Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tune Up, Turn Away, And Opt Out

"Always Searching"

I thank fate for any energy, and the Army for the rest; though, I'm capable of biting hands that feed me. This doesn't stray from truth, remaining humble... non-aloof, while insisting on a freedom I have earned, so let it be!
I'd be just the way you want me, see? Though, it's got to be my way. The smallest wage? Sincere respect's the wage I would be paid!
You want me in there fighting righteous battles in your fray? Then shoot it to me real, cousin, sans the BS you display!
Give it to me straight, paid leader, though my heart explodes my chest! Give it to me level though I fail every test! Give it to me honestly though pillars fall with rust, though I lose it all ... this strange new world, and I end as dry as dust.
Give it with veracity lest I tear your towers down! Give it with alacrity though you end up goat or clown. Give it and be forthright, give it... or be damned; give it though your vaults clean out, and you're driven from your land!
Give until it hurts, good friend; it's what you've asked of me. Give it 'cause I've paid my end; it's your turn now, you see?
Give it up in time, dark man; give it up while you can pay. Be a hero in our history, or tarred and feathered on display!
On Mars it's frankly obvious, and the moon is secret still. Why scramble all the video? Why does NASA feed us swill?
Why do we waste a moment's thought on "organs" filled with blood, when the melting of our icecaps has the oceans rage and flood? Our skies are filled with colored light not made by those of Earth? An interest in the sex lives of the *famous* takes that perch! The pyramids are piled upon the secrets of the ages? Yet we obsess on tabloids spewing Paris Hilton pages!
Our Shuttles filmed *amazing*stuff on "48" and "80"! ...But Springer's show is all the rage, what's happened to us lately?
I see them in the stark blue skies,
they drift before excited eyes
like tiny dots too fast and sly,
or way too slow, and closer, why?
They don't appear, to me, mere dreams,
there are others seeing same it seems!
Though for some the thought's obscene!
"It must be *us*," these bleat and scream!
These don't want foundations rattled; see, they've built in thinning air! They'd keep the lies constructed to beguile us, mon frere!
See it's easy to deny the skies and pretend *creations crown*, or suffer gods who *love* us — keep us stupid, dull, and down!  Like, anything you'd make me do? It won't get done... that way. Give it up you *gods* and *devils*! Yes! Dry up and blow away!

  • ...Which was, of course, the theme of "Babylon 5" until its denouement — shortly after Sheridan assumes a Federation Presidency, but I digress. No... No I don't! Gods and Devils can get the hell out of our galaxy!
  • Further, it occurs to me abruptly that there was a lot more going on in that bellwether program—a series soundly trumping all that went before and all that which has come after—than you thought, believe me... ...great suffering ZOT but what that program could have REALLY been without the restraints of some niggardly imposed blue-nose's desire for platinum bathroom-fixture money and its attendant twitchy moderation...
  • "Who are you"?
  • "What do you want"?
  • These are the salient questions conscientiously asked through four plus years of the aforementioned and undeniably seminal science *fiction* series.  Undefined by accomplishment, are we revealed by the substance of our choices?  I suspect we are.
  • See, those are key questions because a sound society, one efficaciously progressive and forward looking, depends on the quality of its individuals and the toleration of same for its very survival and and aggregate largess... ...the individual is key. It has ever been so. 
  • Garbage IN? Garbage OUT! Strength of metaphoric chain is measured by the weakest link. Dumb individuals provide for dumber teams. Plan for "dumb" and get it every time.  Plan for "smart" and at least get it some of the time?  I suspect so.
  • ...And, over-all, a benevolent God who *Loves* us seemingly indifferent to the Satan so patiently and salaciously threatening?  Which is truly rich?
  • That system is bankrupt. Too many of the wrong people are making a killing with regard to how sick and miserable we can make ourselves in *this* world, ostensibly in preparation for a *next* one, eh?  These same persons propound we should be able to take their Orwellian conjectures on untested faith! That's, sorry... words fail me... ...bullshit...
  •  The last 20 years have seen an erosion to the rights of the individual I would never have predicted 20 years ago... and I was in my majority 20 years ago! I was no wide eyed kid with a bloom of innocence left on me, reader! Still, it looked then like universal potentiality was opening like a flower... and the 21st century was the gateway to the stars...
  • Knowing then what I know now... ...passed 60, and old enough to have figured it out? I'd have been a lot more intractable about barriers to civil rights as they came up, friend... ...forgetting they came up at all as a result of lies and scurrilous "false flag" operations driving us into distracting wars we didn't want or need... or any war that was in any way justified!  Has War ever been other than a contrived thing?
  • "...Downing Street Memo..."
  • "...Building #7..." 
  • I am a veteran career soldier with a Bronze Star and four Meritorious Service Medals, reader. I understand the subtle pragmatisms of a real world. I grok the real politic. I perceive forest for trees... Yet, there's just no need to let those pragmatisms run rampant for the top 3% to the detriment of a bottom 97% percent. No!
  • There will be consequences. It has ever been THUS!
  • Regarding the two talking points above: Is everyone one just that incurious, complacent, contented, fulfilled, satisfied, and just stupid?
  • I don't think so. I really don't! I think people just generally can't believe (are reluctant to believe), can't get their minds around (...and don't want to!) the stunning magnitude of the big lies that they have (...ever!) been told.
  • Problem is... ...putting off going to the dentist does not solve the problem at the dentist's office, does it, eh?
  • What could have been a mere 'filling' or a 'bridge' devolves into major dental surgery where the outcome of that surgery is not clear. Then there is some futile gnashing of those ruined teeth... you can just bet!
  • The solution? Well, it's too late for "tune in, turn on, drop out..." that ship has sailed. Better: "Tune up, turn away, and OPT out."
  • Tune up your individual feelings, sensibilities, and responsibilities. Turn away from that which insults you, disrespects you, lies to you, chumps you, and marginalizes you. Then, opt out of same.
  • You're killing yourself for a thousand channels of insipid television and a culture that hates you. Hates you?
  • Yes, hate is just another more active form of disrespect, actually. Culture has never been a friend to the individual because the individual asks too much of a culture unwilling to explain and justify itself to righteous individuals...
  • Who are you! What do you want! Your answer is key... and your salvation. Additionally, it'll bring the saucers down I'm betting.
  • Restore John Ford!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Did They Know?


Think of folks existing in an ancient, un-guessed time ... when Humankind was fresh-faced, an innocent, sublime.  Present deserts were once verdant in a time so long ago.  Now they're buried by eternity in drifts of time, like snow.

Continents were bigger then, and they bridged themselves with land where sea now washes liberally ... plains were mountains, stark and grand! ...And the arctic was the tropics; Earth's huge magnet switched its poles; the water rushed and drowned us, and then washed down cracks and holes!

Our gods were explanation, so we showered them with gifts well beyond an exploration of their own self-worth or thrift! We wrote a lot about them... and we said it with aplomb that the *gods* DID walk among us, or Zecharia's been quite wrong!

We were literal — without nuance, and we wrote it as we saw it.   It's the only thing we knew that worked; as we saw it we would call it.   And we wrote about these awesome gods, and we gave them timeless names, from the strongest to the weakest... ...and it's from them's drawn our shame.

The biggest? Call him Jupiter! He's the King of all the gods. He's the one with all the lightning bolts, and he gives the rest a nod. Venus is his consort, but she has him by the ear, and all the rest array themselves behind her to the rear.

Venus was the lesser god, of that there was no doubt. She didn't have Jup's monstrousness, she didn't have his clout. She might trick him or deceive him, but she'd pay the price if caught; she's the loser, in a battle where they struggled, or they fought.

Now, drift on back to present times, and take a walk outside. Look East before the sun comes up upon a dark, but cloudless, sky!

Jupiter and Venus, just two planets, outshine stars! But one outshines the other; which is which confonds a bard. Not hard for me, perhaps for you, I've seen them through a scope! I have learned which one is bigger; that's what has me by the throat! It's Jupiter that's dimmer, 'cause it spins so far away; it has the low albedo, and its color makes it fade. Venus is the brightest, so it looks the bigger, still. It has the high albedo and it's closer to us, Phil!

That's where we have the disconnect, and a loss in continuity. This is where we learn comeuppance, and we fill up on humility!

HOW DID WE KNOW the *dimmer* light was the FATHER of the gods? HOW DID WE KNOW when just a look shows Venus has the nod! HOW DID WE KNOW, when Venus looks the biggest, and more blaming? HOW DID WE KNOW the sizes of the planets we were naming?

  • Sitchin would have argued that the ancients had to have been — uh... ... TOLD (yes!) or  informed by "the gods who walked among them as women and men." The gods who walked among them like women and men?  In the corporeal?   Yes!
  • Some other things we knew, millennia upon compounded millennia ago... when the dew was still fresh on our cognitive lily and we were aided only by a human visual acuity thousands of years from any DREAMED of visual enhancement with glass, mirror, or telescope?  WWhat did we know?
  • Why... ...only that which could not have known at all!  That which was too far away to be known! That which was beyond possible to know!  How?!?
  • How did these ancients know of the existence of a planeted solar system and a plethora of stars like our own?  How did they know about the asteroid belt betwixt Mars and Jupiter?  These likened it to a bejeweled bracelet around the Sun. How did they know the near identical sizes of the "twin" planets Neptune and Uranus, that they were water worlds, and even know the hues of each... which was blue and which was green?  How did they know about the mysterious and enigmatic planet *X* we have only recently detected as a result of perturbations in orbital mechanics disturbing planets of the only system we can presently know ... our own?
  • How did they KNOW!
  • We know not.
  • Restore John Ford!