Sunday, March 28, 2010


"I have no idea why [one might] believe that sci-fi speculation is the same as reality. I certainly don't." - Stan Friedman
It interests me, then; how pathetic we're painted: we who observe twitchy lights in the sky. We who admit that we don't have a clue as we watch this ...anomalous... caper and fly.

It's all sneering giggles from our crass "TV culture." The *college* of scholars — gone sullenly mute! The edge of hard science's forbidden the hard-look; if you look you're besmeared as a non-astute kook!

Religion admits that they're real... ...but evil!!! "They're stuff of the devil, for sure and so named"! These "agents of Devils have captured weak conscience... They've damned it with nonsense; it's Satan we've blamed."

Faux *news* is the worst, as it grins like a patron, then paints us in caps of aluminum foil! These front all the clutter from *skeptics* and *bunkies*, ignoring researchers: real work and hard toil!

Society works to distract from perception what "taxes" and "sanctions" must bind and confine! They do this to keep you from thinking too much. That upsets their lifestyles! They're living "refined"!

"Be fruitful; have a dozen kids"! ...these few make "culture" say, so they can, then, respect much less... that *single* mook who works and pays.

Please! Look upon an endless *night* — please grok it's starry vastness... ...To think you might be all alone is monumental crassness! Regard instead "potential"; make this your soul's career! Too, ignore it at your peril, friend; *forewarned* it's best to steer!

You're, at best, disserved, good folk, to wait until tomorrow. The stuff of soul's imperiled, plain, facilitating sorrow. See? Eyes have been averted —to those questions made extant— by the "beads" of errant "eunuchs" who would mumble hateful chants!

"Lions, and tigers, and bears"?  Get a tissue! We'd get enough warning, of threat, were it them. No, the "meter man's" cash-cow is threatened, the issue … it's the root of confusion — its seed pod, and stem!

All shiftless injustice thus hides in their shadows! Reflexive denial must dull the best sword! Too, get in their faces, and ask them tough questions? They'll shut you in dungeons... as was done to John Ford.

So, who is the clown when the questions are answered? Who's then the clown, and so missing their screws? Who is that clown when the truth paints the picture? Then who, not that jester, will give us a clue?

I would. I'd sure make the aspiration... make no mistake.  Oh... not because I'm brave so much, but that the alternative is scarier, you know? What grinds my gears is that there are individuals, in position, who could disclose information going a long way towards providing a heaven —bereft of hyperbole— on Earth, right now, and don't!  That's not naive, folks.  That's a conclusion reached in the spring of my winter.  I'll be 62 next December.
Moreover these persons are in position to make efficacious use of the powerful energies attendant in the information alluded to ... ...and do not. All they are really interested in is pumping up the total population so they don't have to pay the individuals making up that population with a "too expensive" respect. While this inflated population, I'm compelled to believe, provides the cash to let this few live the lives of GODS! The bastards.
The scurvy bastards. Elitist swine oozing hypocrisy to facilitate their insulting sociopathy. They exist, and in guilt or innocence... ...they would be legion.  At bare minimum, as you can read in the preceding link, 3 in one hundred persons... bleed you out for shoe laces.  More, understandably, in "tougher" times, eh?
Another thought. It takes guts to give up some advantage so more can live with efficacy. We can have that kind of guts, we could give it to ourselves. Humans should, after all, be born to respect, then have an opportunity to lose same, don't you think... ?  Born, efficacious medicine and health care should be a right? 
I suspect so!
...But to have never had any respect at all, as the movers and shaker's minions so manipulate their lap-dog culture to facilitate same... why ... that must be a hell on Earth!
Restore John Ford.
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