Sunday, September 03, 2006

...Raw's Where Nutrition Resides...

VIDEO: "HyperSpace"

I want to know who has to pay, so I can play my life out true. I want the info close -- right here at hand! I want a shameless truthfulness from the powers of our world. I want to learn -- survey research and understand!

My understanding would include appreciation for a *rawness* to the news that we don't get enough, at all. Massaged, manipulated, and pre-digested for our use, news obfuscates the issue, and performs convenient stalls!

Anomaly is ridiculed while crap is spewed prime time by the well coifed talking heads who toe the line. Truth is lost in fractured constructs of the *narrowly conceived* -- for the truth, if seen, is seen a single time!

Have the guts to ring "unpleasant", and be damned like Pete Arnett, who lifted at the edges of our scab. The *machine* will scuttle in, and pick the bones of righteous men like a cockroach, or a demon, or a crab.

Me thinks *they* doth protest too much a story is untrue -- that poison gas was used to murder ... folks. It's been made for just that purpose, and been purchased for that use, or a *gas* production's mythic -- just a joke.

Are things alive that fly our skies while Bill was porkin' 'nika? Two human beings in need, they grope ... get sweaty? They do something indiscreet in ways as old as driving *need* ... then lie precluding freight too harsh and weighty.

And while we spend vast monies checking Presidential Penises, anomaly fair flirts, or charms, and teases! But money just won't go there 'cause the profits more to bear, though the kingdom is much nearer -- that's EGREGIOUS!

If we knew the final secret we might find we had salvation in a wealth of toleration unimpaired. It was always here at hand, that precious kingdom, understand --and permissiveness its blessing, I declare!!!

You'll see them if you look, and just simply watch your skies! You'll see them dance and caper right before your very eyes!

You'll see them float serenely like they haven't wit nor care. You'll see them if you'd see them; if you've courage; if you'd dare!

You'll see them making liars of the skepti-bunky thugs -- you'll see prevarication from the Klassic CSICOP slugs. If enough of us would see them they would land right on our yards; we'd invite them in for tea! Yes! We'd have them by for cards!!!

They'd be in family photos, and they'd stand up at our weddings, they'd be friends that we're *supposed* to never have! The *man* would have conniptions as we wrote him new prescriptions for the blisters we'd be raising on his ass!

You can bet our pretty *newsmen*, plus the gals who spread the lies... are embarrassed by their actions that I'm sure they must despise.

Those who blow demonic phallus for their ease of *good* position should evaluate their options for new saints! There's a time you might be useless 'cause the paradigms have shifted and all that's left (?) is cluelessness, and pain.

And it doesn't have to be that way; I shake my fist right in your face!

It doesn't have to turn out quite like that!! It's never had to be that way; the kingdom's here at hand! But assaulted by true criminals -- psychopathic human rats!

And not the one's you'd think might come, from the bottom of the pile, but the one astride your shoulders who then bleeds you 'till you're riled! *He* accumulates his capital with pretension and a smile. He's been lying to your children, and his lips are slick with guile. He'd teach convenient strictures reproductionist in scope. The kids find out, you bet, too late... ... never let in on the *joke*.

. . .

Behold the yawning vastness of the never ending cosmos! Perceive there's so much more of it than you! Understand it, as it happens, that is anything can happen in its length and breadth, and awesome depth -- it's true!

A heaven and a hell are there to take us on its journey... through trackless time and unknown *stuff*... ...we need a new attorney! Dimensions will be traveled like we take a cross-town bus... ...if we cleave beyond the limits of the present dearth of trust.

When news is raw we'll soar and cleave, but spilt the mundane plane. We'll find we're better served by truth, and sing that new refrain.

How does one get the raw news -- lurk on transponder signals, watch YouTube, or what? The mainstream media betrays the trust so often and so regularly it renders itself useless for the unleavened use to which I allude.

When I think of raw news, I think of persons like the indomitable L.M. Howe, or the late Chuck Shramek. These are two who seem to discover something interesting, and pass it on to the rest of us -- for all the vilification and censure they've endured! I remain attendant to their camps; however, because they are, I perceive, motivated by guilelessness, integrity, and personal honesty. They've seemed sincere... you see? This is all that's required to trump a garden-variety klasskurtxian's constipated intellectual *impaction* -- out of hand!

Look -- somebody comes to ME with something interesting? I'd like to think I'd pass it along as THEY have! I'd let you make up your own mind if for no other reason than two heads are better than one!

If the "something interesting" turns out to be a hoax or some bogus bupkis -- then it was STILL my effort, perhaps, that got it the attention it needed to be so demonstrated!

IT'S STILL A STEP UP, you see!

That's why I want the news raw; it is a step up from the clutches of a manipulated culture, an unethical coercion, the occasional errant psychopath, or being programmed what to think by same. Chuck Schramek did well, and LMH would do well by all of us just to be just "keeping on" the way they're "keeping on"!

Jeff Rinse springs to mind -- Laura Lee, Errol Bruce Knapp et. al.; continue to show a courage the mainstreamers don't have the sack 'n nads for! These keep that twitchy info coming! These would serve it raw. Keep it RAW! ...Before it has the nutrition parsed out of it by some special interest contriving to impose what they'd contrived for you to think.

After all the additives, deletions, fillers, and preservatives the mainstream provides? There is little nourishment, and certainly a lessor amount of satisfaction in it LEFT! Raw's where the nutrition is. Verily. Yea and verily.

Restore John Ford!

P.S. -- I once heard Drudge (of "Drudge Report" *fame*) describe himself as " ... No Peter Arnett"!

Well, let me quickly agree with Mr. Drudge; he is no Peter Arnett. He has none of the rich character, personal integrity, or *raw* courage that Arnett displays with unflinchingly casual vigorousness! Certainly more than a mean neo-con garden-tool Drudge, a smirking vane for the truly self absorbed, the conveniently and covetously placed, or the plainly sociopathic fat-cat rightist! A pox on that lot, him... ...and you if you give him relevancy.

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