Friday, June 11, 2010

Warm Blood


I knew the man who sired the man who's closest to me, Holmes. The former?  Psychopathic, people hating — cold.

See, he'd stolen from his credit cards; he cheated Walton's store. He owes on bills he never paid, so stealing from the hapless poor. His motto was to make you pay, before you do to him? What he, in fact, saw others do... on their self-serving whims!

Too, he called himself a patriot — that refuge of a scoundrel; he brought his sons up... on abuse; he gave all three bad counsel. One's a trained assassin; one murdered three... then self; the last is quite the opposite. He's a man who's found himself.

Self-actualized and learned he points to where it hurts? ...And so shows us where we hemorrhage when we dare to sneer and smirk. He's inclined to promulgate a fair-play dream ideal that would move us into space right now... in a million living wheels. The lifestyle's  an improvement and we'd minimize our pain, if we got the hell off Mother Earth and lived in space I'm saying!

He's pointed out our "laws" are writ by psychopathic trolls; far simpler then to work "ill will..." while the "opposite's" extolled!  The 'man' degrades life's quality, see; the 'man' intrudes bad will; the 'man' then treats your so-called "rights" like inked and papered swill!

By way of small example and a tiny taste of shame, I provide you illustration on the breadth and scope of same... 

ohn Ford was getting mouthy with reports of "water heating" so they stuffed him, deep, inside a *hole* for status quo's safe keeping! ...Too, it may be he's crazy — but hounded to it, friend! He called attention to their crimes … it's that which did him in!

Remember this when *government* saunters up and takes your *stuff*. Remember this when rights are trampled, like they are right now, enough! Remember... as these *shadows* set the scene to paint you crazy. So, a few can work ill will on YOU? ...Beware, they will be cagey!

Too, compared to our antagonist, the *father* at the start? John Ford's a knighted saint —way high!— and his ethics top the chart! But we'll suffer these old psychopaths... much worse than our John Ford... who dared the evil dragon and still suffers for it, sport!

You're not safe; you are at risk, if asking touchy questions. Though you deserve to be informed, is my concerned suggestion. You should have "informed consent" regarding your existence! You don't get it, presently, I say with all insistence!

To whom it goes, the blame for this: our insulted incredulity?   This social impropriety or crass anfractuosity?  Blame reptillian institutions for our ills as they're the liars!  But for these, these corporate reptiles... why, we'd be in space, or higher!

Institutions are their instruments and contrived to obfuscate... the right to speedy trials, say;  they make their own "facts," mate!  Labeled *crazy* one's *unfit*, one finds, to list the facts which free them. This is why Ford gets no trial; so, YOU won't get to see them!

Save yourself, become informed.  Oppose these loathsome reptiles.  You owe it to yourself my friends.  The truth has better profile.  Too, why suffer corporate reptiles and the "cold-blood" plans they've got? Corporate mammals have the longer view and warm blood; there's a thought!  

    Hot flash for the interested? Being crazy is not against the law. No, not until you become a danger to yourself or others. Even then you are in a whole other category emphasizing treatment over punishment. ...An eye to eventual release when prudent and not an eye to ongoing confinement, at all costs?
    Additionally? A *belief* in UFOs should not be justified as contributing evidence of pathology. *Believing* in UFOs is not evidence of sickness and shall not mean you're harboring a pathology.
    Ford remains imprisoned...
    Court TV!  Let's add THEM to our short list of those to get our attention! It's a natural! It's topical and sure to increase their ratings! Sheesh — talk about serpents for bedfellows. Let's throw in a car salesman and a loan officer, and run ~off~ the honest hooker!
    Yeah ..Yeah! What if John Ford really is unbalanced or a few chops short of the old mixed grill?  The short story is "crazy" not a crime and therefore a non-issue.
    On the other hand, what if he is being persecuted for honest, sincere, and justified PASSIONS that all of us would feel if any of us had gotten too near the top of Ford's strident and obstreperous —if lawful!— uphill investigation into Long Island UFOs!  See?!  The former doesn't matter and the latter tells the tale!
    It remains Ford was investigating a bona fide and overweening conspiracy: corrupt institutional entities by citation, history, tradition, and conviction — entities unable to bear any investigation!  That's public record folks and fellow motes!
    Consider. The corrupt Suffolk County machine was so unrelentingly dirty that even a "third-rate" investigation into that machine's involvement with UFOs might expose its vast criminality.   Verily, it could be argued that John Powell's criminal enterprise began to break down concurrent with John Ford's interest in same!  This is Ford's *crime*, reader, and he rots in prison for it, still!
    Verily, the conditions, occurrences, and events surrounding the confinement of John Ford begs a SECOND or even THIRD (...fourth!) look at his plight! A look he will not get if we accept the word of the "Ford hounded", and likely, unethical machine confining him so wrongfully! John Ford was a proverbial community pillar and highly educated court officer... ...bereft of any record but a sterling one! Additionally he was a man who was ruthlessly implicated in heinous crime by a known and subsequently convicted crime boss that Ford was busily investigating! Also public record!  Do the math, reader!
    Him now, … you later. ....And given suggestive trends? ...Probably sooner than you'd think.
    Free John Ford, hell! …RESTORE John Ford, and save yourself!!

    Sunday, June 06, 2010

    ...Karmic Impact...


    For a moment the clouds were an unsullied white, all shadow's silver brightness.  Too, the smell of sweet Earth promised looming rebirth — if rushed, so before, "Karmic rightness." These too early timings of scents and Earth colors... ...speak to an arduous future discovered? A "physical" non-mystical?  An "impermissible" statistical? Made worse by self-interested —importuning— egotisticals?

    Still, birds fly in twos all a' squabble, absolved — What's real for them is enough. On the strength of God's genes they don't find it obscene to play with their feelings. Real *stuff*.

    The sky is a veil, the deepest of blues; washboard-like clouds are as harp strings. Strum these for deep chords that the whales can hear; they're listening now as these clouds moan and sing. This song of the Earth who has watched come and go many traces of life — truly more than we know? ...A song with its treble so deep in our bass? It's as over your head as it's up in your face!

    This is the world some pretend *understood*. This is the world that we're "taught" is not *good*. This is the planet we sully in ignorance; this is a planet we treat with belligerence. This is a planet infested with parasite; ignorant memes with an odorous blight. Small in all memory, ever shorter in mind, contriving to cheat hapless folk it consigns?

    Call me crazy, lacking relevance ... but there's "stuff" in our skies that the man is disposed from! He demures; I wonder why?

    Whenever this happens? From our dim hoary past? Then there's something he's hiding, and we find out at last! Like "fossil fuels" to help him keep your neck beneath his foot? See, forget about *new* batteries, preferred you're underfoot.

    It's the corporate boys at Burger King, in need of fresh lucre —to live like old kings— though millions will suffer producing the beef that are burgers and fries for your Friday night's *treat*.

    These are the guys, then, befouling the temples they've built from the sweat of your brow. These are the guys who've hid away secrets recovered at last, about now.

    These are the guys who can look in their skies and *know* they're the favorite of God to survive. These are the guys who are living sweet lives while producing their jealous God's nod I despise!

    These are the guys, I entreat, I implore! These are those threatened our own Johnny Ford!

    ...And the sky gives up no warning of a coming time of strife for those who think John rabble... your money — bet your life! John Ford is not the charlatan; he's a "straight-up dude" instead, and in truth he's lost most everything … likely wishing he was dead.

    "Heat a frog in water…"
    They miscalculated with John — John started to hop before the water got too hot! They had to spank him. This is an easy accomplishment for those without a conscience, those too conveniently conflicted by a misunderstood Machiavelli or misinterpreted Darwin... ...those at the receiving end of a cultural largess they become accustomed to as a right. An errantly justified imposition of the divine right of kings...
    That's bat cack! It is by no means a right! This is because it is NOT right, bunky — shallow klasskurtxian swine! Stop any internal dialogue. Don't dare to defend a divine right to me. I'd live to see the last *priest* twitching at the end of a long rope made from the entrails of the last *king*! Precious little hyperbole there, reader.
    ...See, you just don't get to live in a manner enjoyed by the *nobility* when there is just one person you have to destroy to maintain your *life-style*. Who pays so you can play? The answer to that question will get your mind right again pilgrim. Hell, it's all evil from bananas to soccer balls — through running shoes and a bogus food pyramid.
    Living a lie takes its toll, doesn't it. ...Don't argue.
    Unappreciated tolls of extreme insentience include the obligatory "driving away" of *those* who are suggested by Dr. Drake's completely shocking, but illuminating equation. That equation makes us suspect! That equation suggests it's us so repellent. That equation implies we're quarantine-able? Truly, our complacent denial of that equation makes us unworthy of the tiniest concern or remotest consideration by *those suggested.* What would we do with regard to confrontation with ourselves, I wonder.
    Finally, our complacency will most certainly lead to an eventual despair as we are reviled and left alone to stew in our own toxic, ironically self-inflicted, juices... know? That hell on Earth we seem hell bent upon legislating for ourselves. Verily, we won't be ALLOWED off-planet given our psychopathic monkey-behaviors! Truth revealed <sarcastic circuitry meltdown narrowly averted> at last?
    "Bother," said Pooh... ...they may even steer a big asteroid down the throat of our greedy gravity well just to put us out of our obnoxious misery...
    Restore John Ford! It'll lessen Karmic impact later on, I suspect.