Friday, January 22, 2016

Jacobs' Ladder, Epilogue

On the matter of the abuse of "Emma Woods"


Mr Aweezy13 hours ago (edited)

+Alfred Lehmberg get over the fact that you're wrong. we all have to deal with that unsavory taste a few times in our lives.

Alfred Lehmberg12 hours ago

One might wonder what you've been tasting, eh?

Mr Aweezy12 hours ago

+Alfred Lehmberg... i only say this because i've just reviewed the comments and you're totally and utterly alone on your "opinion". at one time, it was the opinion that the earth was flat. i know im wasting my time, but why the hell do you care SO MUCH to argue for SO LONG with like 5 people? i don't think you even read the comments that are sent to you.

Alfred Lehmberg5 minutes ago

Mr Aweezy... At 67 I don't need confirmation to know right from wrong, weez, one, and two? Giving a damn about your fellow man is likely the difference between a being a psychopath and aspiring to be a sociophile. "I am she and she is me and we are all together"; you may have heard the song. "Emma Woods" was egregiously abused by one thought wholly responsible, in my opinion, and my individual silence in the matter is worse than your thoughtless, insentient, and misinformed celebration of same. I'm not a do-gooder, but I try to do good. Hope that helped.


emma said...

Thank you for bringing sanity and basic human decency to the comments, Alfred. It's amazing that one of those commenters genuinely thinks that you are alone in your opinion. Most of the people in the world would agree with you, and only a few die-hard fans in Ufology would look past Dr. Jacobs' abuses. It shows how much perspective they have lost, along with their moral compass.