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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A More Perfect World

...And Now For Something Completely Different... 

A More Perfect World
by Alfred Lehmberg

In a more perfect world... we'd all be in that perfect world, wouldn't we? Though the world is far from perfect, we think we know. Pause for squirty, read incontinent, giggles... but then reflect a moment that our "perfect world" is at hand even as that perfection is ever only realized on the path to same... and never in its attainment. I say true.

It would follow that this writer believes that there is a thoughtful  majority of reasonable persons who appreciate an honest and humble aspiration to some idea of perfection, a transferable one with more value shared than secreted. ...Like joy, shared, increases, and it is realized at last that salvation has only ever come from the actions of one's fellow human beings. 

God's just the cut-out guy and cut from whole cloth or where does the cherry-picked hatred consumed God of the Old Program load up on His self-loathing and insentient drongo? I digress.

There are the sought after individual pursuits of joy in "peak experience," lightly alluded to, which are ever undefined and open-ended where respect for another's sensibilities are expected. These pursuits further exist to provide a glow sustaining one deliciously near as one can get to same without bursting into ethereal flame difficult to recover from, eh?  They are ego death by astonishment, reader, plus a transcendence in understanding that there is no "understanding"... no "closure"... no "tied ends" at the end. Remaining is "right here and now"!  

Rejoice! That's good news! It makes the aforementioned "now" of new valued note! Moreover, Tradition has always maintained that it was there... at hand!  The Kingdom... true Camelot before the spoilage and avoiding same.  The more perfect world! Right here and now!

To facilitate same, the rest of us, so disposed, think, wait, and "write" if we care to... demand a justice around us, command an integrity, expect forthcomingness and intelligence from those who would lead! We'd lead ourselves, similarly, without hubris and flawed superstition! We'd aspire to the good... speaking up to power, empowered, so that that truth-seeking and thoughtful majority alluded to is not swept away in the fervid rush of toxic fundamentalism and suffocating unilateralism.

I myself am entirely outraged that our truth-seeking majority is in any way thwarted from the pursuit of this truth regarded! This regard covers a span including alternative power sources and resource management, through non-commercial so suppressed medicine, food production, and technological efficacy, to UFOs and extraterrestrial life.  Humanity could be as vast as the universe including it.

I am completely aggravated that a "reflexive cultural secrecy apparatus" has been so abused and misused by these closed and otherwise cloistered institutions (corporate, governmental, religious, and *otherwise*) that it has made itself unworthy to keep any secret at all!  That's the only fear mongering this writer will dabble in...

Our societal leadership would seem to currently betray the trust only pretended to you and me, reader, and we are that majority alluded to in this note or jeremiad... our attention is enjoined to make stress sweat run betwixt the adipose cheeks of the betrayer accused and our righteous cooperation in cyberspace does nothing to preclude rivers of that sweat from its sordid run

A people should not fear their government even as that government is chartered to fears its people. We keep forgetting that. The more that governmental sweat runs the better quality of life we achieve, as those who would lead should pay a premium for the privilege; they earn a premium! 

We should, at least, be able to believe them, trust them, and respect them. We pay for that, and through the nose! This belief, trust, and respect for government is presently impossible for anyone possessing the barest minimum of rationality powered by eyes to see and ears with which to hear... an oligarchy or theocracy cannot be a government of the people.

Our efforts in these aspiring blogs of salient contention created might provide for a cooperation alluded to, materialize a social device for our edification with regard to matters impacting on the quality of our physical and intellectual life... even aspire to eventually make us over as a part of a living ring of construction composed of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, say! A living bracelet for our star... Those are SMALL dreams! These are dreams at hand!  Dreams are fractal too!

This is that living space made necessary for the billions now living who would never have to die and should expect to live lives on an upward path of convenience, improvement, and contemplation or what's a crisis of consciousness for? We might presume a little like we were that portion of the fractal universe which created itself to consider itself... catalog its own secrets... keep an "eye" out for synthesis... turn that into synergy? New novelty! New associations in connected contemplation... Us and... others...  ... more opportunity for constructive cooperation at least and at last!

That's what we could be doing in a more perfect world... but that we were being in that perfect world always at hand, remember... and what could be more perfect than that... if we lived in a perfect world?  The world at hand.


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