Sunday, August 18, 2013

...Penetration 1952


See? There WAS the "flap" they'd called it; fighters scrambled—that's a fact.  Folks were seeing "something," and for days—imagine that!
This was early in the fifties, when we loved our Uncle Sam.  Before we knew duplicity and began to understand.
Oh, and all around the Capital of the nation with the "bomb"; it's there in print and picture, and it's been there all along.  UFO's were flying where the people HAD to look.  Folks were clearly rattled—sensibility was shook!
See, if the universe is grandly huge with "space" and "time" enough... to foment "surface areas," so supporting living stuff... then upon those surface areas, as its happened, life evolves... to counteract an entropy our physics claims is solved!  It's a sparse obstructionism the reductionists prefer so they make themselves believers as they all then self-concur...

...But, there WAS a "penetration" of our airspaceso profoundthat many eyes still watch the skies! What baffled confounds!
This started on July thirteenth, 'bout sixty miles from town. Reports are most unsettling—are amazing; they astound! An airline crew is homeward bound, the weather's CAV-OK, the ceiling was unlimited—they could "see for days and days..."
...A blue-white ball of brilliant light APPEARED and matched their course! A staff of worried pilots and the stews all saw, of course!  Oh, and see astonished passengers as effulgence dashes passed! See blue/white brilliance zoom up close—an awesome... stunning flash!
...And, then to watch in wonder as, away, it hurries off—"at a thousand miles an hour," and straight UP the pilots clock!
The next day is a mirror—more "highly strange" transpires!  A southbound jet's accosted, and imagination's fired!oo, with that jet things weirdly flew, then blinked on out—away from view!
Still and all (and verily), and minus all pretense, they'd not hold back their "weird reports," and compromise good sense! Victims of futilityreporting what they'd seen!  Ignored reports are cowardly; They're more than just obscene...
Six strange craft formation fly! 
They flip their edges wide and high! 
These climb in graceful arks that night 
and breath is stolen by the sight!
...Interrogations DID ensue. 
The Air Force pressed, a bit unglued
—but men and women saw, yes, THAT 
...which radar saw! This caused the flap!
On these dates in Newport News,
reports came in! "Red saucers [flew].
They flew a way and manner—strange
Those who saw ... said, "flew [deranged!].
With speed "too high" and turns "too steep," 
these craft were seen to soar and cleave!
In Hampton Roads, July sixteenth
a man is working late, it seems. 
He takes a break to go outside
to cop a smoke, I would surmise.
Looking south... a pair of lights (!) 
would zoom on up to pierce his night! 
Dodging back in tight U-turns 
they danced like flies to twist and burn!
The witness is a man who'd know, 
an engineer of planes we've flown. 
"These maneuvers? Too extreme 
—would kill a fragile human being!" 
Joined by other lights that night 
the pair are four (!?!)due south their flight!
July eighteen, nineteen—twenty
anomaly occurs aplenty
Orange/red disks fly single file 
for witnesses bereft of guile. 
Radar sees them too, you know 
—a different kind of "seeing," though.
Written off as "air inversion," 
targets seen, agree—concurring
Pilots see what radar sees 
and still some scoff from thick-skinned knees! 
Shooting stars, if sans their tails, 
moving up or down, detailed. 
"At all times," was the report, 
"they coincided [in cavort]."
Eyes and radar would agree 
that what was seen 
was ...there..., indeed!
On the airbase five confirm 
what radar sees the eye discerns
Pilots in the airspace see 
these flying disks are flying free. 
UFO's—tracked twenty minutes! 
Ten or more at once, they tell it, 
flying to the runway hard 
to scatter like exploding shards!
Moving solemn wraiths of light, 
direction changes out of sight, 
many saw them there that night 
at Andrews airbase—causing fright! 
Too sharp turns in weird directions, 
from entities beyond conjecture 
—quicken my imagination (!) 
... Admit it, this is damned amazing!
The twenty-sixth came by at last, 
and by THIS time there're folks aghast! 
"Nothing's being done," they peal, 
our "impotence" is plainly real.
Government won't have a clue! 
Their impulse is to LIE to you. 
They give it spin and obfuscation, 
then act just like it never happened!
Though, jet-planes scrambled out of fright 
for threatened airspace clothed by *lights*. 
Our capital was ringed with *craft* 
which ruled our skies—and that was that!
Interceptors, we thought hot, 
were left as though they'd simply stopped! 
...Pilots fooled when they climbed out 
to find they hadn't landed — ouch!
Something *took* the sky that night 
and treated us like boys, no jive!
We were children to what flew 
these craft we SAW in fifty-two! 
IS this why we HAVE denied it? 
That we can't measure up? Deny it?
That we are so "without a clue
as to what this "means" or what's the "truth"? 
Is this WHY we haven't bitched
and ridicule rewards our niche
Is this why there's no respect 
for people asking questions yet?
This was BIG—it filled the skies, 
but we had trust that's now denied, 
and yes that trust has been confused
BETRAYED, accosted, and abused.
There is more than some let by. 
They're locked into *position's* why.
Some have let the secrets fall 
where some would keep them—on their call!
All convenient, arbitrary
All self-serving, cantedscary
All contrived to keep from YOU 
the answers you would HAVE! It's true.
Think—if the news was really bad? 
They'd mobilize us—make us mad! 
They would use us in an army 
they would raise (but do no fighting!).
No, I would bet that one's advanced,
elevated and enhanced. 
See? Even facile questions would undo 
their method of controlling you. 
The Buddhists left to make the sense, 
as all the rest are "flushed and rinsed."
Think, power's individual; 
autonomy is usual; 
you provide your own belief 
beholding naught to priest or chief!
This'll scare them—YOU, cut loose, 
independent ... full of juice.
This provokes the bare faced lie 
that nothing "strange" flew Truman's skies
This was it, then, bland indifference
—disregard for your deliverance!

Your deliverance, reader!

1952—a big year, perhaps the biggest, and at the beginning of the ufological imperitive which was kindled in this writer as it happens! 1952—A psycho-sexual penetration of our national sensibility so profound that it is an assault too uncomfortable to act on or even remember by a slack-jawed and inadequate leadership then and since. More James MacDonald! Less Edward Condon!

Additionally, ours is a leadership decidedly not up to the task of shouldering the responsibility necessary to advance us into our looming future. Rather, it holds us to the back with duplicitous and abusing religiosities succoring the adipose (fat) few at the expense of the hapless many—that few insistent upon an intellectual "three-field approach" to culture, when an intellectual "advanced-hydroponics" is attainable and called for!  Carbon's not a joke where you flirt turning your planet into Venus, eh?

Hey, I've read that the harder something's squeezed, the more slips through the fingers, eh? I've personal experience with same and also: what's hammered down in one spot only pops up, meaner, somewhere else. Another approach is indicated. Nay, demanded!

Running with this ball lateraled to us in 1952 would have led to a goal, I feel, winning the game early by providing access to a much larger box of tools, the power abundant to energize them, and the progressive philosophy to make efficacious use of them.  I wonder that we couldn't already inhabit glittering cities in the Asteroid Belt...

We fumbled that ball, and now only ape the monkey prosecuting carnal knowledge of same. Funny when not humiliating, eh?

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