Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six Facets Of Preponderance

The sky reflects a lot of 'time' as measured presently. The 'space' is... unimaginable, beyond infinity... ! These are dwarfed by 'surfaces': places where we'd stand if we had imagination... were less facile—in command.

The question's begged who's there right now... and peering back at Earth! Consider plans to visit same... There is, I'd bet, no dearth. See, Drake's equation says they "are", and Fermi says they "will"... ...the evidence of UFOs enjoys denial, still.

Drake's equation says they 'are', in figures sans a lie. The numbers are conclusive, mirrored thoughtfulness, is why.

To the "angle of that dangle," add the square of Drake's potential, and smartly find, besides ourselves? The more than insubstantial!

Yes, we have, indeed, their photograph, we've raked their thousand traces, and some have looked upon them to behold non-human faces...

Now, Fermi says they 'will', of course! If they are 'there', they do so. If there, they have prerogatives we cannot guess or even know. But "they're not here 'cause we're not there" is not a valid answer...if "they were here, we'd know it," was Fermi's "tiny dancer."

Still, we'd vilify their fantasy, a homocentric dream, that they alone inhabit space... their arrogance supreme? Their hubris—bloated 'schism—is provoked by errant men who prosecute too passionately... ...what only profits them! These men are not concerned with 'truth', have abdicated 'trust', and shortchange those beneath them, then, with 'promises' of dust!

Evidentiary ufology is enormous and well vetted, but folks have lost home, love, and lives... while chasing their "detected." ...And hows that work, this travesty: to punish good behavior, reward instead its opposite, a point gone non-belabored...

Photographic physicality, it's passed time's acid test! History is larded with accounts not made in jest. Artists have recorded what ...'real people'... heard and saw... and they wrote in ink on parchment or in soot on cave-home walls.

I myself have seen such things as other pilots see... regarded them unflinchingly and not from bended knee.  One must, of needs, be true to self, or risk a cruel despair.  One must report the truth they've known: achieve their croix de guerre!

Six facets of an evidence borne out in guts some had... to qualify existence and to keep from going mad... Six facets of reality that some of needs deny, and this is proof that these are fools who might be vilified.

Six facets of preponderance... a glimmer of the deep... these shock the sensibilities of those not yet asleep. Six facets of near certainty foretell important news; that we are not, have never been, "alone"! Be disabused!

UFOs. Yes, the quality anecdotal evidence, compounded with the vetted photographic evidence, and then added to the documented historical evidence... every indication that a ufological contention regarding that phenomena must be more real than not... Yet, we tarry, mope, twitter, and futz.
Moreover, when the preceding is framed by the serious artistic evidence, qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttressed by any conclusively personal evidence —if you have some... I do... thousands have— I can only be annoyingly astonished by the continued reluctance of some to face the highly strange music that just cannot be forever marginalized...
A seventh category is considered concerning a mathematical addition suggested by the Drake Equation but fleshed out by Amir D. Aczel (PhD) in his Probability One.  Simply put, the odds that we are not alone in the universe are so close to 100% that there is one chance in one that such is so. Certainty.
McKenna, Vallee, Strassman, and Hancock et sig al are quite clear that *Others* truly abound... without regard to where or how they manifested themselves and not for the reader's convenience. We're not alone in our little hubristic closets of that cultural squalidness—closets regarded as secret and unobserved. Ha!  These conjectured others are appalled witnesses as we socially defecate in our societal beds and push it down with our classless feet. Disabuse your nose of its less than valid elevation, eh? We are not alone. The suggestion is ludicrous. Can't that be seen?
Feel the acceleration?
Lightspeed and singularity of hyperspace around the end of 2012, friends and neighbors. Perchance to soar and cleave beyond the parameters of a mere dream... Don't fret that 2012 could come and go without a visit from hyperspace elves, the asymptotic curves remain to be what they are and a piercing of the existential veil seems imminent, still.
That's not entirely from the aggregate "woo-woo," eh? That's the feeling of the high-domes and prop-heads of a jealous mainstream *academentia* (sic), fellow droobers... and so this writer's considered suspicion.

 Buckle-up, fellow travellers!  All vetted measurements of rational prognostication are straight up and asymptotic as alluded to!  Medicine, technology, going small, and looking large are masses becoming infinite! The hyperspace gates swing open to, well, "infinity and beyond" if you'll pardon a prescient Buzz Lightyear—doesn't make it any less descriptive, but... don't take my word for it.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

...Cooking Frogs...

It comes to me, now, just all at once; I've been too nice with you! Please! Reiterate your "wounded" disrespect. You'd sneer your schadenfreude, then presume that you'd done penance. All you were, were frightened kiddies turning into your own parents!

Too,  this is not a good thing and quite apart from sane.  Some change, indeed's, required, nes't ce pas?  Just as toilets need their flushing, some "traditions" needs their pruning, a "changelessness" is static death! Extinction's ever looming!

See, the truthful gone ignored will grow too large to hide before you, though the hammers of your gods begin their swing? Remember, you had had your chance... if college was your luck, but you only wanted  "answers" so your "college" blew. It sucked.

For all pontifications of your harshest blithe conservative, for all those stuffy nose-up false pretenders: The class you so desire wouldn't have you on a bet! You see, if YOU were there, you'd take THEIR place; but you don't get that yet!

It's why the tree called Knowledge and her sister tree named Life, those trees in perfect Eden — out of bounds?  The "plural" Gods forbade them when they said as much themselves... we could "live" like them to "know" so be, then, Gods as well.

The rules, contrived, control "made gravid" masses — of which you are composed! The rules are, then, their servants ... do their bidding. So tell me you're OK with all their crass manipulation. Tell me that this feels good, this slowest strangulation...

Heat a frog in water, slowly inching up degrees… Heat too quick, the frog gets wise and hops! Heat the frog just slow enough…and watch it not get shook.  See, the frog will stay there floating 'til he croaks his last and cooks!

Abide the autocratic —at your peril— with indifference. It won't be long they've made their way to you. Where's respect/consideration then, when you're the one who needs it! That slope to hell is paved with oil, and still you lube and grease it!

Don't tell me that your church can see the truest demons clearly. Don't tell me that there's nothing in my sky! Don't tell me the police are even handed —non-diseased— when their records are completely filled with Sodom-sans-surcease!

...Yet, still we have potential... ...and a "better's" never been! We can talk out loud and clear ...until we're heard?  Will huge machines arrive perforce to grind us up to gristle... ...when one points out hypocrisies, rings a bell, or blows a whistle?

Advising intuition will ensure this not be so. Our masses are salvation we make, perforce, ourselves.  Looms, at last, concrescence and a yet unguessed on fate.  All "trends" straight up, we're rocket-borne, ourselves?  We recreate!

Some just won't want to hear it... ...that it all comes down to them. They just don't want to hear they're on the blame line! But there's payin' for their playin'... ...which comes due, I don't know when… and it may be that they're prayin' for... some chance... to try again?

God might be up for a do-over, as unlikely as that should be.

I'm asked, "If you think things are so much better now than they were then, why are you still bumping your gums"?

Simply? Because *things* could so EASILY be... so much BETTER ... still! But you have to give up, seriously give in—to get real.  See, we never get to the destinations of our imaginations... but we can still enjoy and be enlivened by "points of interest" along the way!  The only important thing? The quality of your associations on that path at hand.  A spot-on Robert Anton Wilson, on his deathbed, was not wrong on this point.  I say true.


...Wanna know what UFOs are really all about? Jacques Vallee and Terence McKenna shared an inside take on the matter. UFOs are real, but they are two astonishing things among other astonishing things, they say.

First, they disguise themselves as an alien invasion of sorts so we don't get needlessly upset with regard to what they ~really~ are, to start. Let that frost your short hairs!  Alien encounters "extant" are just not alien enough, it seems.  They're a lot weirder than they appear.

Secondly, UFOs exist to very convincingly demonstrate to us, from time to time, that Science—not mere scientists, mind you, flawed as they are, but the institution of science itself—has some very serious shortcomings that we human beings are reluctant to consider in the real world... and don't remotely cop to.

One is advised to know a tree by its fruit and if the fruit is ordinarily assessed as "nourishing" and "tasteful"... is it? Is it really?

Wanna know what's really dangerous about the boundary dissolving internet? It is that it is boundary dissolving.

Consider you had, and will have, LAPTOP, breast pocket , or headbandreal time full motion video and CD quality sound in a little *transmitting* station via your cell phone. Everyone is their own TV station with a worldwide reach.

It's hard for anything to threaten you in that kind of *personal* pervasive surveillance. Watchers *watched* and home a castle? UFOs witnessed as they appear in real time? Video records of crimes committed? What man in black visits you at your door or in a deserted parking lot... who would threaten you or harass you while being watched as much as they would presume to watch?

Stalin wouldn't have been allowed to starve millions of his people in a pissy fit of petulant pique, and we won't stand for it when our own starvation, spiritual and otherwise, is pushed up in our face sooner rather than later by the conflated corporate Cardinals of industry, government, and church.

China takes a lot of heat for its paltry surveillance by the rest of the world in the "T" Square incident… Rodney King burst a true cultural pustule when he exposed a very real and obligatory police brutality via HIS videotaping. More imagination: how much crack can be sold on a street corner when the transaction is being recorded seventy or eighty times? About the only place you will escape the passive and pervasive surveillance is in a place you have designated to be your own home (castle)—perhaps as it should be.

I want the bastard who pops me to be on somebody's film somewhere. Like it was at Waco.

Yeah, that's right ... Waco. Anybody should be able to live any way they want to —within very broad borders... don't insult yourself wallowing in the up-tight absurd— ANY WAY THEY WANT TO, as long as it is not forcing a "system" to make me, or any individual, live that way, TOO...'s fine! After that, a line is crossed.  Informed adult consent and protection under the law.

How bad can passive surveillance be if it must also, by definition, keep tabs on the man who makes his surveillance of me? Then, maybe we both stay off each other's ass a bit more.

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