Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bigotry Despised

Bigotry disgusts me. It's a bane on humankind. It's at the root of all that's wrong; a rot corrupting mind. It presupposes honesty; it's ignorance extant! Bigotry insults the sense of where one's really at.

Bigotry belies good sense, betrays the trusted heart, and leavens ones credulity to a paucity of smarts!

Bigotry's a liar! False witness shall it bear, and it proves it has no conscience spewing lies without a care. Authoritarian, inflexible, and dogmatic as it's wrong, it's prosecuted, flawlessly, malfeasance... all along!

Masquerading as the measure of the "way" to live ones life, it weaves a cloth of misery and exacerbates our strife.

It keeps us from reality, obscures a ready truth, and cuts the nose off faces like it's found its only use! It foments its resentment, provokes its earned contempt, then fuels its detestation with its slack informed consent.

It dulls the wit, betrays the trust, and breaks the "tie that binds," as is par with the small-mindedness shown from less than open minds.

Bigotry is why we fail. Bigotry? Conceit! Bigotry is where we lose. Bigotry? Defeat! It's a limiter of wisdom as perception is decreased. It's all the wrong ideas and its ethics are diseased.

It's bigotry that turns back clocks to suit an "arbitrary" so just a few can profit on the misery of many.

It's a lack of understanding and the conflict that must bring. It's terror in our futures! It's an awful... loathsome thing. It prostitutes our honor. It increases our travail. Bigotry offends the soul like Christ's three nine-inch nails.

Bigotry lacks all respect. Bigotry's despised. Bigotry is at the source of all that cheats and lies!

"This is a history and analysis of the infrared "lights" and radar "targets" that were recorded by the Mexican Department of Defense (DOD) between 4:40 and 5:30 PM (local standard time) on March 5, 2004 during a surveillance flight over the state of Campeche which is in the northern western portion of the Yucatan Peninsula."

The preceding link is from Dr. Bruce Maccabee. His was one of the few unbigoted and balanced works by respected members of the research community on the Campeche case. It remains head and shoulders above the first thoughts expressed by the usual suspects of the Klasskurtxian hoi polloi and remains also conclusive, still, only of the highest strangeness.

The first thoughts expressed from this canted tinhorn lapdog media regarding the Mexican FLIR UFO sightings in March, 2004 was born of sneering disrespect, laughing dismissal, and a reflexive bigotry refined in 100 years of social hijacking, corporate manipulation, and gross cultural connivery. The bigotry, again, went largely unchallenged.

The bleached neo-aristocracy concocting, nurturing, and otherwise maintaining this bigotry looks down its nose at the rest of the world, incurs huge resentment from the rest of the world, and through the aforementioned corrupt media's unceasing propaganda? It facilitates the creation of generation after generation of new bigots. It's the American way?

To be "black" was to get back and to be "brown" was an invitation out of town, or how else does one explain the very real difference between the United States comparatively closed Southern border when contrasted with the more open Northern one?

...And no Sean, I don't hate America; I just think she's better served by reflective and thoughtful criticism than she is by reflexive and thoughtless adulation. Question my patriotism, please. I'll eat your literary face... literary pistols at dawn, Sir.

The days are over when we can look around the world and see our 'superiority' born of what has been proffered to us by bad religion, conflicted agencies, suspicious institutions, and appointed governments. The people south of our border cannot be dismissed as taco-bending siesta takers sleeping off their latest "peasant banquet" of rice, beans, and tequila - cannot be dismissed as ignorant and credulous savages seeing angels and UFOs or living hand-to-mouth in non-awareness and intellectual squalor. The preceding is very subtly suggested by our official media and stealthily practiced by ourselves! We dishonor, humiliate, and betray ourselves -in the long run- not to mention them, reader, to perpetuate these egregious myths.

We are talking about human beings, reader, located immediately south of a dry dusty border - credible persons like ourselves with their own prerequisites, predilections, and prerogatives ... intelligent and educated people, forthright and deliberate people... smart, focused, and courageous people. Indeed, this is exactly what was demonstrated in the recorded behavior of the intrepid pilots with regard to the Mexican UFO FLIR case!

I was a professional pilot for many years, reader. I trained, and was trained by, the absolute best. I achieved all the highest ratings available... like IP (instructor pilot) SIP (standardization instructor pilot) and IFE (instrument flight examiner). I had an 'experiential' 'PhD' in professional aeronautics and aviation systems management. I flew as Aircraft Commander in combat, served in line aviation units in supervisory positions, was the Senior TAC Officer at the Army's only Warrant Officer Candidate School, and finally ended my career as a military aviator evaluating candidate aviators for an aviation career track. I was the aviation judge, ladies and skeptibunkies, for many years. Verily.

The Mexican pilots in that aircraft, from what I have seen and heard thus far... were top freaking drawer! They were models of courage... just being out there to perform their duty (!)... forgetting that they encountered something decidedly off the 'menu' of what they were, already, bravely looking for... drug-runners, something a little dodgy to begin with...

The bravery they displayed was nothing short of exemplary! They found the grit, gravitas, and sizable cahones to laugh, however nervously, abruptly surrounded by the highly strange! Then, still under extreme duress and beyond duty's call - they functioned! With precision, calmness, and proficiency they continued to do their jobs. In a position to know, I can report that it just doesn't get any better than that. Yea and verily!

I'd like to think that I would have been as brave and professional as these men were in the performance of their duty. I would like to think that I could have been as cool and practiced as they were, undeniably, during this entirely out of the box -and far reaching- affair. Though... I don't know. I don't know, for sure, and I've flown down the barrels of some pretty big guns, boys and girls.

It remains, though, that these Mexican pilots know. Indisputably, they are on record and laboriously translated by John Velez among others, as such. And, in as much as they provided no self-humiliating ammunition -absolutely zero in this writer's professional opinion- they are just the thing to obviate the ignorant and baseless bigotry that is entertained by those north of their border, and fanned by that duplicitous popular culture for them... about their ongoing UFO sightings, the courage to be interested in those UFOs, and then, with real guts, their reports on same.

America? We can -and better- take the lesson.

¡Sur valiente hecho pozo de los amigos de la frontera! ¡Le saludo!

Pardon my bad Spanish brave friends... Read on!