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Monday, September 04, 2017

Our Heroes Betrayed - Part II of IV

Our Heroes Betrayed 
The Other Side Of The Flatwoods Monster
The 65th Anniversary of the Flatwoods Monster Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg with Frank C. Feschino, Jr.


Before: Cold war, Hot war, Weird war; you are there and involved; Air Warriors, ground observers; major flaps, near Whitehouse lawn-landings, and orders to "Shoot them down"!


Concept in 1952
When Robert Farnsworth, the President of the United States Rocket Society caught wind of the UFO "Shoot Them Down" orders by the Air Force, he was appalled!  He quickly responded in an official capacity. On July 29, 1952, Farnsworth sent a telegram letter to President Truman, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, and Navy Secretary. He then made his letter public in various newspapers on the subsequent day.

Mr. Farnsworth stated, "I respectfully suggest that no offensive action be taken against the objects reported as unidentified, which have been sighted over our nation. Should they be extraterrestrial—such action might result in the gravest consequences, as well as possibly alienating us from beings of superior powers. Friendly contact should be sought as long as possible." It is obvious that Robert Farnsworth was completely in the dark concerning the flying saucer shoot down orders, but was right when he stated, "Should they be extraterrestrial—such action might result in the gravest consequences." What are the reader's thoughts?

Ironically, these grave consequences had already been going on as pointed out by subject matter expert and author Frank Feschino, Jr., when he made a good case for a secret air war with ET between 1951 and 1956. Feschino used the New York Times newspaper to obtain this data as the basis of his research. Coal to Newcastle, but required for the audacity of the contention made, he now makes known a re-analyzed update to same:

1. Between 1951 and 1953, The New York Times reported that 62 United States Air Force fighter jets were destroyed over the Continental United States and its Coastal Waters in those three years. This is compared to 83 Jets lost in the air-to-air combat events during that same time period in the, very entire Korean War.

2. Spanning 1951 and 1956; however, the New York Times reported 205 accidents involving fighter aircraft. These regarded destroyed or missing fighters; the total loss of American fighters worldwide, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, was 231 aircraft. 188 losses occurred over the United States and its Coastal Waters and 43 occurred in other countries throughout the world. That seems a little peculiar... 

Further analysis shows that of the 188 fighter aircraft jets and propeller-driven craft destroyed over the United States and its Coastal Waters, only seven were trainers! Excluding these seven trainers, we know that there were 181 non-trainer fighters destroyed over the United States according to this newspaper's reportage! A reader's red flag should begin to unfurl.

3. While those reported 205 accidents or incidents, accidents or incidents resulting in 231 fighters destroyed worldwide, the Air Force had 175 fighters destroyed, including seven trainers, the Navy 46 fighters destroyed, and the Marines 10 fighters destroyed; Total=231.

4. Through those reported 205 accident incidents, 200, yes two-hundred, fighter pilots and radar operators were killed, including our missing airmen! Twenty of those pilots killed are known to be skilled fighter combat veterans of Korea and or World War II, so no fools, they! All twenty of those combat veterans died over the United States between 1951 and 1956, including two pilots who vanished in 1954. Flag down, reader!

5. During those reported 205 accident incidents, twenty-six fighter aircraft just VANISHED! Nineteen superbly maintained fighters and crew simply dematerialized over the United States remaining unfound! Let that sink in. Sixteen fighter jets just gone, only three of which were trainers. The seven remaining jets had all disappeared over other countries.

6. Thirteen of those 205 accident incident cases involved multiple fighter accidents. Whole flights of aircraft just steering into the ground, some flights running out of fuel at precisely the same time? This writer is a combat aviator. That doesn't happen. Does a caravan of trucks all run out of diesel at the same time? It works the same with jet fuel.

These cases involved between two to four jet fighters going down in each incident. Seven cases involved two downed jets. Four cases involved four downed jets. Two cases involved three downed jets. What the bleep was going on?

We may never know the actual amount of aircraft involved in UFO intercepts ending in loss of airmen and aircraft but it was repeatedly "explained" that many of these accidents occurred during routine training flights and missions! Additionally, and again, a frequent explanation for the cause of many of these accidents was to be that the aircraft, "ran out of gas," subsequently crashing.

OK folks, now take a closer look at the statistics Feschino extracted from the 205 accidents involving destroyed fighter aircraft. He discovers there were sixty-five cases involving fighter pilots that did NOT bail out of their disabled jets! These crashed into the ground or water, ending in fatality. Only three of those sixty-five cases gave a specific reason why the pilot did not bail out of his failing aircraft to subsequently die in the crash. Those particular and very singular reports stated that each of those three pilots were "over populated areas" and chose to "stay with their aircraft to steer around neighborhoods and other inhabited areas" before crashing, ala The Great Santini. Ok.

What about the other sixty-two pilots who failed to bail out of their fighters and died! Why, reader, did they go down with their failing or disabled craft and neglect to bail out when they could?

Did these planes fall out of the sky as a result of encounters with UFOs? Feschino once told this writer that Stanton Friedman brought up the following point. Those airmen may have failed to bail because their jet's electrical systems could have been disabled during a UFO encounter or intercept. We have other reports of this happening.

Furthermore, another disturbing point to raise here is just how many pilots were on UFO intercepts and rendered unconscious, or killed, during an encounter; were these pilots already incapacitated before they crashed? Could this explain their failure to jettison themselves to safety? This is curious at best!     

Now reader, let's take a look at the documented Project Blue Book "UNKNOWN" cases, which involved documented interactions and/or interdiction attempts involving United States aircraft, both jet or prop, and UFOs between 1951 and 1956:


1 case: 1 fighter jet.
13 cases: 9 fighters jets. 1 F-51. 1 unknown model fighter. 1 RF-80 Reconnaissance. 1 T-33 Trainer
4 cases: 4 fighter jets. 
3 cases: 2 fighter jets. 1 unknown model fighter.
0 cases
4 cases: 2 fighter jets. 2 T-33 Trainers.

1952 seems a banner year! Following, here is a tally of the UFO reports received by Project Blue Book between 1951 and 1956:

169  (Project Grudge)
3,881 UFO reports

Were UFOs real? Given seven categories of evidence and decades of recorded media reportage now, how can there be any doubt? Consider, reader, in December of 1952, Donald Keyhoe wrote an article appearing in TRUE magazine and revealed the number of jet interceptions against UFOs up to that point in late 1952.  He stated, "More than 300 times [that Keyhoe knew about!], Air Force interceptor planes have chased mysterious and unidentified flying objects revealed by radar scopes." Keyhoe added, "Week after week, jet fighters are 'scrambled' at points around the country for 'saucer' chases." Birds, balloons, temperature inversions, and swamp gas sure seem to command costly reactions, eh?

Back again to you, our intrepid fighter pilot! Your alert is chillingly called! ...Pucker's engaged and the passing of even a seed pearl will not be possible!


You and your second seat drop discarded playing cards and, high toned with adrenaline, hustle out onto the tarmac for your aircraft! You move with purpose even knowing that you don't know what you go out to face, verily, the yawning void of a nameless, faceless, bottomless... and abject unknown. See, you've been well briefed to "expect the unexpected." Waiting wings of angry Soviet fighters would be preferred. You mount up.

Suffice to say, unspecified fears and their dreaded consequences are eclipsed and shunted aside in preparation for an imminent launch. Your jet spins up in an elevating whine juiced by an externally plugged in Power Unit complements of the ground crew. The aircraft comes alive around you in a maze of meaningful lights and lighted dials, thrumming hums, sharp staccatos, and roaring billows!

Preflight checks are completed with your companion radar operator's, all business, clear call and positive response. "Here" and "now" have never been more apparent. "In the moment" takes on new meaning. Your moment has arrived.

24 hour Alert Standby!
The darkness of night approaches deftly in a now dwindling dusk as you get clearance to taxi to the active runway. Wheel chocks are removed, you get the wave off from ground, and you throttle up... begin your roll into a darkness redefining the word, "foreboding."

The weather forecast is not favorable, but that won't matter, overmuch, to men and equipment outfitted and trained for day/night and all-weather air combat operations! Lined up for take-off at last, you wait for clearance from the tower, skin prickling and pouring sweat. Still, fear is squelched decidedly down and your education takes over, your unflagging professionalism, proving the relevance of your successfully endured and very arduous Special High Intensity (flight) Training. "Pucker" is mastered.

Into the teeth of the unknown!

Clearance is issued and throttles are shoved forward for your take-off thrust. The roll becomes a leap, and you're crushed, oppressively, back into the seat. Your F-94 Starfire shrieks like a Game Of Thrones' ice-dragon to accelerate down the blurring runway, gaining speed for a deft pitch rotation raising the nose. Rotation speed is reached, powering you into unfriendly skies...

Airborne with gear up at last, you swoop off into that first vector from air control to a nameless and foreboding threat looming before you like your fated doom's gaping maw... This, reader, is raw Courage!

Pilot? You had vast sack and indomitable stone to do what you did. This writer dodged "green basketball" tracer-rounds while flying down the barrels of 51 caliber machine guns in Viet Nam last century, and wonders that he would have the "stuff" to, similarly, perform. See, it's one thing encountering a UFO in flight, unannounced, as did Captain Larry Coyne, bravely, years later in Ohio. It's a whole different thing flying out, deliberately, to meet same. ...But fly you did, straight into the teeth of the wholly unknown, highly exotic, and threatening... ultimate... weird.

Remains, Pilot... you, your radar operator, and craft... after some furtive and inconsistent (as it's reported) communication, would never be seen again. Tragically, as pointed out above, you would not be alone.


Next: Gross peculiarities, ridiculous official disconnections, and high placed admissions.  The nameless unnamed AND betrayed warriors, plus a well justified appeal.

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