Sunday, September 01, 2013

...Reasons To Be Thirsty

Art Bell is like Von Daniken with the treble turned up high. I mean that in a good way; Art can really make you fly!  He drags the light, perforce sometimes, to places it won't go.  See, most would threaten ridicule—so "looking's" OUT, you know? But this won't stop Art's conflagration—in your earpiece—at his station.  Perspicacious in his way, he's interesting, if flawed you'd say.
Yeah, the facts aren't checked-out... "to the tooth." Conclusions? Premature. Some's half-baked innuendo, or hammered bull-manure... he wanders into fantasy, and he wants to *rock* you first... but where else would we hear that stuff when we have our kind of righteous, thirst?
There's reason to be thirsty, and one does the best one can. One hears strange "stuff" one just won't find in "mainstreams," understand?  That's why we listen carefully to the broadcasts of the night, it's there we hear the stuff not heard past dawn and in the light.
There's reason to be thirsty, where "decisions sans all sight" so profoundly disrespect us as we fight our daily fight.  We're losing faith in government, the church is in arrears. Our agencies all threaten us.  We've lost our star to steer...
There's reason to be thirsty when one sees without the scales, and our "population problem" is "addressed" by building jails!?!
There's reason to be thirsty when the world's lacking sense, and one can't see to either side to come down off a swaying fence!
There's reason to be thirsty as the cosmos flash and glow with all the special portents of the stuff we'd like to know!
Look, the "mainstream" just won't touch that stuff—keeps its coward's tongue in cheek! It shivers in its ermine boots at the whispers, hints, or leaks.  Disclosure threatens cat bird seats and other seats court side; they're loath to give up power so must opt to cheat and lie.
Though... foundations yet are crumbling! The money's running scared. The "word" is getting out along with falsehoods they've declared!
The information curve's straight up! The content's harsh and raw! The better brains are getting out to float above it all.

See, "their" news is predigested pap! So, you pick and choose your own! Perceiving their duplicity? You find you're not alone.  You explore alternatives, look for truths supporting lies; the world is much bigger than you ever knew.  Surprised?
That's why I like Von Daniken, and the higher pitched Art Bell. These are guys who "soar and cleave" to burst our stifling shells!
Some argue they're responsible for all the kookish fringe. Some argue they have murdered folks (!)—think of "Heaven's Gate" and cringe!
Some argue they're both charlatans, and in your pocket, friend—while accepting televangelists as honored kith and kin!
Too, Art and Erich think out loud—must know there's something there! These are men (like one John Ford), who've questioned, sought, and dared.
These are men—and women too—
who point it out for me and you
These are folks who bring some light 
we otherwise would find denied!
What has *science* done but hide (?) 
from stuff we KNOW must haunt our skies? 
The evidence is startlingclear
*Science* hides a smirking fear.
It tries to quash the anecdotal
all the photographictotaled
all the history is deterred, 
and what we're left's the *bag* we learn!
Read forbidden books, my friend, 
and come to know or comprehend 
that there's a lot to see besides 
what some might stifle, lose, or hide
*Science* wallows in its trough 
and Art Bell pisses folks, yes, off... 
but I'm indebted to a clan 
who asks disturbing questions, man!
They stretch our limits, walk the brink, 
make us ponder, watch and think ... 
Friend, we NEED those frontiers W I D E 
if we expect to soar and fly!
I would have my news if pilfered, 
but true to life, pristine—unfiltered
I'm offended at the pap 
the mainstream feeds me lap for lap
I'll get my news, one might contend, 
from Bell—or Bill and Nancy—friend!
These are people with the guts 
to look beyond, dismissed as nuts (?), 
but with the access to that *edge* 
that some deny, dismiss, and hedge!
Bell does not deserve the MUD... 
that's slung around—such *vicious* crud! 
McGaha, Shermer—like detractors 
don't disclose the facts! They're CANCER!
All they do implores discredit
proclaiming truth because they *said* it, 
shilling for their own dark ends 
a status quo that they pretend!
Toe to toe, Art makes HIS case 
while all the rest project disgrace. 
Cheap-shot artists whine and pule 
to demonstrate that they're the fools, 
but Bell must pay to move this freight 
as other items fill his plate. 
"Other items" undersells ... 
his troubled past does not fare well.
Perhaps it's that which drove him under, 
...or calling Y2K HIS blunder, 
when (perhaps) it's HIS attention 
kept the *focus* on that mission?
Non addressed, 2K's a BASTARD! 
Did Art help AVERT disaster
Very few proclaimed concern, 
but from Art Bell, of this, we learned.
Intrepid Art provides a taste 
of what we might then hear too late. 
He's exposed the programs, Jack, 
that haunt our shadows queer and black.
He allows a venue, friend, 
for different thinking some pretend: 
is specious nonsense made to pry 
the dollars from your pocket—lies!
Sure and all it's mostly bogus, 
but *enough* is brought to focus—
justifying an alarm 
that MIGHT come up; there's greater harm? 
The harm that's found is secrets used 
to disrespect—yes—me and you!
So let Art be, and I'll decry, 
for me, what's worst—but I'LL decide!

Excuse this small hyperbole, but compared to his unethically noisy and criminally unimaginative detractors, Art Bell is a towering shrine to inspired ethics and incisive accuracy. That's right!

He leans further right than I find comfortable... but then hey... compared to me, so does Dennis Kucinich, eh? LOL!

Forgetting my own small concerns, it remains I have been dazzled by Art Bell like few others are able to constructively dazzle, you know?

The reason? Art Bell, a default giant love him or hate him, remains an advocate for his listening audience like few others can or appear to want to—or fake—frankly. This is with regard to other giants interviewed or points raised, a point other broadcasters and pod-casters—overawed or trying to make points— frequently miss. What's the listener getting out of it; that's where rubber chews road.

That said: Bell is 'establishment' and he has a certain synchronicity with that 'entity' establishment writing a giant's checks, perhaps, eh?

I don't dither, his admonitions have a corporate—status quo-preserving—ring to them. His recriminations of "9/11 wing-nuts," for instance, are illogical and inconsistent imo (Building 7!)... but his sense of memorable radio remains unerring! This is forgetting that what he gets out of a quality guest with seeming ease is providing for the dazzle mentioned earlier.

Though, it's like the great buzz on a trick liquor you know leaves a hangover because of its impurities, I imagine. But still. Dazzled, in ordeal, but dazzled still.

Though, what a dazzlingly beautiful child he's recently produced, am I right? How bad can he be?

Should he come out of retirement? Of course. In his way he's a national treasure. We should avail ourselves of him while we can...

There is but one caution... [g]...

Oh, and on the now legendary "Y2K" debacle, where it once seemed that there was to be a real disaster looming computer-wise in the late 20th century because of old machine code trying to conceptualize a year with three zeros in it... a very real problem.  There was a very real potential for catastrophe!

It is the alarm partly raised by his early attention, I submit, that got enough people working on the problem—early enough—so there wasn't a problem, eh? Or, an admitted stretch, what was "Office Space's" raison d'etre, then?

Art Bell? Say what you will, but he can hold his chin higher than most network anchors or mainstream pundits. I anticipate his return, forgetting his proud disdain for poetry precludes my complete regard.

I've been critical in the past and maintain that same criticality. Though, with regard to where he is and given who he's talking to, many times... well. You couldn't ask for better than him. Hurry back Mr. Bell.

Oh — and on EVD... say what you want about him too, but he sure got us all looking thoughtfully in new directions, didn't he? I suspect a list of who he inspired into their own quality investigations is impressive, to say the least.  That's enough.  Read on.

Restore John Ford.