a "good news guy" to most of you on square! Though that's my aspiration, so the irony's still there. And, yes, there's real irony given truth that I would share is the "self-indulgent" poetry I compose because... I DARE!

I'm rolled up tight and in your eye if you are unrepentant; if you are proud or arrogant — an "ignorance transcendent." If you would use but science, and just 2% of that, then find me charging up your nose and saber slashing scat.

...I've got flaws and peccadilloes same as anyone who breathes, but I'm at heart a Boy-scout, though I'm way up off my knees! See, I can't stomach little men who hear without an *ear*... who are wrapped up in themselves —too much— or ruled by what they've feared.

These are dead before me like they never even were, if well beneath concerned contempt one feels for an alley cur! Yes, kicked at when they raise their heads, or round-housed with a rake, some slights cannot be tolerated where egregious crime's at stake.

Too, I'll cleave from that which I think false, be it creed or God or man, and cleave to sensibilities seeming higher... understand? I'll eschew the "business man" condoning tricks and traps; he's known for what he really is... a prick in heaps and stacks!

...Corporate greed is killing us, destroying all we know, and I have felt its fingers as they've closed around my throat! They are gain for *sake* of gain, all power and control, and they don't hear, I think, the bells that, for them, peal and toll! They are so last century, and embrace a sordid past! They are loath to loose those reins which keep us at our bogus tasks!

Labeled a "believer," I'm discarded to the fringe. I'm banished to the realms of the psychotic and unhinged. Though, I have said before, my friend, that "I do NOT believe"! "Belief" is NOT my problem, folks! From belief I have reprieve!

Belief is not the issue! It won't complicate my need! I heed a "fact's" complicity I've extracted like a seed! I don't believe duplicities and the issue of those breeds... Like...I don't believe in Gods men made to cater to their needs! ...And needs of a *minority* I hastily would add, who practice cloaked perversities content and safe and glad!

See, I don't believe in preachers who would speak in tongues of guile while they robbed the fearful hapless of their money, grace, and style! I won't believe a clergy who would prey upon our kids. Perversion's been the stock and trade of... psychotic invalids!

I don't believe in Presidents appointed by a court... because his sibling cum Governor can provide corrupt support... I don't believe in agencies without an oversight which operate without regard to "decency" and "right."

I don't believe security is found in errant secrecy... and I don't believe a wrong can make a right — that's pure indecency! See, I don't believe "best practice" is in any way conserved if it comes as a result as what we know is not well served!

...I can't believe the journalist as "talking pretty head," a mere mouth piece for complacencies the mainstream spoons instead, and I can't believe Republicans who shan't pay down a debt they've encouraged by the rules they've made to suit the corporate set!

I can't believe the smaller men who condone a narrow view, so hobbled by false paradigms they've lost their sense for truth. These generate consensus to facilitate their ends, to whatever weak agenda they've contrived but won't contend.

For these putrescent pleasures we have done egregious things. The wage we're paid is terror and the dread that it shall bring!

Because they are befuddled with the way they think things are, because they are insentient and cannot see their star, because they have but disrespect for any but their own, well, one lost himself a "Paradise" he once could call his home...

Too, this is why I can't conceive a person so malformed... he must toady up to rich men with his honor rent and torn, and beg for fickle favor without sickness in his gut, and then parrot propaganda that just keeps us in "the rut..."


Rather we were built to soar and cleave... even strike the face of God... of needs, if he practiced an offence, or used us in unjust pretense!

You are what you make yourselves! We stand or fall alone, ourselves! Freedom and our self-respect is all we hope to own I bet!

Now some would say that's not good news! "We tempt God's hand!” These cry, confused! Still, I maintain we're "self-aware" and that's the message better shared!

We would make the things we need from models we ourselves decreed! *Gods* have kept our nose to stones while "priest/kings" know we're NOT alone, and not of passion for our gain but for themselves, and at our pain!

I sense somehow a better way than what's contrived their price we pay. Sad, we are better served in doubt... than what our status quo's about.

It was once broadcasted (SDI #255, 8/30/03) that I lost credibility in the very educational if ironic Mortellaro affair of years past. Continued consideration shows that I can still reject that observation handily, with all humility, and in total finality... if in respect for the broadcaster, Dave Furlotte.

To my mind, and in my estimation, I should have only gained credibility with the interested as a result of my experience with a presumed psychopath and certainly exposed charlatan. I can't allow it to be thought that I agree with the off-putting assessment as broadcast lo these many years ago. Forgetting the seeming lack of necessity and so questionable value of a predicted if tedious self-defense, here's why at five disparate levels:

In the first place I showed some courage of conviction to swim against the tide in defense of a perceived truth and even (arguably) bit the hand that had been feeding me (so to speak) since 1996 in the ethical pursuit of that perceived truth. We both stated regret at the time. ...Glad that's behind me.

Still, I demonstrated that the truth (such as it is, was, and shall be) has more value for me than the comfort and exposure of belonging to convenient venues even increasing in relevance and popularity, as SDI was and is. I would be compelled to do the right thing (as perceived), first. Recent significant others could bear this out, I'm afraid. All respect is there, too.

In the second, I explored that *truth* pursued under the microscope of a consistent philosophy of some stability. As I've written, that philosophy assigns more value to tested faith than the untested variety even as Aristotle is benched for a more multifaceted player, Plato! Plato understood that Chaos is the mother of any Cartesian reductionist's order and it is inappropriate to forsake one for the other... immoral even. Neither Yin nor Yang, reader, it's the edge between them defines us, all and one.

I made a written record regarding the substance of those evaluations (and experiences) to substantiate that *truth*. At the end of the evaluation I let the chips fall where they fell. They fell decidedly foul for me. It was, in my opinion, a foulness of wasted time and other regrets. That's the way it rolled. Heavy sigh, eh?

Still, I stayed true to a philosophy expressed consistently since 1996. I'd wager that few —who know me at all— are remotely surprised at the actions I took in defense of a perceived truth. Then and now, reader, at my peril with regard to significant others, too.

On the third, I have demonstrated that I can admit error —even when not under duress to do so— as the ongoing evaluation indicates it. Consequently, the aforementioned consistency was maintained.

I've always counseled that the admission of an error is, still, a step up (philosophically), so I could do no less given my clear error here. I don't perceive it "stretch" that this fact, alone, is worth the price of my re-admission to a modicum of trust if it is lacking. I'm not afraid to make a mistake. I'll make more. I'll own up to those, too. ...An effort will be made, of course, to keep these to a minimum.

Of the fourth, given the same real time circumstances? I would do all the same things I did —say the things I said— over again because it was in accordance with what my non-conflicted beliefs were, at the time. I can make no apology for sincerity, earnestness, and the authenticity of my actions —which remained ethical and above board— only the eventually discovered apparent efficacy of them. Hindsight is 20/10, nes't ce pas?

Regarding a final fifth I would aspire to do the same thing again in the future if similar convictions manifested themselves in my spirit... because I aspire to bravery, conscience, integrity, intelligence, and free thought or expression of same! No reader worth a flying joust at rolling doughnut could expect me, or themselves, to do any less. Capable of shame, I am in no way ashamed of myself. The reader, on reflection, may find little reason, themselves, to be ashamed of me, or to speculate adversely on my credibility.

I think the accuracy of this tedious self-evaluation on the state of my ufological "credibility" can be measured in the guileless attitudes and open-armed behavior of both Mr. Velez and Mr. Knapp upon my return to SDI. These two gentlemen welcomed me back with such warmly uncomplicated and immediate friendliness that even I —who might have expected collegiate behavior from them given my genuine innocence in the turbulent affair— remain astonished by it! Not a hint of I told you so, folks. Not a peep.

If these two of the most inconvenienced (per say) of my *critics* (per say) have little problem with my (aggregate) credibility then perhaps the interested reader should re-evaluate any problem they might have with same. Just writing the report, folks — compelled such and so.

With all respect to Mr. Furlotte, then, who honestly calls them as he sees them and who I'm certain aspires to the same qualities of bravery, conscience, integrity, intelligence, and free thought as I do... in this instance? Well — he's got another "take" coming.

Closing, here is the unheralded reason for account settling in this manner about an occasion where I gladly admit arrears. I would sing the praises for tirelessly credible UFO researchers and other contributors of significance: Feschino, Friedman, Hastings, Dolan... and Dave Furlotte among significant others, but of that ilk. I would not provide for that service to them if I was unwilling to first qualify myself as stronger and more credible exactly because I have endured the attentions of psychopaths and charlatans, eh? These didn't "kill" me, and I am stronger.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dissonant Cognitions

This thing we endure is called "Cognitive Dissonance." It squanders our spirit and keeps us in chains. Our souls are made worthless and we're then indifferent to conscience increasingly sullied and strained.

Now CD's a lie, but a way we might cope. ...Abused tools to avoid a true test of ones faith. Yeah, we lie to ourselves about something egregious (?) — admissions, forthcoming, would lose "too much" face!

True, most would agree that their motives aren't *bad*. The *evil* they do is, then, seldom opposed. Remaining ignored is the *dire* contrived; compassion is trashed with the truth so disposed.

So, take a deep breath and reject your indifference. There's more going on than is seen on the "news." Injustice abounding ... you've had the same insight. So feel the outrage and hear the same tune.

Our schools? They're contrived, second rate — mediocre! Too, this is the plan at the core of design. Teachers lack talent, are themselves mediocre promoting cognition that's stunted and blind!

Their thrust is production of docile employees! That task is pursued with a furious cant. They're happy as hell with the things as they'd have them and won't give an inch, I confirm no small wrath!

Yeah, all must contrive that their motives are pure. The wrong that they do, then — never erased. Remaining in place is the horror been done; the truth is besmirched and all honor effaced.

It's all just a game that some play for themselves. This game, is at best, a destroyer of shame. It's "wrongs" never righted, this fuels the convictions of those who would hate us — like we're not to blame!

The shame? It's unbearable! CD is a salve! It changes that shame to a... fatuous pride! The pride of our action's a shield, confusing, and behind which we, readily, hide.

See, hidden from us is the shame we should feel. Our consciences gone or forsaken — betrayed! "Accepted behavior" propounds in a spiral we know we should hold with tremendous distaste!

It's *evil*; it's *sinful*; its *error* is plain. It keeps us confined, and opposed with ourselves. This makes us repellant to them now observing who witness our slide to a self-fulfilled hell!

That is what we do. That is what we make. That is what we are. We are of what we make ourselves: convenience, forgotten promises, and unrealized dreams... if we wish it so.

Consider. It's all built on conscious choice, still. We decide to accept the unacceptable, dehumanize the invented competition, and refuse to explore a potential for real synergy — label it *socialism* and demonize it as *communism*... deride it as *liberalism* or revile it as *humanism*.

Frankly, it's quite plain we manufacture our staid excuses for same out of a conveniently contrived cloth, actually. This is a cloth to suit individual prosecutions of our own sociopathy. See, we change our minds to suit convenience and with a tilt of our heads and a turn of a phrase, do the most egregiously mindful things in full knowledge that these things remain wrong on any level one cares to consider.

Cognitive Dissonance... a cognitive process (recognized by one Dr. Leon Festinger), to, in large part, parasitically and unethically profit at the dire expense of another and then continue to live contentedly and comfortably —even happily— with same. Horrors beyond imagining, and it's not aliens eating our heads! It is us ourselves.

Columbus accomplished this bringing slavery to the western hemisphere according to James W. Loewen in Lies My Teacher Told Me. A very dirty-dealing Christopher —a lying, cheating, thieving, and serial-murdering-for-profit brand of "Chris"— initially found his "Indians" delightfully spiritual beings as "uncomplicated and intelligently innocent as gifted children" — to paraphrase from his own hand. Only later would he classify them as "guileful vermin" when he realized —with his second thought— that they could be terrorized into collecting gold for him in a color coded system that, oh by the way, lost the reluctant collector a nose or an ear ...or a child... if he didn't cough up the dictated tithe, on time...

Columbus had to "change his mind" to suit subsequent events fertilizing this gleeful artifice for unbridled sociopathy. Simply refusing to see himself as the *monster* he was, he changed his attitude to fit the facts, and then demonized what he knew to be innocent people in a manner facilitating his continued sleep at night... presuming he could sleep. The Church, of course, in its own monstrously refined brand of Cognitive Dissonance —raised to the level of an art form!— busily smoothes the progress of every bit of the preceding... what! ...a Pope's gotta eat!

We, you and I, practice a kind of cognitive dissonance when we ignore what's obviously before our bruised noses —noses ironically bleeding because we won't chance our attention further a-field! Why, we ignore —in the aggregate— UFOs and a full accounting of facts regarding them, and they are known by the non-elected leadership!

This begs the emblematic question. Who profits in this legislated, continuing and traditional ignorance regarding UFOs?

Why is this truth so elusive and unknown? Why is it so furiously guarded, ignored, or discounted? Thing is I'm betting this truth profits me and you, reader, and at the expense of him who'd profiteered previously, eh?

We are kept from the truth —and we are— ... oh, we are... not because we couldn't handle it, good reader, but because it is to the non-elected leadership's hull breaching detriment to let it go! Could it actually be that the truth would set us free? I'd further bet the farm on it!

With regard to the UFOs, you and I are the Indians, good reader, and we mindlessly fill our little hawk's bill of gold for the "man" just like those callously abused Indians of the early 1500s, whether we know it or not; we've just been conditioned to go along with it, encouraged by a corrupt mainstream to even think it *good*, by right!

Our evil is made over into something more palatable by our subconscious so as to continue horrific behaviors conveniently judged too egregious —and too costly or embarrassing— to change.

Cognitive Dissonance: the tool of the sociopath to avoid the price of his sociopathy, but a "bill" that, by definition, must come due for someone sometime, and so, tragically, limit the aggregate advancement of everyone.

The more we hold to these spurious justifications for traditional sociopathy with Cognitive Dissonance the more we damage our progression into the larger future... the longer we keep ourselves from the stars and the beings that must live between them. Isn't it, just, that plain?

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

...Shift Happening

I just want a real deal I might winnow out... self-protection from the psychopaths that history's about, but "soar and cleave" completely as I grasp what I might reach... in a scramble for enlightenment desired I beseech!

Yes, there's more to every day —than that which comes its weary way— from mainstreams hijacked and obscene to flogging sad... psychotic memes! We are what we think we are, composed of star-smoke from afar, and of a mind so clear and pure our proud expression... shall endure!

Endured just now? Complacency, for which we pay a price. That toll we pay is cheating us — a crooked set of loaded dice... So, why the obfuscations — all the lies and clever stalls? What profits *some* that they should cheat good rules of common law?

Though, that's a hoax and blowing smoke... smack-DAB-right-up your kilt — no joke! There is more than meets the eye from psychopathic creeps we spy. Sociopaths won't care a wit, not a shred of one small bit that you endure a hell on Earth... if they enjoy their pimped-out perch.

Some would profit for your pain... That's not beyond ones grasp. YOUR conscience is well tested with your shoes exchanged at last. There are crimes that we don't see when we remain upon our knees, that some shall profit for your pain and dance a joy that's unconstrained!

What's this to do with UFO's, and hit them on their freaking nose! There is truth that *these* portend that goes beyond what some pretend, and that is why we're ridiculed as UFOs would change the rules! What was *great* becomes quite *small* and loses purloined wherewithal!

Everything's turned upside down, investments so much crap, and that itself's a good thing but I know that's hard to grasp. *Investment*, as it's parlayed (?), is a blight upon the planet; the stocks and bonds the life blood of some real curses, damn it!

We're upon our callused knees, compelled to futures we can't breath! We're connived by psychopaths who do their worst and foul our past! Air and water you can't buy are tears that we must finally cry when all those bills that must come due... are paid by, only, me and you.

Everything's turned upside down, religion is exposed. A singer called it "[lies] in fog" like she was one who knows, and one but reads a *history* of what has gone before (?), religion is the fairytale that we should best deplore.

It's a scam we should ignore that's kept us down and that's for sure. It's belittled womankind and kept her tied and well confined. It is hunger, hate and rage in sermon, creed and gospel page that twists the minds of salt-earth folk... to keep them down; it's all a hoax!

Everything's turned upside down, we're from our crib expulsed! We'd well abused our billet, and so from it we're repulsed. The larger *world* beckons though, and though we're now afraid (?), potential's exponential, and the novelty's put paid.

We'll have vision now not known, we'll reap the efficacious sown, and we will know a greater thing than "nineteenth-century thinking" brings! We are strong and brave and smart. We have passion, grace, and heart! We'll survive the "new design" -- it's just another paradigm!

We'll survive the next "paradigm shift" because it's what we do. We've always done it, and will continue to do it into the unforeseeable future. We always have. Our track record's been perfect. We're here aren't we?

*Energy* is not destroyed! It always lives on in another form. We are beings of pure energy. We really are.

Yes, I realize that a "paradigm shift" can be "tumultuous"! Big gulp, eh? Damn right! Unlike many —and all of his detractors apparently— I've actually read my Velikovsky. It remains that "shift" happens, still. Does it have to be a bad thing?

It remains, we still have a choice regarding the misery that we'd bring upon ourselves; we always have, actually. Too, though, it's state of mind that will smooth that bump — some of us will just wake up that way and slip through like soap from a wet fist... frictionless, effortless grace ... unclenched and efficacious satisfaction... that'd be this writer's aspiration... I actually get a "finger" on it sometimes... I think... I digress.

We survived stone to metal! We continued passionately from copper to bronze! We endured the bloodier move from bronze to iron! We carried on handily as we transitioned through the agrarian age to the industrial age. We'd bear up under the ages of steam, atomics, and information! We flourish (arguably), presently, in an age of near instantaneous communication... We survive!

We survive, individually, all our agencies, institutions, and principalities, both open and closed. The individual, that single mote of consciousness empowering all the rest —and only disempowered by the aforementioned agencies, institutions, and principalities— survives! It's obvious! Written for you, you're reading it, aren't you? Perhaps only you. To a degree that makes sense individually, each of us is the center of our known universe.

For all our foibles, stupidities, and false starts, we've lived to tell a tale, if NOT the tale! Indeed, only our sad penchant for fundamentalist religious practices keeps us from being virtually unstoppable as a species... and given more genetic *understanding* (?) perhaps even immortal! Wow! That's going to require some room! But for organized religion we'd already populate the asteroid belt and be using them for skipping stones to the stars.

The reader is reminded of the measured smaller amounts of time encompassed by each *age* — the increasing frequency made evident by shorter and shorter times spent in an "age"... eh? Are we in an effort to see that *new* age looming beyond the age of information or communication enjoyed presently? What will it be? -I- don't have an altogether *bad* feeling about it.

A mere twenty year ago, how would we have predicted the effects of computers on our everyday lives? How can we suppose that we will react to an unavoidable future except that we will eventually "get over it", make it commonplace, and then move on... as we —I point out once again— always have!

...And ALL of the preceding brought about by the actions of individuals, not superstars — mere individuals.

Sure — there's Edison (...though in comparison to Tesla, Edison was a raging psychopath)... but it is only the individuals who buy in to an "Edison" — make their own conscious choice, throw him their *steam* (...forgetting any ONE of us doesn't matter and expendable to another, and that even goes for Edison — Tesla WAS waiting in the wings with an infinitely better idea)... the individual remains KEY.

Our conflicted *leadership* would have us forget that. They'd proffer excuses individualism is "selfish-ism." Though, consider how "selflessness" and "individualism" can be reconciled for synergistic effect. See, in a society where respect for individualism is assured one can afford to be selfless. If you have, you give... or should.

Conjectured ETs might know this to be true! Perhaps it's why they don't contact Governments, Religions or Agencies. They would appear to operate on an *individual* level, always. Had the listener noticed that? And lately? They are a lot more humane about their activities then we are about ours.

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