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Saturday, June 13, 2015

...Smoke And Fire...

Something truly horrible has occurred to me and my friends or family, reader—or close even if extended.  You, reader, if you had regard for my expression.  I wanted you to hear it first from me.

To start, a person's character and reputation should suffer for that which they bring upon themselves, and not what is thrust upon them.

Indeed, a decent person without a criminal record and engaging in no criminal activity who tries to live a life of service, consistency, artistry, and fidelity should be heaped with honor, lauded by superiors, appreciated among his peers, and loved by subordinates, one would think. Failing any or all of the preceding? Respectfully left alone, reader, and treated respectfully.

Let me, briefly, tell you a story about a person who satisfied all the requirements for respectful treatment alluded to above. He exists in fact, this actually pretty humble man of singular reputation, service, loyalty, and intelligence... ...but at the whim of a piqued gang of insentient sociopaths (who themselves define inconstancy, project inconsistency, and operate, apparently, outside the bounds of a required civility)... the honorable person alluded to, and unfortunately the subject of this tedious little tale, has had his reputation altered, unjustifiably, in a manner so egregiously repellent that it almost defies description.

To wit: A base character assassination by way of easy association with a crime transcending mere garden variety crime, reader ...even murder.

Yes, a crime worse than murder, reader, because the crime so stealthily accused is a slow murder that is ongoing and without end. It is a murder which transfers. It is a murder which spreads. It is a murder of the soul, and then any adjacent soul which that soul touches, reader. There's no way to sugar-coat this or otherwise put a better face on it, ... You will know this to be true.

In our 21st Century nation we are traditionally twitchy about this singular crime, and where there is that smoke? Why, there must be at least a chance of fire... ...am I right reader... ? ...or how could it possibly have come up, at all? Close to the fire? In this case just smoke? In "Short Attention Span Theatre," you only have one chance to make a good impression on the mass mind. Am I right about that?!

...Perchance to be burned, reader? Closest to the dog has its fleas? Why even take a chance with that accused person where he can be remotely associated with such a dire charge? ...And so it goes...

I mean it's just too bad for the innocent subject of this essay, right?  But... why take the smallest chance, reader, with worse than murder?

A suspicion has been raised! Persons know how serious an accusation such as the forthcoming can be... ...and these persecuting would not remotely pretend to make the charge... but that they had some good evidence of a clear and present danger! A danger so compelling regarding the subject that he is admonished that the local FBI was to be immediately notified?

FBI? In this day and age? Yes.

It doesn't matter that this scurrilous accusation (by association and ham-handed suggestion) is the result of incompetence, bias, stupidity, ineptitude, insentient enmity, and philosophical infidelity.

It doesn't matter that this stealthy charge was without foundation, support or fact and was raised at all to shut the innocent subject down without regard to common sense, base integrity, fair play, or the subject's SPOTLESS reputation.

...Without regard!

See, all that is required is the accusation, reader! Smoke must always mean fire in our presently very corrupted nation. You know this to be true, reader, on some level.

It doesn't matter that the subject of this essay is the third holder of a spotless name carrying the honor and service of protestant ministers, school Principals, Naval research engineers, and military officers.

It doesn't matter that the subject is a certified public school teacher who graduated summa cum laude from an accredited university with his bachelor of science degree , and is between employments and desirous of a teaching position requiring all trust.

It doesn't matter that the subject completed a career as a military officer, was very highly decorated as a Veteran of foreign wars, was a Master Army aviator, and has commanded service schools in an extremely competitive military career structure.

It is all for naught, blown away in an ill wind created at the first use of the word... pedophile... Pedophile is defined as: An adult sexually attracted to a child or children...

...Smoke? Fire, reader?

As has likely been clear... the subject of this essay is myself. I apologize for the tediousness of this, sincerely, but my horn has abruptly and unethically been made into a funnel, honored reader. Consequently, I aim to use every bit of lung (and keyboard) power and blow my horn clear and clearly.

Seriously reader, and you're at the whim of the same brand of sociopath, remember. What would you do?

This 2005 Halloween morning, oddly enough, I woke to one piece of mail in my E-mail box. Cold-cocked, imagine being guilty of what is suggested... bad enough!

Now, reader, imagine being innocent:

Mon, 31 Oct 2005 04:52:35 PST
errol@virtuallystrange.net, Kimballwood@aol.com
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 07:52:24 -0500
Subject: Alfred Lehmberg

A review of Alfred Lehmberg via Google produced the listing below, for a child porn site, and there is Alfred Lehmberg's name, using the site.Would Mr. Lehmberg be good enough to explain why his name is listed for usage at the child porn site?
Christopher Jay
Assistant Director
Fort Wayne MediaWatch
Usage Statistics for horriblemonster.com - October 2002 - Search ...... 0.19% http://www.degraeve.coms/ 2 0.13% 1940's porn pictures 2 0.13% 2002sexy pic 20.13% aesthetic apparatus 2 0.13% alfred lehmberg 2 0.13% animal fuckphoto ...www.horriblemonster.com/things/search_200210.html - 33k - Cached -Similar pages[ More results from http://www.horriblemonster.com/ ]

I had to read this 5 times before I understood its awful import... what it meant in the real world... and I wept... ...Wept for those gone before, myself, and those gone after.

Who dares befoul the community in this fashion?

Fort Wayne Media Watch, RRR Group, operates out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is headed up by one Rich Reynolds, a man contentious in his criticism if not then clueless in his aspect. Verily, he is a man decidedly inconsistent with regard to an editorial philosophy... imo. Reynolds is in clear charge of an alleged murder of young crows (RRR Group) who regularly publish little attack pieces aimed at selected media producers with whom "they" disagree. I digress to say this crowd may be one person only...

Albeit, this little clutch of literary piranha ("Christopher Jay" is "Assistant Director") has previously turned its feral little eyes to me on numerous occasions over the last year, but it has always stayed within bounds... even if said bounds were insulting, mis-characterizing, and ever obfuscating.

Such was the status quo. One plays cards dealt.

Hell, I'd considered myself more or less favored in their regard, actually. Why, they'd never wished death on me as they are known to have publicly done to others. Finally, it has been rumored that this platoon (?) of vicious attack dogs does not exist at all, remember, and may be but the alter egos of Rich Reynolds himself, but this is again unsubstantiated.

Later in the morning I received this intimidating E-mail from "RRR Group":

We are sending the information this day to the FBI field office in Montgomery.

[Christopher Jay
Assistant Director
Fort Wayne MediaWatchRRRGroup]

Well -- that's a horse of a whole different color, isn't it, reader? As a card carrying member of a governmental corps I have an appreciation of the FBI that RRR Group does not, likely, have. I know that once the FBI bureaucratic gun is cocked, that gun is not so easily un-cocked.

And in the sights of same? Innocent people have been shot, wounded or ruined, reader. You know this to be true.

...And don't pay ANY attention, reader, to the thin protestations of RRR group that "...a private letter was outed and that was the reason for the publicity." Checking the Address lines of my E-Mail "notification" from RRR Group the reader sees that I was the copied recipient of said mail. An *afterthought* numbered third.

In the "To:" line were the host of a popular Canadian radio program AND not to be outdone... ...the address of one who could be called a philosophical enemy...

How is said mail, remotely, ...private... reader?

Let me cut to the chase and throw this imposed smoking bundle out of my reputational yard... make some ultimately futile attempt to repair the damage done... I am innocent. Should I have to even SAY that?

Numerous persons from both sides of the aisle checked the evidence provided above and identified it as bogus or otherwise false, irresponsible... and "wrong... Wrong... WRONG"

A written explication of complete and accurate findings can be found here:


or here...


Briefly, what "RRR Group" discovered as a *smoking gun* and *clear and present danger* to the citizens of my community... ...reportedly requiring the notification of the FBI and the *forever* on-going and unending (?) internet destruction of my reputation... ...were the search results of a web site that was, not my own, not itself a porn-site of any type... ...but one that on more than one occasion in 2002 had been searched for the name... "Alfred Lehmberg"... that's all... ...along with some adjacent searches for, "Invader Zim cartoons", "WWII memorabilia" and... "kiddie-porn".

Reader, you can search Jerry Falwell's site for "child sex" and have it show up in his site-usage log... It matters not... ...Mr. Falwell must be a pedophile or a pederast... ? ...if someone searches his site for same... ? ...that's salacious smoke, eh reader? And where there's smoke there must be at least a taste of fire... ...follow? No, not "true"... at all (we should hope), but what does it matter? IT CAME UP! Remeber the length of the otherwise harried and abused attention span of persons of the mass!

Besides, that person reasons, "People just wouldn't LIE about something like this even if damage WAS done!" Right?

It remains that I have been profoundly damaged professionally with regard to public school teaching? It remains that I have been damaged socially? It remains that I have been damaged in my very home where there is much consternation and anger and outrage? It remains that I am damaged in my community? It remains I am on the indiscriminate radar of law enforcement? It remains that I am damaged in the eyes of a world-wide ufological community? It remains that I am damaged... suspect... tainted... ruined, reader?

...Some might argue (and recently) that homicide was justifiable given the severity of this scurrilously cloaked charge? I would, of course, not. There are supposed to be better, more satisfying and ongoing methods available to civilized persons... pause to guffaw.

I am forced to prosecute my case in the court of public opinion!

This situation cannot be belittled or made light of in any way, reader. Can it? This is tough to go over the top on!

The reflexive critic of my outrage has only to put themselves in my shoes and truth becomes clear. What does Mr. Reynolds propose that could possibly make this up to me.

I am innocent... and should never have been put in a position to have to say so. I am innocent. I am innocent. I am _innocent_.

I am innocent, reader. ...And there but for the grace of God, go you?

Mr. Reynolds?

A P.S. to the above...

Yeah -- I know... the first impulse is to keep quiet and hope this goes away... but that won't happen where the internet is forever, and a future Grandchild (Perhaps the fifth Alfred Lehmberg?) would read something *dodgy* about Grandpa... I couldn't bear it...


Further, hiding leaves my horn a funnel, friend... and the "bad guys" win... ...forgetting they are emboldened to do it... ...again.

Moreover, it would be a little too much like the raped just letting the rapist have a "by"... eh? If I can have a part in this kind of crippling egregiousness not happening to someone else? It's more than worth it.

That said, I dragged a harsh light over on this immediately because there must be guilt in trying to keep something like this quiet...knowuttamean? Besides, just rolling over for lies and scurrilous innuendo? It's not my way... Damages and apologies are demanded!

Put yourself in my shoes.

Already excluded from a teaching career for "directing children to "inappropriate" [unspecified] web-sites [my own iaw syllabus] I'm further libeled as a kiddiporn enthusiast by a person willfully damaging and continuing to damage me, continuing to intimate my guilt, because I won't step off about it, one, and two, have the additional temerity demand damages, moreover, _and_ a sincere apology.

Consider, I'm smeared like this one more time... and even the most forgiving among us will wonder why this "keeps coming up about Lehmberg." Look at Michael Jackson.

Smoke And Fire...

I'm a little disappointed I'm allowed to swing singularly on this when I would not tolerate this happening to any one reading. Some lines just cannot be crossed.

For my part, and this is no ultimatum, mind you, just a statement of intention: I will not contribute where RR is welcome as a contributor in any way. Posted.

Cutting off my nose to spite my face? Sir and Madam! Is that all my satifaction would cost... a nose?

In another more vital and impassioned time I would gladly have cut Reynolds to pieces in a duel.

Take him to court? The way the law is set up I can't do anything to him at all, and he can publish what he wants about me. I have to prove I am damaged!

When will Rich Reynolds publish what he wants about you reader.

Damages? Seven figures.

Apology? Long, detailed, unconditional, effusive, and public.

...Any civil attorneys in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area think I have a case for damages?

We'll keep you posted... reader, and thanks for your attention in this terrible matter. Remember, it could be you.

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