Monday, April 06, 2015

Fluffing The Abduction Rubes

David Jacobs has recently risen once again from his moldy crypt of deleterious ufological retrograde to appear on the increasingly irrelevant George Noory version of Coast To Coast AM, a program so insipid and cognitively bereft that Art Bell has ordered the program to stop mentioning his name as a historical taproot or fellow... and to which I'd long cancelled this writer's subscription.  Among the highlights of the, in my opinion entirely disingenuous, appearance: 

o... Noory welcoming Jacobs back onto the show, and remarking that everywhere he goes, people bring Jacobs up, and that it’s always a positive note...

How can this be remotely true?  It certainly appears to this writer that Dr. Jacobs is clearly heard on audio tape coveting soiled undergarments he has otherwise once admitted shall not be scientifically processed in any way due to lack of pro-Bono funds to make that exploration. Then, injury on top of insult, Jacobs suggests the use of medieval devices of sexual torture he would have supplied, himself!

Lastly, for the third egregious strike and sans all training or efficacious/professional best practice behavior, this "edge history teacher" has the withering audacity to suggest to a certifiably sane fellow human being in his "care" and in a "suggestible state" that she is dangerously psychotic (!) requires heavy sedation with numbing psychotropic drugs, and should be in intensive psychiatric care?    No one has a "negative" note!?  Well, here's three right in this paragraph.

o... That his book is coming out next year...

Oh good, another fear mongering tome to titillate a credulous base unaware of the controversy swirling around "Instant Message" hypnosis sessions demonstrably leading a subject with its invented histories and suggestive scenarios... as ridiculous as they are illogical and as inaccurate as they are salacious.  Such seems to be so.  It sells, at any rate.

o... That he thinks he is “doing it right”, and Noory agreeing with him...

How can he be doing anything "right" given that he is not trained at all in the procedure he uses to retrieve memory: hypnotic regression, and where that hypnotic regression is soundly discredited as a retrieval devise by learned persons academically lettered in the psychologies discussed?

o...  That he always keeps his subjects’ confidentiality and he has never betrayed it...

How can this remotely be believed where Dr. Jacobs is, one, on tape betraying the confidence of one subject to another subject (ie discussing subjects with other subjects is my read), and two, discussing embarrassing details, disparaging from his privileged position as regards one Emma Woods on Nation-wide radio (The same Coast To Coast program but with George Knapp) and too many Podcasts to easily count.  Not a WORD of "cease and desist" from the good doctor at the slanders and baseless cat-calls of anonymous trolls, named personalities, and bullying Jacobs fan-boys.  This is over a period of years, now, largely a result of her refusal to stay down after being done a significant wrong. I applaud her sincerity and her courage and support same.

o...  That all his subjects say the same thing and don’t know that his other subjects are saying it (his usual outright disingenuousness...)

Review this writer's immediately preceding comment!  Moreover, a woman can't be criticized for taking steps to recapture stolen self-respect, especially when that self-respect is and has been so inappropriately discounted,  or why are women worth but seventy cents on the dollar when experience only shows they can be a bargain at $3.50?

o...  That his new book will offer changes to how we view the subject...

Based on "what," covering "what," and about "what"? Given the damage to the field already done with his very demonstrable professional betrayals and professional malfeasance?  His easy conjectures and grand leaps?  His gross professional audit illogics and lack of conscientious perspicaciousness?  His meandering consistency and easy mean-spiritedness.  His bland and complacent salaciousness.

o...  That he prides himself on doing the best style of questioning imaginable, and how what he gets from it all leads in one direction...

How is this possible where his extant record shows only interrogation skills corrupted by an entirely unsupported fear mongering agenda, a decidedly incompetent style of leading questions, and a bloated sense of self-worth and field efficaciousness if not rooking psychopathy...

o...  That his new book will provide a new taxonomy of hybrids and aliens...

Based on what science or evidentiary pathway, vetted testimony or adjacent support?  One would suspect that such taxonomy might be jerked whole cloth from the prolapsed paranormal pore of a patent pin-head promulgating an especially patent portentousness, eh?  ...Not even good science fiction, reader!

o...  That his book will show that the alien take-over of the planet has happened in lots of other places too...

Uh-huh... words signifying exactly bupkis even if words of a slickly glabrous, so sickening effulgence.  The slick of oil on a dead fish's lips at low tide, tiny crabs dancing in rainbows cast in an obliging shaft of sunlight.  A cloud looms.

o...  That he is a historian, not a scientist, and making a joke that he is always reminded of that (and Noory snickering)...

Perhaps not a "scientist," sure, but a Ph.D. from an accredited University should still be well aware of the rules of science and evidence, logic or critical thinking, and compiling a substantive history based on a science of history, eh?  Dr. Jacobs does not possess these skills, it would seem.

o...  That he first went into the history of anti-communism because he was fascinated by newspaper articles saying that the Russians used beautiful young women to lure men into the party, and he snickered that, “Gosh, well maybe it was worth it!” He says that he then went into doing his Ph.D. on the image of women in film. However, he says that he changed it to the controversy over UFOs. (Very illuminating ... )

One would think that a predatory sexual proclivity might pervade or intrude on a raison d'être for "career motivation" ...and wonder if young women saw an over-representation in an "Abduction study's"
Sine qua non for obvious reasons...  Do they?  Victim self-delivery?

o... That he now has only one interest, which is staying alive (presumably still evading the hybrids)

Maybe he suspects he'll slide into a well-earned hell upon his passing like all good psychopaths, one would hope, and so fears death for that reason...

o...  That he is evolving a theory that aliens download their knowledge, essence, soul, into hybrids, and reincarnate themselves into the hybrids on earth that way, which he will elaborate on in his new book.

Well, at least we'll have that to look forward to, eh?  More baseless conjecture, fatuous thesis devolution, and forgetting any juvenile chubby-bunching on purloined bumpy bits.  Paranormal Argle-Bargle seemingly erudite but dispersing like smoke upon examination?

I recall a recent Facebook exchange between Errol Bruce-Knapp and John Velez in which the question came up about why John Mack was the only one of the three investigators who got reincarnation reports from his abductees. John said he'd call Jacobs to find out.  Later, he's back on the page reporting to the readership that Jacobs vehemently denied ever, ever getting abductees who reported reincarnation—and that the late Budd Hopkins never did, either! John took Jacobs word for fact and suggested words to the effect that Mack may have misrepresented or misinterpreted his subjects reports of reincarnation.  I have to observe that Mack, a Harvard Psychiatric Chair and Pulitzer prize winner, never presented the vapid disingenuousness for which Jacobs, in his own words, seems truly legendary.

See, now we hear from Jacobs, aliens have found a way to concretize both "essence" and "soul" and, by downloading these digitized vagaries into the earthbound hybrids, the aliens themselves are becoming reincarnations! Tilt!

Did Jacobs just make this stuff up or did he get it from his abductees? If he's not making it up, he apparently got it from hypnotized subjects and has been less than truthful with John Velez about never getting reports of reincarnation, eh?  That's a big WTF, right there.

o...  That he is desperate to get his hands on alien or hybrid DNA to study, and jokingly asking a caller to get him some.

That's a lie...  There are geneticists standing in line to provide legitimate protocols for just that kind of study with persons that Dr. Jacobs has identified himself as likely hybrids! Well, one geneticist anyway... ...Dr. Jacobs?  Let me introduce you to Dr. Tyler Kokjohn!

o... Noory thanking Jacobs for everything that he has done in the field, and saying that Jacobs’ new book is coming out soon

Yeah... thanks for so much "nothing" it remains paradoxically round, firm, and fully packed like an impacted colon.

So ends this episode of the continuing saga of David "Severus Psychopath" Jacobs and his "messaging" hybrids.  Stay non-tuned!


Tyler Kokjohn said...

Alfred -

If I may offer one point of clarification...

Although I agree completely that acquiring and analyzing samples from alleged hybrids is essential, it is not possible for me to work with Dr. Jacobs. The rules regulating research conduct at my institution would prohibit that collaboration.

Defending himself from the accusations of improper conduct leveled by Emma Woods, Dr. Jacobs took refuge in the claim that he was not actually conducting any research. Instead, he stressed he was only taking oral histories.

Here is the problem from my perspective - the ambit of oral history taking certainly does not include collection of biological samples and their analyses. Moreover, since Dr. Jacobs explicitly stated he was not doing research (biomedical or otherwise), it seems unlikely he provided his subjects with sufficiently detailed informed consent documents to allow for sample collection. In order to obtain permission from my institution to collaborate on any research involving human subjects, it would be necessary to provide full documentation of the research scope, all informed consent documents and plans for dealing with any adverse events that might be foreseeable. Afeter all the necessary documentation has been reviewed, investigators must receive formal approval or an explict declaration of exemption from the Institutional Review Board before any work may proceed. These requirements are non-negotiable and approvals can never be obtained retroactively.

But what if Dr. Jacobs, now working as an independent investigator, decided to finally do some real research and collect samples under the aegis of acceptable informed consent rules? Even if the new work met every standard for the ethical and safe conduct of human subject research, I would still refuse to collaborate with him. The events and information regarding the Emma Woods debacle all convinced me I want nothing to do with Dr. Jacobs.

Tyler Kokjohn

Alfred Lehmberg said...

That's quite an indictment when even your best alien spooge panties aren't good enough for the attention of real science. Tsk. [g].