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Our Heroes Betrayed - Part IV of IV

Our Heroes Betrayed 
The Other Side Of The Flatwoods Monster
The 65th Anniversary of the Flatwoods Monster Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg with Frank C. Feschino, Jr.


Before: Institutional infidelity, by the book official obfuscation, and Fish in Denmark.

Officiality would appear to stumble. Simple addition fails to add up. Intellectual cowardice seems manifest.

Most interesting were the transcripts from the two official "Aircraft Accident Investigating Board" meetings held at Tyndall AFB. These were contained in the examined 65-page accident report Feschino received. Feschino studied the transcript from the original board meeting and found that it was filled with outrageous inconsistencies, a lack of information and was in the altogether, a convoluted mess. To wit:

The four persons at the Tyndall tower in control of the jet when it vanished offered absurd answers to the investigating board! They were vague in giving specific information throughout the meeting. Furthermore, during most of the assemblage, these tower controllers failed to give the investigators the specific times of the jets location throughout its flight, even when asked point blank! Why were these tower controllers being so evasive with their answers to the board? Why were they conducting themselves regarding details about the incident like it was pulling eye teeth? Why were they so evasive in giving pertinent times that would reconstruct a timeline of events? Why were they even allowed this inexplicable recalcitrance?! 

It seems obvious to this writer that the tower men were avoiding the questions so as to not be forced to reconstruct a timeline painting a very different picture of events from what actually occurred! As recorded unquestionably, the answers given by those officials in control of the jet were professionally abominable and a disgrace to the two vanished pilots who disappeared under their watch! 

Well, that first board didn't fly! A second board was convened, "in order to reach a comprehensive conclusion in the case," according to the AAIB. Here reader, after further review which included unwarranted, unsubstantiated, and degrading "second thought" accusations against the pilot, the board revealed their conclusion in a "Report of AF Aircraft" paper.

"The primary cause of this accident was that the pilot failed to keep himself oriented at all times while on instruments." 

As alluded too, this writer was a master military aviator. The preceding is a handy goto in blame assignment, especially when the pilot's dead.

The document also states that the "Contributing cause factors" concerning the missing jet blamed both the pilot and Tyndall Tower controllers; "1. Pilot failed to exercise proper emergency facilities available to him. 2. Tyndall Tower failing to properly advise the pilot to declare an emergency and go to the emergency 'D' channel."

Well there you have it reader, both the pilot and the tower were at fault! Wait! This is not over yet! 

Three days later, a "REBUTTAL STATEMENT" by the Tyndall "Tower Officer-In-Charge was filed to clear the tower men of their incompetence and put the entire blame on the pilot. Later, in January of 1953, this rebuttal was approved and any other persons previously castigated were officially stricken from the record by the "Acting Deputy Inspector General"! The hapless pilot was given the full blame for his own disappearance!

The cause was determined to be: "Pilot's failure to exercise emergency facilities available to him."  Blame the dead guy is ever the rug under which an inconsistency can always be swept... where that is allowed.

Again, the "contributing cause factor" of the missing jet was blamed on the pilot or "pilot error." Subsequent to his error, the jet was said to have "flamed out" or run out of gas!

But wait! Upon further analysis and review, Feschino discovered that the stories provided by the Air Force to the newspapers, as compared to the information contained in the original ADC telegrams and Tyndall letter to the familyand then the 65-page accident report... were NOT the same! That's just... sloppy! This cannot be the result of TWO Flight Evaluation Boards! Yet, it was.

Yes, each version of the missing jet was demonstrably different from the others, each containing varying accounts of the whole affair! For example, Feschino discovered that the 65-page report actually contained THREE different times where the jet was said to have run out of gas and "flamed out." This is an occurrence, the reader is reminded, that can only happen once! Yet, this point was never raised or addressed during any of the two boards held at Tyndall AFB, which were said to be, "strictly fact finding" by Major Pompetti, the acting president of the "Aircraft Accident Investigating Board." Sincerely, no "facts" were found, iterated, or examined!

Additionally, the report actually gives two different time lengths for the total duration of the jet's flight from takeoff to disappearance, which shows a four-minute differential. This is just the mere tip of the misreported iceberg. It is apparent that one end of the subterfuge didn't know what the other end was doing! There is much, much more...

Additional examples of this cover-up show that during the initial press conference, for example, it was never said that Jones was flying his F-94B with any other F-94 B jets on this alleged "routine weather training mission." Yet the Tyndall AFB letter from Kleine to the Jones family stated there were "three other aircraft" with him during the mission ...and Chidlaw's original telegram to the family stated "all aircraft." 

Finally, the Aircraft Accident Report revealed that there were actually FIVE other jets that were part of that "B" flight mission that day! Why the varying information concerning the number of jets with Jones during the period specified? ...Just sloppy, or contrived obfuscation?

A mysterious complication had also arisen that day, perhaps kicking off the cover-up of the missing jet... later spiraling an operational reality into a web of spackling lies and contrived deceit. It all began with "a set of unusual circumstances" at Tyndall AFB. It was reported that Tyndall Range (specifically Navigation communications/radio NAV) went off the air after an hour into the mission of "B" flight!  Several pilots advised that their radio compasses were inoperative and all they could hear was static. Needles no longer pointed to navigation stations. That's not good.

Air war with ET at night?

The explanation: this was said to have occurred during an "alleged power change-over to test the emergency power at the base"... This, during the exact time three jets were just beginning letting down procedures! This simply does not happen, reader! You don't screw around on tests with aircraft in near-emergency trying to get down!

Nonetheless, one of those jets was being piloted by Jones! What was that, reader? An unscheduled power change-over test taking place at the base during the time when numerous jets were just descending propitiously to land likely low on fuel? Who would authorize that ridiculous and dangerous order, this writer and retired military master aviator asks? 

Then disaster strikes! At switchover, the emergency power failed to go on at that point and the radios failed to operate for a full five minutes. Subsequently, the power maintenance personnel were allegedly contacted on landline and advised to reset the commercial power by these concerned tower controllers. This is an absurd explanation! Who pulled the switch for the radios, and why?

Here, reader, is the point in time where the story loses any coherence and just spirals out of control. Posted: the convoluted lies and cover-up all seem to have begun here at Tyndall AFB on September 12, 1952! There's a book about this. 

What actually caused the base to lose power, and what happened during those lost five minutes? This, friends and neighbors, might be seen to be the beginning of the end of the Air Force's cover-up concerning missing jets!

Blame the dead guy?!

See, upon further analysis and review to reach a coherent conclusion, remember, Feschino discovers that the original story given to the newspapers by the Air Force spokesmen, when compared to the information contained in the original ADC telegram and Tyndall letter to the family, and then the 65-page accident report... flatly, there were NOT the same! Each version of the missing jet was inexplicably different and contained varying accounts of the whole affair! How is this overlooked in two flight eval boards?

After years of inquiry and with all the information he had in hand, Feschino put together a meticulous timeline of events recreating the scenario as told by the Air Force. His concise initiative shows authorities to be perpetrating a seeming massive cover-up, perhaps! He found that the circumstances of events involving the disappearance of the two airmen and their jet did NOT happen the way the Air Force explained it. That scenario, chronicling a vast impossibly, was without challenged sense! The story, especially given the loss of life and high dollar machine, just didn't add up.

Yet reader, with all the consistencies and holes in the Air Force's story, the contributing cause factor of the missing jet was still assigned blame to the pilot. Dismissively, in anticlimax, the story ended when the Starfire jet was determined to have inevitably, and simply, run out of gas...

This "futile flameout" allegedly occurred over the Gulf of Mexico about 70 miles northwest of Tampa. The F-94B jet was reported to be on a southeast heading toward Tampa's MacDill AFB and being guided by their control tower after being handed off by the Tyndall tower controllers.

Close to closing, this writer asks the following questions:

1. When Jones was flying southeast across the Gulf of Mexico and supposedly, lost and low on fuel, why didn't Tyndall tower redirect him back towards their home base instead of guiding him all the way across the Gulf to MacDill in Tampa? The weather was better. In actuality, close examination of Air Force records shows that the F-94B jet was being directed into increasingly adverse weather conditions as it traveled southeast toward Tampa

2. How did the MacDill AFB lose track of this jet when it was in last voice communication with the pilot and simultaneously tracking it on radar? For The Record: MacDill AFB had a massive ground control approach radar nicknamed, "HOMER."

Additionally, it's noted that during the course of this entire episode that Jones was supposedly lost and FUBARing around over Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Georgia, he was in voice communication and being tracked by radars in the following locations... yet the USAF still couldn't get this jet back home and on the ground.

A. Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL.
B. Moody AFB, Valdosta, GA;
C. Tallahassee Airport, FL.
D. MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL.

3. Was this jet actually lost throughout the southeast or was it directed to and actually chasing a UFO and being guided by Air Force radar?

4. Why did Jones and DelCurto fail to eject from their plane after it allegedly flamed out? A mission planned over water would have some kind of crew flotation. That was the rule when this pilot served just a few years later... No, sounds all too familiar, folks. Money paid, the reader takes his chance.

5. The jet was said to be lost (four radars?) and low on gas, then disappeared approximately 70 miles off the west coast of Florida over the Gulf waters as it headed toward MacDill AFB. At the time of the jet's disappearance, it was in communication with MacDill tower. This writer asks: Since the approximate last location of the jet was known, why was the Air Force unable to find any wreckage of the jet or the airmen's bodies?  

Consider, too, a sobering quote made forty years ago! In reference to lost American airmen and their aircraft in his 1977 book, Situation Red, well-known UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield wrote that, "...Back in the early 1950s, when I knew of the jet scrambles that sometimes led to disaster, I agreed with Keyhoe's writings that in these we may know the intent of the UFO. I also agreed that 'losing our aircraft to the UFO' may have been the reason for official secrecy, fearing the public would panic if they knew the truth." 


The injustice of all this official, even IF well meaning, obfuscation and slight of hand buggers belief, reader! ...Throws it over a wing-backed chair and has its way with it!

...That such selfless nerve of valiantly gallant men should earn these repellently unjust "rewards" of censure and condemnation. Outrageous!

Courageous men, brave and true, were killed in bizarre and inexplicable situations or never seen again, but subsequently remembered as unremarkable failures of their National faith and military professionalism, running out of gas or just steering into the ground, panicked in flights of two, three, and four, officials would have us believe. This writer was a military aviator, a Master, awarded Master Wings. This is just the way a fallen pilot would NOT prefer to be remembered, eh?  ...And for what?

To keep us in our infant's crib and beholden to psychopaths and oligarchs, milking what's left from fossil fuel to degrade the life quality of working people denied their keys to inner and outer space?! Mores the rub!  Courage is betrayed! Cowardice is institutionalized.

Shambling in devolution to its alternative Bethlehem to be born, a Nation would seem to abdicate its nobility, the remotest ability to see beyond itself... all enlightenment and personal enrichment—any reasonable and appropriate satisfaction—self-denied! The Low Road.

There's a higher road. This writer suggests that higher road. Embrace the conjecture that we cannot be alone in a universe of space, time, and surface area, areas easily hidden behind a grain of sand held at arm's length anywhere in the day or nighttime sky. Wrap your arms around this yawning expanse to achieve a new humility sans all hubris... elevate yourself higher than you would have imagined, rewarded by unending frontiers currently hidden by a virtual infinity of those self-same sand grains. We begin by honoring the memories of men and women bravely fallen in our service.

Be intrepid, gallant, and fearless like Lieutenant Jones. Celebrate persons of consummate bravery; don't dismiss, degrade, and defile their memory for the short-sighted convenience of men not worth a back-hand from the pilots they betray! Bad news does not get better with age, if it is bad, and this writer's intuition is that much of it is far from just that. Salvation and a kingdom could be at hand in truth! 

Now reader, looming on the closing of this essay, let us not forget that the upcoming September 12th is the 65th anniversary of the "Flatwoods Monster" incident, as well as another monumental event—an overlooked event! This is an event where numerous UFO sightings occurred along the east coast of America, which has now come to be known as the "September 12, 1952 Flap." On that historic day, there were numerous documented UFOs sighted, which flew, landed, and or were forced down by jet fighters ordered, Presidentially, to "Shoot Them Down."

This becomes abundantly apparent when Feschino documents the flight characteristics of four UFOs which eyewitnesses described as being on fire, exploding with pieces falling away from these strange craft, making strange in-flight noises, flying erratically (many at tree top level), all while making crash-landings (or being forced down!) throughout the east coast.

Ultimately, Feschino pinpointed 116 locations in ten east coast states during 21-hours of sustained active that day and was able to segregate these numerous objects by their shapes, sizes, colors, manner, locations, flight paths and sighting times along a trace of their flight paths!  He concluded that twenty-five different unidentified objects had actually passed over ten eastern States during the "September 12, 1952 Flap," including, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, DC, and... West Virginia. 

One of those four damaged craft landed in Flatwoods, West Virginia. From it emerged a twelve-foot-tall corporeal being of some existentiality, subsequently terrifying a group of unsuspecting local citizens. The repercussions of this event shocked the entire world and is still remembered today, thanks to the likes of persons the caliber of Frank Feschino, Jr., Stanton Friedman, and the many others since the 50s, persons who assisted in discovering the truth about this very compelling close-encounter incident. It was certainly a monster of the time. CE3K stuff, this writer says true.

Closing at last, reader, let us now reflect, again, upon what Robert Farnsworth shared on July 29, 1952.

"I respectfully suggest that no offensive action be taken against the objects reported as unidentified, which have been sighted over our nation. Should they be extraterrestrial—such action might result in the gravest consequences, as well as possibly alienating us from beings of superior powers. Friendly contact should be sought as long as possible." 

Mr. Farnsworth, hats off to you, sir! You were absolutely right in this writer's opinion, and the outcome of the offensive actions made against UFOs was made apparent on September 12, 1952... ...not just at Flatwoods. There's more to Flatwoods than the Green Monster...