Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obscene, Unjust... But True!


Write it off as wallowing a hapless naiveté —and preferring empathic motes be near— though, ever there are these of whom I'd likely never find? ...I reflect that these are used to —ruled by— fear.

Likely way beyond "experience," and served up all contrived, this "fear of things" addresses what we're not. See, it's absent in the actions of the ones who make their living on this puzzle they're not showing we've all got!

It's everybody's puzzle and we all should get to question gravid mystery that lies — or cheats and teases. The ones who are researching are the ones so often hurting for the 'one' who's always done... just what he pleases.

Remember, then, John Ford, be reminded his confinement is a black mark on the labors we perform. "…Into UFO research? Then you might be like that 'loon': the 'flying saucer killer' named John Ford."

See, let the 'man' grind down on him without a single peep from you? ...And that deed is quicker done on you and me! If they cap off Johnny Ford then they have drawn their threatening sword, and they slash and hack at chances you'd be free!

Some of these are wolves who prowl a "land" they think they're owning, and are pissing on its corner's stems and twigs. These are vaulting over tick-turds so distorting apt researches!  They're dismissive as a swine farm full of pricks.

The *glee* that they're displaying when they vilify subjectives: It's a game the meanest children always play.  See, it's children they're revealing while engaged in doubtful dealing that the field has evolved to? ...Hard to say!

Too, suffer other's wrongful take-downs with indifference at your peril!  It won't be long they've made their way to you. What salvation will appear, my friend, when you're the one who needs it! Recall John Ford is languishing! Obscene, unjust — but true.

*Machines* exist — likely, always have... Still, we pretend, superficially, to eschew our criminal *machines  opting, in all pretence, for a more evenhanded efficacy in society. It remains, we tolerate our *machines* and pretend they are not there... when they appear to do our bidding or provide an illusion that they're staying out of our personal business while doing the people's business... there's a load, well defined, eh?

The "cooperation" alluded to is short lived at best — likely, always is. They don't have that requisite respect for individuality, remember. Respect for "individuality" is contrary to a fat profit margin and a corpulent —forgetting a thoroughly reptillian— bottom line...

John Ford's discovered such as this, n'est ce pas?

Verily, we must blow our horns now and again lest they be presumed to be funnels, friends and fellow motes!  Sometimes your horn's —even timid— music dispels its antithesis, I've experienced.  Why?  Because music, an under the RADAR communication, is compelling language after all! Consider rock n' roll, eh?  This language helps you "see" what is "meant."  That's why poetry will always have a relevance.  Also, in addition to the preceding: this musical language can be said to say things that could not otherwise be said, it's been said.  Poetry "says," reader! 

A song, it's repeated to efficacion, potentially.

Restore John Ford!

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Injustice Whipped To Cream

The Tao abides...


What kinds of joy filled season does our old friend John Ford have? Can he sit around with friends and smoke and joke? May he unwrap any presents that they've deigned to let him have; does he ever hear from family or folk? Might he eat a ham or turkey? Can he savor pumpkin pie? Or, must he sit, a flaccid heap, his heartfelt wish that he might die?

I suspect he feels forgotten through the haze of drugs he's forced. Too, you know they keep him doped "for his own good." You know he's feeling pressure from the darkest pits of hell, but the reasons are not clear, nor are they even understood!

Suffolk County (!) says he's dirty — that he tried to kill some folks, but the story smells of guppies and sardines! It's all contrived to "misdirect" attention from what's real. It's the man's imposing best, and it's obscene.  Yeah, it's Suffolk county says he's dirty, when it's them portrays that meme — when it's them, the glad purveyors of  injustice  whipped to cream!

Call on ABC or CBS or NBC, good reader. Drop a line to C-SPAN — CNN! Ask them what the deal is, and can't attention please be given to this man, all but forgotten, I'd defend! Why is Ford forsaken, and where's his spot on "Sixty Minutes," and why did he have trouble making bail? …Plenty worse than him released from prison every day;  it's for him the pink-walled nut-ward or a jail!

They'd say, "He should be in a nut ward!  He would dare to question why! Why, he'd be ripping off our blinders! We'd be free to sense the sky!  He's wants to put a light upon what's 'better' kept in darkness, so we'll stuff him in a hole we've 'made' — to keep him safe and harmless!"

What was he so "involved" in, and what had he found out? Where was all the evidence that 'the man' had trotted out? Where'd John get all the "hot stuff" (which was found outside his pickup), so what of jurisprudence, then! What of ethics like a spit-cup!

Why is John ignored and left to rot in ...wrongful... dungeons? Why can't he get a hearing; why's he getting culture's truncheon? What is in his heart when he can sense he's so alone, for a crime gone uncommitted, then, but for which he must atone!

...Ironic that at another seasonal juncture a different man allegedly suffered a crucifixion for, likely, what he thought, said, and did within the law.  Ford's ironic comparison to the Christ figure?  Let it stand!

I've always said it — but... ...where threat is actual? There is no "paranoia."

Your fear is justified, you see. We are all set precariously close to an edge of something that we could be preparing for if only information sought could be made available to individuals interested in same. Our facilitated reluctance to do so, that is, seek information as it pertains to the aforementioned "preparation," encourages the malfeasant engineers of our preparation's dearth.  As John Ford goes, one begins to see, so can any one of us... go, for remaining well within the law, I'm betting, but in an ardent individual pursuit of that "unboxed" information.  This is the fruit, friends and neighbors, produced for ones very justified concern regarding their informed consent regarding those matters beyond the common pale.

...And it's a shame, too. The UFO, this thing made so fearful, has a beneficial potential ignored, undersold, or vilified by the hijacked mainstream, I offer.  This is especially true recently, given S. Hawkings underinformed and inexplicable warning regarding contact with ET aliens, eh?  It remains, this preponderance of pretending disregard for the UFO is not done in service to, for, or for the benefit of we, the short-sheeted rank and file.

The individual, battered by an unhealthful and ever inflated population as you know, drifts ever lower on the list of society's concerns. Culture is not your friend, good neighbor.

...And UFOs, perhaps like a hard driving rain for the parched ponds of our personal growth... (yes!) are our efficacious individual rising and advancing to meet same? That's my intuition.  It still provides for a quantum leap and kicks us into hyperspace — releases us from the playpen perchance to wander the "house" and even go "outside" where wonders and terrors reside.  Growth looms. 

True, it may be that the ufological rain has a bit of golf-ball sized hail in it... But it is all water, n'est ce pas? Besides, I feel I know where the hail is going to fall.  The reader will, too, I suspect, upon opening eyes, heart, and mind ... not in that order necessarily… the hail you say?

Roll it and smoke it, skirts and boyos!  Consider that John Ford was very busily investigating a top-placed official and Tweedian Party boss in Suffolk County, NY — John Powell!  Here was a man who could not remotely bear an investigation of any type!  Concurrently, John Ford was investigating Powell's cloying association regarding a string of close encounters with UFOs in 1989, one of the biggest flaps in Suffolk County's long UFO history, witnessed for weeks by perhaps thousands of people.  Something crashed in the area!

We don't find the truth, reader; we face the truth already there!

Restore John Ford!

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