Friday, October 12, 2018

Soaring Cleavers

Giordano Bruno
Soaring Cleavers
By Alfred Lehmberg

From a quote by Giordano Bruno... On soaring to the infinite: 

"I cleave the heavens and soar! What others see before them I leave far behind me."
...Said upon looking through a telescope for the first time...

Naturally, his capering and less intrepid detractors burned him alive for it. He was perhaps the first to consider that we were not alone in our universe of ever-expanding and unknowable vastness... vastnesses beyond sense, space/time, and surface area... ...senses, space/times, and surface areas not even restricted to the universe currently inhabited or endured, eh? He got his "just" rewards. No good deed goes unpunished.

See... similar to anything else happening in the universe (like humankind), even the universe doesn't happen only once! No, there are multiple universes. That's the confident math. Truly, beyond the grift and draft, it's the soaring cleavers to make any constructive sense of this apparent outré, at all.

Soaring Cleavers...

..."Soaring Cleavers," the likes Frank Feschino
, Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, and Stanton Friedman, among significant others... for instance. These are persons for whom this writer is reported to employ a "shameful sycophancy"... but for whom any of my glad support only comes remotely about, anyway, a result of my intellectually insulted sensibilities for these intrepid persons, and so my provoked defense of same. The real problem? 

Words... words, reader! Words sentiently said. Words sufficiently cited. Words standing times test then dismissed as what? Alternate truth? Inconvenience? Intellectual sloth?

Words. Here's the thing with words. Words are manifested thought, thoughts thought out loud and in print, mind you, but an altogether different entity than that which may later be manifested in the real world, reader, as activity.  See, the exploration of the idea is required to see if that idea manifestation might be required in the existential, at all! This is why "free thought" is required at all, this writer offers.

Stone's Quadriga: Friedman, Feschino, Hastings, and Dolan...

No, my ufological quadriga (née Rushmore!) above, is more than a vanishing conduit for unfiltered words of, not just free thought... No, they are that rarest conduit... ...a conduit for all thought, well... all thought fit for same. Did you hear that? The difference is that subtle. 

Thought (or lack of same?) precedes action, only, and cannot legitimately be said to precipitate it. That decision is made on the spot by the person on a blame line. It's the individual, after all, puts words to action... ever... always... even a mob. The individual has to buy in. They have to "wanna."

However; when you do believe words must precipitate action? ...And then feel that you must censor (deride, defile, and discourage) to preclude that activity? 

Then, it's an EASY slip to the "triple T's" of totalitarianism, tyranny, and terror, or maybe the legitimately distracted reader has not paid attention. The aforementioned "Rushmore" is not the one facilitating such, folks. 

No, these are a "cultural filter" (a societal distillery) left behind after all other filters have disgraced themselves and clogged themselves to non-usability. Hail our sentient heroes and paranormal sieves! A multiverse remains to gape and draw the consciousness a result of their initiative! "Blinders" shouldn't even have to be used on horses!

This is to say that I suspect they do not nurse serious drug or alcohol problems and they know the difference between a Belgian waffle and a bath sponge in America's burgeoning and increasing popular psychological rape culture! My quadriga could clear the higher bar than is provided by an unethically beholden and corrupted mainstream! 

No, my favorable evaluation of these men only seems kind when it is has been strictly observational and based over a period of a couple of decades. Reader, you will read only later what you're reading from them NOW... if you read it at all... and this is forgetting that *Everything* you're reading now isn't "accurate," "reflective," or even remotely "fair"... (one cannot equivocate merely "flawed" with full-on "FUBAR" for example, though many will certainly try).  Still, it's the quadriga aforementioned grinds the lesser, much smaller ax, is my take, if one is even ground at all to begin with... 

...See? People are thinking *it*, whatever *it* is. ...And you must have the opportunity to value *it* for yourself... Sincerely, has the reader ever heard the story regarding the devil "known" to be preferable to the devil "not" known? Our lauded gentlemen (and ladies!) understand the cautionary tale even as their scurrying and ideologically constipated detractors cannot! 

A clear picture of reality is not necessarily pretty ( it ever?), but it is a picture preferred by a sapient being who'd prefer to live in a real world ... make an individual contribution to it more personally satisfying and socially efficacious as a result of same? Perhaps. 

Looking at the world this way... warts, evils, genitals non-pruriently exposed, and all... taking an Alien View, if the reader will allow... allows the aforementioned sapient being an opportunity to see the proverbial forest for the freaking trees; see what works and hang on, perceive what might be better and reach out, discover the larger reality, and then bravely meet its constructive embrace! 

We were built to individually "soar and cleave", reader. My friends above allow for more of that, that is to say, less individual ignorance, in my view. 

...But I'm not being kind. I'm callin' it like I see it, takin' responsibility for it, standin' by it... and will be the first to abandon or report the antithesis of it the MOMENT that that is perceived. 

'K? ...'K. 

Sincerely, I don't have a dog in the fight that is a discussion on whether these should be encouraged to do what they are doing on social/ethical/scientific grounds (that's ground they're on in this writer's view), but that what they are doing is a necessary thing, the preferred thing, the braver thing...  I must believe. 

I want exposure to everything, reader, fit to be exposed to! I need to make informed decisions upon those things still allowed me to decide, myself. I suspect you do, too. This writer won't be reflexively proscribed by a suspect officiality oozing faux-reverent and hyper-religious irrelevancy

Yes... consider Jehovah, Christ, and Mohammed (Sectarian Father, son, and grandson... and all crawling with ufological close encounter references!)... The three major Religions of our day... all codified, outlined, and frameworked in a pre-Copernican time, back to a day when the interested and educated individual "knew" that the Earth was at the center of everything (...whatever that was...), that it was flat, and that the stars around it were little holes in the firmament to let the light of *God* shine through... cosmic lamps nightly lit by same... 

Trusted advisors advised anxious kings that UFOs were these "lamps" blown around in the stormy breath of "He who is most high." ... ...Right... 

Our codes, texts, and fundamentals might deserve a re-look and a make-over given our more current discoveries. Ya think? Moreover, the universe loves novelty and hates stasis or the status quo, after all. It's changing, gaining complexity in the face of entropy... and accelerating as it does so! 

Back at this considered rant's ranch, codes, texts, and fundamentals won't get that re-look and make-over in a world without the likes of the good men above (and women!) to facilitate it... truly. That's this writer's intuition. 

Verily! Whatever the cause of the ongoing egregious struggle, there are sociopathic people-hating human beings at the center of it... and those persons are decidedly not of the heroes iterated, put your bottom dollar on that. The rest of us just heat the former's oligarchic water for an ignoble non-admitted task facilitating them. Informatively, we only read about our miscreant social monsters as a result of the bravery and courage of the latter. Hail heroes, again! 

My boys are not the credulous villains in this piece. No! They're the anti-villains! 

We might read about those aforementioned "bastards of reflex debunkery" at the stables and sites of our quadriga. I'm saying... we certainly won't from the hijacked, fully corrupted, and so illegitimate "mainstream" for which canted klasskurtxian detractors shill... and are always added to the televised discussion by this "mainstream"... for balance! Squirty giggles!

No, the members of the quadriga are quintessential AlienViewers in my estimation. They would try to stand apart from that which is unfavorably considered... and attempt that selfless consideration. As would I. As might you, reader. Is "reportage" an endorsement, as the aforementioned "scurrilous" maintain? 

Well, Yes! ...But only over at FOX News and other Fascist Lap Dog media services! Associated Press? No. Rather, "Affected" Press, reader. ...Another not so subtle difference. Our quadriga's "Rushmore" refrains from same. This writer aspires to refrain, too. 

No... Reportage is NOT necessarily endorsement, by definition. True journalists retch at the concept, I'd presume! 

I'll let the reader know the moment, though, that I have a contrary thought on these matters. I've a history of same. When I'm found wrong I say so. It's a step up, still. The admitted error always is

The preceding is gladly shared but pointing out, too, that it is obvious to a balanced observer that I'm still at arm's length, to a degree, from the aforementioned! Those are the lonely wages of the true loose cannon, which I aspire to be, in spades! This writer is not an easy friend or a flawless expert. That doesn't even exist where the reader thought it did!

Verily, so many "experts" have betrayed the aggregate trust around me I'm compelled to stop listening to them, now, pretty much, and aspire to be a humbler "expert" myself. How about you, honored reader? In the "summer of your winter," like this writer? One loses patience for tediousness even being ironically tedious themselves...

...Or maybe this is a function of being well passed the summer of my winter, age-wise, and at that point where you just can't tell a guy like me anything anymore or expect him to fall right into line... Guilty! 

Maybe, at that point aforementioned, though, a tide turns... you gain the ability to look back more... where before you were consumed with the activity of looking forward. That backward look can improve the acuity, ironically, of that forward-looking one, if you let it, I've discovered. One must know a past to understand a present or predict a future, eh?

This is in regard to magic if unsettling moments where one feels a new ability to be a mentor, himself... rather than be mentored. Many may achieve that. You shall. I will, of course, continue to aspire to it. The perspicacious person remains a student; however, to some extent... I digress... 

Verily, all my mentors had their chance. That time, for better or worse, is done. I salute them all!

In closing, let me say that I am revolted by a world that would gleefully, gladly, giddily, and even gaily discard intrepid explorers  like the quadriga above as a clear and present danger to sense and science... but continue to lavishly praise a pompous Plait, or a noisome Nye, or a Slytherin Shermer, or a wooden Nickell... or any of the other too fulsome and cognitively insipid, spewing arrogance and intellectual cowardice as from a reductionist crotch-couch in cowardly Klasskurtxia... 

...I'd continue, but the gorge gets too high in the throat. Time again to again drink from braver waters! Onward!

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