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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time Part II

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time
  Part II of II

Provoking the aforementioned sedition (I'm an American; it's what we do), I try to go out early every morning there's a clear sky and spend time looking up, out, and into deep space. I've amassed hundreds of hours in the past several years peering into our sky, and I've seen the damnedest things, good reader, already spoken about last time.

I see these things, I expect, because I try not to presuppose or pronounce upon what I'm seeing as others do from both sides of the aisle.  I don't self-hypnotize as does—for example—the current default klasskurtxian and reflex media skepti-puppy Robert Sheaffer, to wit: resolved, all these sightings must have, exclusively, prosaic explanations.  Too, I don't know that there are flying saucers, as Sheaffer knows that they are not, forgetting it's what I suspect.

Remains, my suspicions are not remotely the issue. The fact that, among more significant others, I'm seeing an unexplained ... —"something"—..., reader, decidedly is.

So... "carrying coal to Newcastle," I know, I'm going talk about my sightings here, every once in a while.  A reminder that an "idle mind" can be an efficacious one, still?  A productive one.  A progressive one.  One aspiring to courage and courage's serendipity, reader!  

Yeah, reach exceeds grasp.  So?  Remains reach inspires grasp.  I suspect Checkmate.

...A reach allowing for all that is allowable, knowing what is knowable, and believing what is believable... why?  To achieve what is truly achievable! Easy to say I know, remains, it is but choice.  Hey, no apologies for going all pep-rally on you; it had to be said. 

These are things that are important on that, all-importantindividual level.  Individual consciousness moving mountains and making magic in the real world, the corporeal, you know?  C'mon, you know it's true.  

Reality transcends mere science the way a thousand-acre wheat field transcends the single razor blade used to turn it into bread.  Science, all by itself, is like seeing, yes!  But seeing without hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting... knowing... appreciating. Sightless, ironically. It's not just me thinking this.

The individual is key.  It's why the "sedition of the faithful" is so important to "the man" and makes him so twitchy to consumate.  Each blade of grass can be individually seduced and is seducible, ultimately, especially given the egregious and unfeeling behaviors of the "system" from which that one blade of grass can be seduced.  I digress, but not by far.

With regard to my aforementioned UFO reportage, I'll give time, degree, and description of same with as much significant detail as I can—or care to. Though, I'm really doing this, reader, for two other reasons.

[The writer did this in a series, 20 times over a period of years, and in a manner considered, thoughtful, and compellingly illustrated ...reported as true as it was truly witnessed.]

One, I am genuinely (and I think very rationally) concerned about the general incompetence, neurotic behavior, and contrived clueless-ness of a sullen and senseless mainstream regarding its—ignored—responsibility to intelligently facilitate an informed public about UFOs, et sig al!  This is forgetting that the more far-reaching of us are alienated, presently, with the arrogant authoritarianism, dodgy ethics, and disingenuous non-sentience of that same mainstream... begging the sedition from same! 


See?  Presently, the mainstream programs (or pogroms!) the individual, manipulates the individual, and so disrespects the individual. We're not getting the whole story, the complete story, or the true story about ANYTHING!  Verily, truth is only used to prop up a contrived and profitable falsehood if it's detected at all.  UFOs are simply one more penultimate (sic) significance added to a long list of nebulous affairs on which we don't get the straight poop!  

We can't know the unknowable, of course.  But we can stretch the envelope, and anything else individuals should be able to have a crack at.  Where are our Eleusinian Mysteries?  Those personal explorations were the foundation of vital civilization from which ours sprang!  We're denied same for our own good?

For our own good? For the enrichment, advancement, and illumination of individual persons?  More squirty guffaws.

Two... finally, eh?  I had a "turn-about" sighting one morning so bizarre I bust to share it with someone interested, out there, who may be remotely simpatico—not write me off too quickly as your garden variety net-loon, para-woo-kookian (tm), or foaming web-wacko, eh?  See, enough people going out to look for these things with me might help energize an excited grass roots effort to get to the bottom of them!

I aspire to inspire that "going out to look," reader!  I think that there's progressiveness in it! A satisfaction!  A future!  A truth!  A reward, even, damn it!  Yes!


It was 04:50, the 22nd of December, 2001.  As I had been outside well over an hour already and the coffee was too long gone; I thought it must be about time to mosey on back into the house to have another cup... maybe bang some language around.

So, office-bound from outside, I just happened to glance over my left shoulder at the North Star for a final look-around before heading in when, as I watched, an extremely bright and cream-colored light blinked on!  Appearing around one clenched fist's 5 degrees to the left of Polaris like an energized and brilliant aircraft landing light shining due south, it was much brighter than Venus. It was perhaps Venus cubed!

I thought it might be a helicopter—extremely common in my area—making a precautionary landing, but the light remained stationary, briefly, about three degrees to the left of the pole star.  There was NO sound.

I put my glasses on it, and brought them down immediately; it was like looking into a truck headlamp from ten feet away! I continued the rest of the observation, mostly unaided, for about 30 remaining seconds. I even had time to think that it might be a supernova!  Meteors, aircraft, satellites, ball lightning, fireworks, planets & gassy pelicans were considered in turn and reasonably discarded...

Abruptly, from its dead stop, I was startled to see the object begin to move to the north!  As it traveled a total of about 10 degrees on that track—two fists—for the 20 seconds of the remaining observation, it dimmed steadily to the point where I felt it worthwhile to get the binoculars back on it again. I was able to keep in view, but could discern no other details outside a warm creamy light slowly dimming as it moved steadily north against the exceptionally clear star field. Soon I was having to use off-center viewing even in the glasses to keep it in sight. Fading out, finally, three fists below Polaris, it was gone.

It was a great sighting of the inexplicable, friends and neighbors, but also it was a bit of the "ho-freaking-hum," too!  I'd seen that kind of thing before, actually. Why, I'd witnessed one in California with my Mother, a light of similar brightness and tone on a track directly above us—even  stopping for a few delicious seconds directly overhead—that brought a little old lady with crippling COPD right up out of her wheelchair!  I digress.

At this point I've got my backside up against a low retaining wall in my backyard, arms shoved into my pockets—just staring off to the east over the roof of my home wondering what the hell I'd seen really was—when I noticed a flock of light colored goose-sized birds, I guessed, flying due west in a large uneven chevron, getting ready to make a pass directly over my house. Tres' Neat!

They were still about an apparent hundred meters away, or so, and maybe a hundred feet in the air when it began to seem that they were traveling awfully fast... too fast for birds. Too, I couldn't see any wings beating. I threw my field glasses up to my eyes for a closer look and was astonished to discover that they were not birds, at all, the wings were NOT flapping!  Observed was about 15 or 20 smaller chevrons flying in the single large uneven chevron, streaking through the sky directly over my head only resembling a flight of geese! I followed them with my glasses.

Abruptly, I got confused regarding how big and how high they were and my vision wobbled vertiginously in the view field!  My knees buckled in an astonishment of their own I'm a little ashamed to report. I thought I was made of sterner stuff.

My field glasses came down as the flight of objects silently zipped away and I took a deep breath. Perhaps you had to have been there, but this sighting was a real breath-taker even for a guy who had gotten a little jaded, perhaps, watching a lot of peculiar stuff in our collected backyard sky!

...These "birds" weren't birds. They were too fast for birds. They didn't flap like birds. They didn't have the long necks of most formation-flying birds; they had no necks at all. Silent, they didn't call to one another as birds will!  The field glasses were focused, clean, and in good working order: I was able to see a star field behind the objects. The objects I observed looked, a little, like tiny B2 (flying wing) bombers in my binoculars, traversing about 90 degrees of clear sky in a little over ten seconds. Fast.  Directly overhead.  ...And they glowed slightly, reader, indeed apart from the comparative darkness beneath them, with their own inner light.

I hung around until the sun started to come up, but the rest of the morning was uneventful.  That's the way it rocks & rolls when one contends with UFOs.  Heavy sigh, huh?

That's the thing about UFOs, see?  UFOs don't take their marching orders from partisan professional persons planet-side or suffer the presumptuous test tubes of same, eh?  It's one thing making their sedition so attractive.  Moreover, as their alternative may be considerable, you see—their sedition becomes an inexorable seduction. 

Too! Given the organizational prerogatives attendant to nightmarishly tyrannous and fascistic religio-corporate ring-knockers & other scurvy bastards? UFOs become a seduction with an increasing attractiveness!  It's not us abandoning ship, you see; we are ourselves being abandoned—sullied, disrespected, and abused—by the aforementioned.  That was my last digression.   

If you look you see; if you see you find; if you find... well, let's find out, right? It's what we do.  That's enough.  Read on.

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