Sunday, October 12, 2014

X Rated World

Again, I've been labeled a "ponderous paranoid"... for walking the path that I've trod all along. A label dismissive, and artless, and facile—one clueless and mocking... and patently wrong!
See, where there is "threat" there is no paranoia. The presence of threat's to preclude, always same. So where is that charge even close to a bull's-eye? Who's it at fault, really? Who's it to blame.
Dismissed... as an artist while critically thinking, while using my hands and my heart or my rhyme... I'm scolded and chastened by—imprecise—persons who read what they want and then speak HALF a mind!
I'm clearly coerced to my poetic protest—expressing myself as I have all along—I remain unaffected by smears on a character best practiced, mature, and I think, life long!
I'm UNASHAMED that I'm labeled *psychotic*... for seeking new questions and freeing my head. Considered; the source of my braying complainant... discover this "source" is conflicted instead!
I'd continue pursuit of my "alien viewing"... secure in assurance I'm on the right road, immune to the churlish and charm-less occurrence of that which is cluelessly pushed up my nose!
See, I'm on my guard for the "critically thoughtless," those well imbued with beguiling fog. Errant promoters of hidden agendas with actions employing a "wink" and a "nod"!
I'm not impressed by the words of this *critic*... who acts without thinking to "try out" complaints, and I'm not indifferent to persons intrusive, reflexive, complacent, or ethically stained!
Too, I am not sorry that some are offended by some of the action at AlienViews! I'd think it expected that feathers get ruffled when sifting this *murk* for a taste of REAL news!
I'm nonplussed... uninspired, by those mewling and whining... These spin a grand show but don't front, and then WALK... puling expressions on how they've been "wounded," "attacked" and "berated," or suffered *rough* talk.
Too, yes, I'm not impassive to those without courage... or those whose agendas conceal their views. This is discouraged for folks (who've signed up!) ...who are here to develop their—own—alien view!
I'm enraged, not controlled, by the actions of persons who erode what we do just to further their ends! They're not partners or alliesassistants, supporters; they're not helpers, co-workers... even fair-weather friends!
They're a hindrance, a hurdle, a snag—an impediment, they're just a sharp stick (or a bug) in your eye! Not near a solution, they're part of the problem! ...And worst of all, this: they don't care if you die!
If you can't hack the heat, get the hell from the kitchen! There are box-cars of fish that need salting and frying! The multiverse bubbles a terrible turbulence in a countdown that's ticking with "bombs" close to flying!
Our rights are eroding like sugar in rain, our futures descend into war. Still, you take the time to *pretend* that you're helping? You're a fool; you're a psycho; you're a tiresome bore.

He knows who he is.  Entirely unrepentant, I'd continue as I am. Thanks.

Not entirely heartless—all that's required—I'm appropriately sensitive to arbitrarily causing an "undeserving someone" any undue angst or upset... but if you're going get offended when I don't go blithely along with you and your conjectured lack-wit worldview... ...if you get disturbed and combative—even hostile—at my earnest expression, please find me chiseled from the coldest stone as I eat your face.

Sincerely. Me?  I'd accept a justified face eating. One should.  I've had done some chow-down on my face, yea and verily, and there was forgiveness extended on my mea culpa.  That's as it should be, too.

True, not completely closed-minded I prefer the straight talk that cuts to the chase if not to the quick. My mother, now passed, was fond of saying that that was only going to get worse the older I got.  I'm on my guard.  Be on yours.

Too, as I gainfully struggle to accept many of you as you are, I suppose you're going to have to struggle to accept me as I am (or not, an alien view makes it your call after all).  Be that as it may, those who are wounded by straight, though considered—presuming civil—expression should wear a cup on their sensibilities; indeed, why should any of us be shielded from illuminating discourse, of any type, that one could be getting right here... right now.

We're getting close to the bone on this boys and girls...

As a community, for instance, we once under-reported a story on "human mutilation" deserving attention because we didn't want to offend tender *sensibilities*, eh? I think that's wrong. I think that's shining you on. I think that's a disservice to you. I think that's selling you a bill of insentient and pride-less goods! I think that's contributing to your—and so our—aggregate ignorance. To quote William Shatner—lately becoming a god in my personal pantheon to efficacious individualism: "I can't get behind that!" Hell, friend—I won't get behind that!

We're not children! We're not enfeebled! We're don't have to behave like victims, even as we are! We are survivors in the best sense of that word! Or, we can be. We're HERE, aren't we? ...Forget that means "they’re" here too!

We are grown up women or men (and all shades and flavors in between) in a world that is decidedly "X" rated for all the phony baloney little ways we "dog and pony" it up... attempting to create the degrading illusion that it is rated "G," or gracious!  "R."  Get real!

See the implication? Don't expect me to pay the freight for faux-Christian assumptions I am compelled to view as regressive hypocrisy or even cowardice encouraging criminality!

I won't presume mine upon you. You'll accept them, or you won't, remembering shoes not worn are ever on "other feet." Consider that.

There are few of us in this community who I "know" to be at least remotely on the level, folks, and few of those I've had to take in faith on the word of the adjacent person I'd "trust"... ...I test my faith, btw, because it has been demonstrated to me that untested faith is valueless.  Google Hopkins and Mortellaro by way of example.  More! It's an insult where it is not an imposition!

Untested faith is valueless to me, at any rate, and it's been valueless to my fellows except to convince them that ignorance is bliss! You know what crap I think that is, if you've read me at all.

But some check out! Some deliver their stated goods! Some're more than pretty words or smoke and oddly colored mirrors! Some're sincere and they have the evidentiary cache to buttress mere claims.

Moreover, they don't cut and run posting assailing recriminations and wounded protestations about how BAD I've made them feel, how angry I am like that was some kind of pertinent issue, and they want to reason all the way through the real issue, whatever it is. They are more than easily wounded sensibilities. They want to do: "best practice."

Hey! I'll respect you. I'll give you your sounding board! I'll help and provide information if I can! But I won't coddle you! I won't treat you like an infant! I won't presume your lack of intelligence... or talk down to you. I'll talk up, instead.

I won't allow you to shine me on, either. That's a game best played elsewhere by suspect *others*! Go there if you'll feel better and can ignore your then re-continued manipulation.

I'd prefer to soar and cleave! I'd think you would too. But that's what you get when the scales start to fall from your eyes and you see the world as it really is. Bigger than you thought! Grander than you imagine! Scarier than you would have believed... X rated!

25000 plus children starve to death, exclusively, on this planet every day, boys and girls, and that's the good news! Dare to ask me why!

Still, persons would willingly whack a conjectured "grey" with a military imperative as a psychic explosion issues from the ruined head of the being destroyed! Is it murder? Is it self-defense? Is it even real? "X" rated world, like I said...

See, it is an "X" world. It's an "X" multi-verse! Too, "X", as dangerous a ride as it can be, is much preferable to "G" because "X" is real and "G" is just a figment of a facile imagination. "G" is an unbrave mechanism that can't work for everybody just as it can't work for ANY-body, all the freaking time. You KNOW that! Statesmen are murdered, elections are hijacked, religious bigotry and a stealthily singular fascism is becoming the default law of the land—as UFOs and the people effected by them are STUDIOUSLY ignored.

Arrogant? Maybe. Overconfident? Perhaps. Angry? Conceivably. It remains, I want to be able to qualify and quantify my experience; I want to define it; I want to be able to defend it; I want to be able to explore it; I want to dissect it, understand it, and validate it. Too, maybe a little arrogant overconfidence is in order just to bust the aggregate sluggish crap loose. Better questions are found with less.

If you don't want to do that (be brave, inquisitive, open and confident), if you want to preach, self-promote, or otherwise wallow in fatuous distraction and hurt poutiness... you may want to more carefully consider being in my company. Sincerely. I'd have truth though heaven fell... ...and feel relief! See, if it fell? It would then crash to something solid that was real and an authentic foundation could be built for a "heaven" that was genuine, I feel.  ...One perhaps not so quick to fall, eh? ...One with more shelf life.

Consider that the ufological disclosure forthcoming, of needs, eventually, must be as destructively tumultuous as the "real" leadership deems it, necessary, to be! Please read the preceding again. They relinquish their power constructively in peace... or have it torn from their dead and bloody fingers.

It can, and does happen—or not—just as I say. Germanic principalities of multiple centuries ago never had to endure the bloody revolutions of Italy, Great Britain, and France... because they relinquished power in a constructive manner before that power was taken from them, eh? Their cooperation was so complete, ultimately, that they were able to put the whole rest of the world on notice... twice in two World Wars! There's a cornucopia of lessons in there, boys and girls.

Read on.