Sunday, January 31, 2010

...I Would Live *Forever*...

I would live forever. I would live to seed the stars. I'd live to see the glad demise of petrol burning cars...

I'd dare exist in silent space in cities that we built.
I would sip a comet's water. I would farm that comet's silt.

The Earth would be a garden when her language we could speak. We would decrease human numbers... "Less is more" is my critique.

At last when churlish kidneys went the way of facile flesh?
We'd switch out two "brand new"ones; I'd continue — be refreshed!

I'd needed brand new kidneys, and my fellows used the rest. Flesh is more respected, see; respect's now in neglect!

...I'd live to see our "Asteroid Belt" restructured living space.
We'd build it and not take it... ameliorate our prior disgrace...

We'd treat each other decently. We'd live for one another. The Earth herself? ...A living thing! We would treat her like our Mother.

We'd take her lesson to the stars. We're creatures of her art!
We'd live like we had common sense; we'd live like we had heart.

...And once we had this change of heart, the skies would open wide; we'd find it filled with stellar folk... ...strange folk who used to hide.

Though now they'd hide no longer, see?  We'd cast away our chains...
 To see them as we'd see ourselves, alive, aware, and sane.

So, they grew a cloned frog without a head… Yes! I want it. Please continue the research. I'll pay the freight, psychological and pecuniary, on spec... ...but at your peril! Create nothing with even the barest potential for the remotest consciousness! I'm a player only when it's me paying for it. If I have to die... ...well, I have to die, don't I.

...But, I should be able to grow my own replacement flesh — I would live *forever*. I will answer the ethical questions as I go along at select points in the next few thousand years, and that ongoing quest will be driven by asking who has to pay so ..._I_... can *play*.  Do you grok the implication, reader?

Consider longevity juxtaposed with population... I can cop to the egregious perils of overpopulation; most can't or won't at any level of our society, especially on the institutional, governmental, or ecumenical levels... To cop is to sacrifice, to sacrifice is to endure... enduring we explore... ...that part of the universe created to know itself... ...herself?

You know? The only real way to insure a quality human being is to bring the total number of humans down to a level where individual humans are assured of some respect... start! Love the fetus, sure! But only if you love the child too... ...and then the nursing home denizens these children grow into.  Consider, individually sire only once and our population is painlessly curbed in a single generation!  The individual is key!

This is an individual thing. It is from this individuality that teams of real quality have their provenance. Can't you feel it? Again, the individual is key.

...Living *forever* does not seem to add to that. Or does it? Can it? Should it?  I would find out.

Still...I'd live longer than I'm presently *allowed*. Not because I'm scared to die so much... no. It's because I missed so much of what was here. You know? Space, Time... Surface area?

Out in the asteroid belt, I'd live as far as I could *see*. Unfettered consciousness is a precious, precious thing... the very least it should be.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

...On Topic...

"Your writing's off topic on matters of politics"!
"Your subjects distract and, at best, just annoy"!
"What do you gain as you bad mouth our Nation"?
"Where is your loyalty, and where's it employed"?

It's "political" matters that cause obfuscation.
It's your sullen disgust where the UFOs hide.
You'd feel much different were you born in Burundi,
I'm loyal to self.  With the self, one must ride.

"What's all this blather regarding 'conspiracy' "?
"Why do you brood on old history gone passed"?
"How do you qualify "others" from space"?
"Why do you dwell on the miserable past"?

NAS, ATF, FBI fill the papers!
Our history's GONE, *we* don't KNOW what occurred!
Life from some stars are conclusions of science,
And I "dwell" so the "past" will at last be preserved!

"What is your profit, if what you say's true,"
"And too few have the rest by the balls"?
"Your success is deterred, as you gain further notice,"
"Even death's more 'assured' — can't you hear its dark call"!

...Not in it for profit — I write what I feel.
I don't want you confused that your care's in their heart.
It's the writing itself that provides me a wage,
And my death will become them that, each, take their part!

"Work's more impossible, the word will go out."
"How shall you teach to a classroom of kids"?
"How will you square all the 'lies' and the 'dissonance'
"To collections of young minds who don't know what's been *bid*?"

I'd be teaching in classes of kids who "don't matter."
My students don't read, or divide, or subtract
I'd have tought them the truth as I felt that they grokked it?
But the point is now moot, folks. In all truth, I was sacked!

Very highly trained, a summa cum laude graduate (Did you get that Richy?), I'd taught in "special ED" classrooms.  While I did teach... (heavy sigh) ...I would go to bed, every night, knowing, unquestionably, that I was doing a GOOD thing!  The obligatory shaving the following morning was never a problem. In a self-mending mode, perhaps I was on the way to forgiving myself for my participation in Viet Nam...

Viet Nam? Let me tell you about Viet Nam. My participation in opposition to that nation of people was a rook, a farce, a sham, and an atrocity.

Since the beginning of their time, I'm betting, those unarguably astonishing people have beaten back every attempt to subvert or enslave them. And with success, reader! Success!

Decades ago, right after the first world war, Viet Nam (believing our press releases?) came to us for association and aid. Wilson, Truman, and then Eisenhower rebuffed their every extenuation... ...fueled by callous, indifferent and inhumane racism when the period is read to!

It figures. The United States is legendary in racism's regard!  Where did Hitler get the idea for his Final Solution?  The answer's not comforting.  See, the US was hugely successful clearing out its own native population of "undesirables."  Quite an endorsement for an observing extraterrestrial, eh?

Back to Viet Nam, the French tried to continue their exploiting and unethical colonial imposition, ongoing for decades, until the "little brown men," tired of the abuse and disrespect, ran imperialistic Frank's fat froggy bottoms from their Asian soil like squeaking white roaches! In a pique of punctured euro-centric pride, read "white pride," the United States tried to bring Viet Nam to heel... and was in turn driven from the land squealing like Ned Beatty in "Deliverance".

Once we were gone, the Vietnamese let the Soviets know where the bear went through the buckwheat, and then, not to be outdone? They kicked Chinese BUTT, friend, when Peking started to make its incursion from the North. Verily, Viet Nam has resisted ALL historical attempts to treat their sovereignty with anything but the most profound respect…

These people beat back the late 20th century WORLD, and SURVIVE to tell the tale, reader!!!

...Too, left alone? They seem to be leaving the rest of the world... astonishingly... ...alone! That's raw idiosyncratic credit right there, yea and verily!

...It rather paints them as UBUR-MENCHEN — doesn't it!

I respect them.  Anyone with a sense of fair play should.

Again — years later... after decades of misery, tragedy, and recovery from destruction... the people of Viet Nam are once again making overture for association and aid. Hopefully, this time, we will bind ourselves to them with bands of honesty, trust, evenhandedness, appreciation, and the love of respected brother/sisterhood.

Why, we should try to mix our essence with theirs ... the only people to squarely beat us in a war, we better make them friends! Hell, if they'd have us? We'd do well to offer them a Statehood!

We tried, stridently, the alternative, and it blew up in our arrogant faces. The people of Afghanistan and an outraged (because we scare the hell out of them) middle East will likely serve us up a second helping for our arrogant effrontery...

For my part, forgive me, people of Viet Nam, I knew not what I was doing… I do now.

Know that you have my support, my admiration, and my respect. To the survivors of those lost on our side — read a new book, become informed, cop to our hideous, unbalanced, and contrived nationalistic blunderbuss of purposeful shortsightedness... ...the utter waste of the lives of husbands, brothers, and fathers... sisters, mothers, and wives as grease for the wheels of an entirely unrestricted corporatism! COP!  Then we can move on.

We were "beaucoup number ten" and "tres dinky-dow" to the Viet Namese et al at the whim of reptillian corpocracies! Let's admit, and get over it! Demand our government give Viet Nam the recognition deserved.

It's just the way to get UFO's to come out of hiding — probably the only way, and an illustration why I always write on topic. You have to drain the swamp (excuse the metaphor) to even SEE the corporate alligator shredding merrily at your butt-cheeks.

Why do I "hate America"?

Why, you witless hypocrite and flatulent gasbag! I love America to a depth and breadth you have forgotten or have never known... I'll bet EVER known! Moreover, you scurvy wing-nut bigot, I've proved my love with decades of volunteerism and real service while you have likely sent others off to fight a war YOU started... but wouldn't fight yourself! Coward!

You can kiss my unwashed ass right after you tell me why YOU hate America!

You know who you are!

I'm just getting warmed up...

Read on.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mal-Inculcation insured our compliance. A mark on our "school" was dishonor.  The reality was a dystopian rod: predation and compromised honor.

Distracted by football too early to care, I was distant and coarse to the feeble. I hadn't the courage, bereft of a pair, then I killed, or had killed, *ethnic* people...

I'm insulted by *patriots* of all manner and stripe. Conveniently placed, most are rightists. Wattles all shaking, awash in their tripe, compassion is where they're the lightest.

"My country's right if wrong," assert these rich behind their walls. They're making all the rules, of course, so they're using all their stalls.  See it won't matter "right" or "wrong" — Democracy be damned. You have it and they want it, friend?  Then you're the one gets jammed.

And I bought it, wrongly thinking, that the States could do no wrong. See, the word I got was missing massive chunks! I was flushed with "founding" fathers who were steeped in "golden" glory, when research was clearly showing these were glad psychotic skunks!

There are oceans of difference twixt primary sources and the text books you'd hope should concede them. The text books? Disingenuous... Students conned? But, of course — where the primary source could inspire them, again!

Our text books are PAP that degrade human spirit. The kids are aware of the con! Their mommies and daddies have bought in regardless... or such "crap" would dissolve and be gone.

The UFOs hide in this cognitive dissonanceThey soar free as birds... where we will ourselves blind. These watchers must wait for a moment of incidence, when, at last, we achieve individual minds.

Dedicated to that Darling Don Ecker...

Individuality is a trial, a travail, and a toil because it is a resumption of individual sensibility. It's a shock, but a good shock because it encourages individual responsibilities, personal sensibilities, or a certain singularity of , I think, efficaious spirit.

All  of the preceding is preferable to entirely living off the cues from "compromised others" and slavishly going against your own more innocent personal intuitions...

This is the final target of the "manipulator," or "society," or "culture," you know.  It has always been thus. See,the coveted object of a culture —not remotely your friend— is ...You, reader!  Isn't that ironic?

"YOU"... that which you make, and the water that you, metaphorically, heat! Their institutions evaporate away in their own imaginations when YOU withdraw your support — why they try so hard to keep you... if they think you may be valuable to their cause.  You're valuble if so much as warm.  Though, fall out of their inconsistent favor.

This explains all their rage and retribution as they begin to accept that you have slipped away from them, in some way, provoked, it matters not, by their thoughtlessly practiced and self-serving sociopathies. This begins to occur, I expect, when you start to listen to your individual conscience and not the one mal-inculcated for you.

A person compelled to self-evaluation of conscience is why the reading in a forbidden index is forbidden. Nes't ce pas?

The purpose of their *school*, then, is to promote their concept of a *reliable* citizen. Read instead? Read "malleable" and "easily intimidated" employee... tool/beings with rotted souls pushed around without difficulty... spiritless robots... What does your intuition say with regard to that?

To that end culminating in crass manipulations of our psychopathic society, there are grievous distortions made to the TRUE histories of each bit of consciousness in the society or culture, and that aggregate consciousness therefore inhabits, as a result (!), contrived castles in the increasingly polluted air!

These inconstant castles evaporate, by the way, the moment that is convenient for the non-elected autocrat and his eager minions. I digress.

Very little has actually happened the way You (and I) thought it did... remember. The way we were taught it did... The way we were told it did. Trust betrayed then. Trust betrayed, still.

A walk on a summer afternoon beach at Panama City, Florida  —in July when MTV is there— is to be surrounded in the purest hokum of skin, consumption, and contrived presumption. Suntan oil, ass tattoos, and balloon rides from flashy corporate rock productions... chaos, one would think.

Contrast it with the same beach on a deserted day in a cold blustery November to see how tenuous reality really is. One comes away somehow knowing that the gray November day alluded to is vastly superior to the July one on more levels... even if empty and tortured, hounded by the sea, and threatened by the sky... ...but it's real.  Undistracted, you can perceive the real chaos of the cosmos!

That was the lesson of the Matrix series, eh?  Lice, bald heads, and ultimate sacrifice was a magnitude better than thinking that the matrix was the only reality and that it was not able to be manipulated by the informed user like a IPhone or an IPOD, you know? I suspect it is, and very much so.

Regarding UFO's, (another probable reality without regard to provenance), I am amused how every 'name' authority can pontificate the relative surety of intelligent life *anywhere else* in an ever expanding multi-verse, but will not cop to any potential that that astoundingly already admitted intelligence is peering down un-guessed instruments at us this very moment ... is standing inside our *closet* with us as we furtively grope our "detested" genitals... ...or that we shan't feel hot alien breath on our embarrassed cheeks even as we begin to listen quietly for it in our culture-imposed darknesses.

The 'other' exists as sure as an itchy nose. It is the ultimate sedition... Feel its breath on your shamed cheek.

Somebody explain the big words to Don.

Read on.