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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Had A Dream

Woob doots and _fab_ didly (pronounced "did-ly" with accent on the first sill-la'-ble), but what a dream!

Stanton Friedman, Robert Hastings, and Richard Dolan participate, one night, in a ufological equilateral Venn diagram of such profound symmetry and prime factual overlap that they are compelled to take it on the road!

In the tradition of the Tri-dialogue -or Trialogue- of 21st Century thinkers McKenna, Abraham, and Sheldrake, but minus the entheogens (I think!), Hastings, Friedman, and Dolan produce a dazzling multimedia program of such artful economy and poignant explication that the observer is able to think more holistically about everything after experiencing it!
Together, in some strangely new and felicitous synergy, Dolan, Hastings, and Friedman usher a transition from the reptile group brain currently employed by humanity into the mammalian brain we now only enjoy individually.

Overjoyed, a plethora of races descend from the sky and together we celebrate the end of Human history and the beginning of our Galactic one. I wake smelling coffee.

Wasn't that sweet?

Hey! There's no _limit_ to the progress that can be made if it doesn't matter who gets the credit, eh?

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