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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ink And Stone... ...PART III

UFO's are ink and stone to demonstrate we're not alone, and in a record written plain, we see continued that refrain.  See, something's seen in Earthly skies that won't be seen by those decried: those with heels in our necks who keep us unaware—perplexed.  Those who'd keep their cat-bird places from which they spit in upturned faces...

...Those who have the facts, they know, would open DOORS through which we'd go; those who know a piece of truth and put it in their vests, aloof, smirking over ill got gain that they'd produced and would maintain!

We don't hear stuff in our schools, but from a fringe these played for fools! None the less ... it is the record, writ by those who are detected ... in a search of ALL the data pertinent and sans errata!

So we'll continue *marching* time and listing dates in foot and rhyme. Come along, the ride is thrilling, awe inspiring, a little chilling ... perhaps it's also (likely) truth ... that we could put to gainful use?


The eighteenth century saw its end, and UFO's were seen again. French police were vexed with sightings—they could not explain—they're frightened! "A large red globe" is testifieda dozen people saw it fly!

...Then, landing in a crowd of peeps, a man steps out to talk ... and SPEAKS! Police Inspector Jan Lebeuf could make no sense... enough's enough! He scratched the fleas tormenting him and wondered. "What the hell is all this, then?!

The globe *explodes*, to add confusion—spacemen disappear ... illusion? We can't know what those folks saw, but plainly, they were struck with awe!

ThenCaptain Banner captained ships. Steady, he was good with it... The man was hardy, not a flake; see, millions rested in his wake.

Late one night there is a panic! Sailors kick a fuss and racket! Pointing fingers, gaping eyes, across the water *something* flies!!! A "maze of circles," curving shafts, circular in form—it's DAFT!

Was it cloud or *manmade* object? What nation flew (?) though not the subject... It came up hard "against the wind," and very nicely "settled in."

They saw it, plain, for a half an hour; the captain, serious and dour—wrote it down within his log the like of which wakes up your dog!!  1870 was the year; the future's quickly drawing near...

The term itself of "flying saucer"—provided by a Texas farmer ... watching one, described it so. It flew above his farm, we've known. Ten times seven years would pass before Ken Arnold watched aghast, and looking for a plane in trouble saw them once again ... their double.

"Skipping saucers on a [wetland]"? Words he *coined* ...were coined beforehand! "Flying Saucers (?)"—an invention by the press with tongue in cheek, then.

...Still, and all, these men describe what they have SEEN in words denied! It is NOT a silly dream, this written gift of what they'd seen.

The Persian Gulf in 1880 (?)—British steamships *steam* it *greatly*! Timeless in the Patna's Log, Captain Avern writes this jog: "[Glowing wheels, building sized, hovered with my ship]"—he writes! "[Vivid spokes of glaring light reached out to touch my ship that night]"! The wheels spun for twenty minutes. Mr. Manning was a witness. Mr. Brace was there to SEE the wonder of what this could be!

So it was, in legal writing, from a Captain badly frightened. So it was with loyal mates so qualifying future fate... ...They wrote down what we would read... to drag our OWN conclusions free!

Next, photographed (?) at Zacatecas, 1883—prestigious! Joe Bonilla sighted several—several HUNDRED—flying level! Flying fast across the sun these glinting disks were on a run! Seen again ANOTHER day? A FLAP it was I'd have to say. But photographed? It's new to me. I don't remember it, you see. If photographed would someone share? Let's see it, please, if you know where.


We must pause and end the show of mysteries that move and glow. More is coming on the heels of your delighted shrieks and squeals!

Ain't it wondrous? Ain't it grand? This *kingdom* ... now so near at hand? ...A kingdom made to suit some one who sets it up and makes it run...

...And not Jehovah, Emanuel, or Gods and impsthe usual. But YOU, dear reader, testing *faith*! That MAKES it happen—sets the pace!

If you think it, then it's real. That's truer than we know, some feel. If you wish it, it can happen? What prevents it?

...YOUR distraction!

We have records spanning time, and filled with wonder, shock, and rhyme. You don't hear it, but it's there, and won't be heard unless you dare.

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Restore John Ford.

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