Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time

Pure Sedition And Inordinate Time
Part I of II
by Alfred Lehmberg

Our own forces conspire against us, eh?  We'd be relieved of all control for our personal lives by crass elitist psychopaths of learned documentation existing as sure as spots and apples to confound and abuse us.  The manipulating if official psychopath abides, reader.  Its behavior becomes increasingly egregious.  One becomes encouraged to consider alternatives.

Here is sedition's facilitator!

Our personal aspirations to beauty, truth, and self-actualization are increasingly denied!  Hope of some individual satisfaction, justified pride, or spiritual advancement is discouraged under punishment of extreme prejudice!  It's happened to me, eh?  Fall afoul of the officiality to experience activity from right out of a Kafka novel.  Few persons of conscience or the remotest lucidity debate the seeming inevitability of the preceding.  Asymptotic graph lines of anything that can be measured achieve a vertical aspect.  Concrescence approaches steadily without regard to projected dates or accurate prophesies!

Our liberty, real and imagined, is slip-sliding away.  Pursuit of happiness is threatened!  A future looms even as UFOs festoon the sky in increasing numbers ...and more persons publicly cop to what they've seen, their imaginations inflamed, and their very necessary reach beyond grasp provided for by this inflammation.  "The purpose of the UFO," say the great ones, Terrence McKenna among them.

Well—let's do what we can to force the bleeding issue, eh?  Let's "squeeze their spice weasel" and kick it up a notch!  Bam!

See, we've blithely allowed our current plight!  We've facilitated our cultural complacency trusting fraudulently elected leaderships, such as they are, to do the right thing.  Pause for squirty guffaws!

Moreover, these "toxic leaderships of practiced malfeasance" corrupt what could be an effusively informational "mainstream," ever further hijacking that mainstream to do the bidding of that psychopathic few signing niggardly checks to 21st Century serfs.  You'd think the few regarded would be willing to pay a semi-fair price for an uncontested cat-bird's seat!  

"...But nooooo-ooooo..." we channel Belushi... the dead one.  They pay as little as they can get away with and short-sheet who they can afford to short-sheet.

Back to track, this provides a clear and present danger for the manipulated many, this total hijacking of the fabric of efficacious thought, frankly... forgetting the harder we're squeezed the more of us slip through their fingers, as Princess Leia once observed in an inconstant English accent.  Rebels always seem driven to their alternatives by unjust circumstance born of monstrous tyrants, no?  Tilt, eh?

Grok this: UFOs are pure sedition against the stupefying *Status Quo* outlined above.  Crack historian Richard Dolan generally intimates an extant status quo as the enemy of human spirit and humanity, in the aggregate... as this "Status Quo" serves duplicitous masters only, presently, if it's ever served anything or anyone else, ever.  The "good" of the few, fraudulently dictating the egregiously disrespectful treatment of the many... ...how very droll, eh?  Not really.  Tragedy wrapped in travail and then packed in the temerity of privileged criminals...

The treatment if not the cure?  An informed populace, serious respect for individual rights, adherence to a Constitution's Bill Of Rights, and the rule of just and equally applied Law.  This is not the current condition. 

At any cost, reader!  We've nothing if we don't have these.  With them we reach beyond ourselves... to the enigmatic "other" watching from without!  They are the very fabric of our advancement and elevation as a species.  They are vital to our very growth!

The individual is key to the preceding, you see.  In the manner of the chain's weakest link, it's the quality of the individual determining the quality of the entire cultural team!  See, while there is no "I" in team, there is a "me" given a certain creativity with letter precedence.  "Me" is very much there.  It has to be.  There is no team without its component individuals.

Old Rome, before the common era, at its most rational height before the "Barracks Emperors" and bread and circuses of a blood soaked arena worshiped by the moronic masses, was composed of a large middle class of many quality individuals, and they accomplished much... reached far a-field to pluck rapid advancement out of the air before them.  Rome died when its middle class did!

We do a similar thing now as the majesty of our nation dwindles.  This is forgetting that any Caesar looking ahead to the capability of individuals in the 21st Century would see millions with the clear powers of the gods at his or her command

...And that's with smoking brakes applied, reader!  Caesar lives!  He lives in the enduring form of Autonomous and Self-involved Priest/Kings, that which exists to fraudulently place itself above you, reader... still surviving in a barely diminished capacity today.  

Still existing today or we would be a HUGE middle class residing in the asteroid belt—a living bracelet around our Sun as the Sumerians conjectured 9000 years ago.  Our "mainstream" would be worth more, presently, than a mere fossil-fart-lighting tinker's damn. 

UFOs, it's found, appeal to that aforementioned individuality and the authoritative... conversely eschewing the lowest common denominator or the canted authoritarian.  No alien has ever landed and asked to be taken to an "authority."  "Take me to your leader"  That was but a stupid joke from the fifties!

Continuing, UFOs indicate useful information not forthcoming from one's own conflicted culture and secretive society.  UFOs point to a need for a strong individual constitution able to provide successful aggregate foundation in an evolving and expanding universe.  Moreover, UFOs are seemingly an alternative to a tyranny—academic or institutional—here iterated, and from whose arms we're driven presently... ...trust for which we are denied, a result of their behavior and not our own!  We are increasingly more starved, abused, and swindled by leadership and retreat from that leadership of needs!

For double-digit years now I've been making reference to anomalous sightings I've had down here in the southeast United States.  I caution the reader that I've seen nothing conclusive; no mother-ships, beam-landers, Flying Triangles, or star ship-shuttles!  Moreover, I have only had encounters, generally, which barely satisfy the requirements of Hynek's "Close Encounter of the First type." That is, I see strangely moving point-source lights in the sky making impossible turns or coming to a dead stop in the starfield! 

They don't photograph well, understandably, or at all.  These comprise the totality of my observations, forgetting these lights have performed enough of the enigmatic and unusual—the impossible even—to remove them from the category of that which is "supposed" to be up there.

I suspect I'm a credible judge of what is supposed to be up there. I was a very highly trained and decorated military Master Aviator, a senior instructor pilot and team leader in both Utility and Attack aviation branches—a Warrant Officer Candidate School Commandant on occasion!  Additionally, as a graduate of the *old* Instrument Flight Examiner Course with more hot-gas time, in peace and combat, than Oberg, Shermer, Nickels, and McGaha combined, I am more than abundantly qualified to make that assertion!  I endured a long and successful career qualifying same, reader. I digress.

Let me make another digression!  With regard to a report by a so-called "expert" Dr. Shermer, to wit:  a person rigorously trained in the science of observation is not, pound for pound, a more superior observer than the one who is not... is just ludicrous on its sneering face!  Step off, Doc!

Back at the ranch... I see bizarre and specifically significant "other" things in the early morning skies as well, if not often.  See, I am provided with that aforementioned observational training, curiosity, and... uh, ummm... let's call it ...inordinate TIME... to secure an opportunity to observe UFOs, reader.  
Imagine watching a big stretch of super-motorway for a head-on collision. Time, it takes.  You will likely never witness the aforementioned collision.

Frankly, in time, UFOs are observed making abrupt ninety degree turns, expelling red glittery stuff, hurling lurid green bolts or fireballs, and flying randomly senseless patterns!  Additionally, their flashing strobes coyly pulse at 120 degree snap-turned corners along equilateral flight paths!  Tres bizarre stuff, reader!

They come abruptly to complete stops, fly in formation, and make vertiginous changes in magnitude with regard to speed and direction adjustments... while generating rainbows of color! They are as bright as Venus cubed, dim as a star only visible with off-center viewing, and they appear and disappear with what a child might perceive as wispy playfulness. I can only wonder what they must actually be... But lo this last decade-plus I've been seein' 'em!  No apologies!

Additionally, I've discovered (forgive this small digression) that an idle mind is not so much the devil's tool, but that the idle mind remains a tool at all, still!  An unfettered tool.  An unrestrained tool.  A tool with fewer barriers regarding its use, fewer prohibitions, and no expectations.  More on that when it's time.

I've time to use this tool more in a fashion of what I perceive to be an efficacious loose cannon, eh?  If of small caliber and low charge, a cannon of sincere inquiry, on consideration!  As regards the aforementioned (and hotly contested!) "inordinate" time?  Here's how that works just north of 50 words.

...Refusing a final promotion and retiring from the Army in 1992 I achieved a teaching credential at a local University, summa cum laude.  Subsequently I'm professionally shunned, shortly, by the public school teaching professionals of polite if authoritarian local society of red state Alabama for suspect age-discrimination, arbitrary, or cliquish outsider-hating reasons—not to put too fine a point on it... they were especially nasty regarding my dismissal from the only reasonable position I'd been able to find.

Consequently, I've found myself with a lot of unemployed hours on my hands to indulge a (seemingly rational) ufological interest with that tool of the aforementioned idle mind. Woe be it, eh?  That and about 500 thousand dollars in lost wages denied me out of another's repugnant pique, but reader, you endure enough digressions. 

I've discovered that the mind is a tool decidedly dangerous to the corrupt establishment alluded to above, reader.  It's a mind looking for alternatives—a mind ripe, the "man" argues, for sedition!  In other words I use some of those idle minutes with which I have been graced to rock my head back and actually look up into the sky for extended periods of time. That's the secret, you know... Really looking?  Sedition lurks between the stars.

Sincerely, anybody spending time—looking—will actually see the things I'm seeing... if they just took the time to look. I understand most folks don't have time.

Young people have dues to pay, jobs, and young families.  Frenetic government's feckless edicts and war-mongered posturing provide more immediate fish for them to fretfully fry!

Those who have the time?  These don't have the inclination, and those who have inclination don't have enough inclination to provide opportunity... you have to weather the exasperated spouse, the bugs, or the bitter cold... or UFOs go unseen.

Next: Pelicans in reverse, select reportage, and sedition's recognition.