Thursday, April 19, 2018


Mal-Inculcation insured our compliance.
To question their "truth" was dishonor.  
The reality was a dystopian rod: 
predation and compromised honor.

Distracted by football too early to care, 
I was distant and coarse to the feeble. 
I hadn't the courage, bereft of a pair, 
then I killed, or had killed, *ethnic* people...


I'm insulted by *patriots* ...most manner and stripe. 
Conveniently placed... divine rightists
Wattles all shaking, awash in their tripe, 
compassion is where they're the lightest.

"My country's right if wrong,
assert these rich behind their walls. 
They're making all the rules, of course, 
so they're using all their stalls.  
See it won't matter "right" or "wrong"
—Democracy be damned. 
You have it and they want it, friend?  
Then you're the one gets jammed.

And I bought it, wrongly thinking, 
that the States could do no wrong. 
See, the word I got was missing massive chunks! 
I was flushed with "founding" fathers 
who were steeped in "golden" glory 
when research was clearly showing 
some were glad psychotic skunks!

There are oceans of difference 'twixt primary sources 
and the textbooks you'd hope not deride them. 
See, textbooks produce only fatuous heroes... 
and, few of these worth any worship or diadem.

Our textbooks are PAP! These degrade human spirit. 
The kids are aware of the con!!! 
Their mommies and daddies have bought in regardless... 
or such "crap" would dissolve and be gone.

The UFOs hide in this cognitive dissonance!  
They soar free as birds... where we will ourselves blind. 
These watchers must wait for a moment of incidence, when, 
at last we achieve individual minds.

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Geo. said...

We all got through those hard, busy years as best we could, Al. Whether our roles included military combat or civil protest or both, our patriotism was unimpeachable. Yes, we were distracted in a calculated way and we were troubled, young, ocassionally even brave --time to take stock. As Dear Roy Orbison sang in his later years with The Traveling Wilburys, "I've still got some love to give". I take that phrase as axiomatic.