Friday, October 05, 2018

...Autonomy At Hand...


I've talked to a person been through the dark maze and into the keeps of the man. There are secrets, there buried, that would mean an autonomy for the holder so "blessed"... ...understand?

Why, you could power your house from a cigarette pack; you could power your car from the sun. You could power your way to the far starry reaches; you could power "autonomy," dependant on none.

It's said there are gadgets—fantastic machines! ...The stuff of sheer fantasy, the stuff of your dreams! A man who possessed them would be as a king, beholding to none with a new song to sing. A woman who had them could be on her own, independent of man for a hearth, land, or home.

"There is life," said this person, "...long lasting and young. Have the bloom of your youth as the years are undone! Your strength is enhanced, and that's good for a starter, but the best is the chance you'd get braver and smarter"!

See? Way beyond his glad control... ...the *man* would not coerce you. You'd equalize the playing field, no longer could he curse you.

Any wonder what is "buried" where it cannot, then, be "found"? Can't you feel, friend, the presence of these *trinkets* so profound? Don't you sense them in dark caverns where they're covered up with dirt? Can't you see them in your mind's eye? Let that image tease and flirt.

UFO's are real enough to hover in our skies. I've seen a few myself, my friend, which should come as no surprise. Though, you would see them too, old sod, if you went outside to look—took your mind away from *con-games* ... dared read from different books:

Read Graham Hancock, he's respected, and his "Fingerprints of Gods"? ...tells a different kind of story than your pastor gives a nod! Read Zack Sitchin if you dare to, and his tale of planets twelve? ...Opens up horizons—takes your brain to higher shelves! Velikovsky fought with "dim-bulbs" lighting ignorance of reflex! An early victim of the *man*, he was valid... ...he had context.

...Our "person's" not so "factual,"—as you probably might have guessed—but I can't say, for sure, my friend, regarding all the rest. See, I'm sure the strangest secrets are, yes, "buried" there for real, so the man—by ordination—lives... to lie, then cheat and steal.

Plutocracy would suck, it seems, I'm sure you would agree if you took an honest look at what is, plainly—clearly—seen. It's "system obsolescence" keeps you buying worthless *stuff* ... inefficient, glibly dangerous, disrespectful—and enough!!!

No. More powerful individuals only create, exponentially, more powerful teams. I saw this over and over in two decades, plus chronological change, of team and individual combat and combat training in the Army.

Powerful and creative individuals, one finds, only seek creative and more powerful justifications to cooperate, not compete at the pragmatic denouement. Cooperation usually trumps competition because the goals of even a necessary competition are short focus and minimum term! Cooperation takes the long view... like you would if you knew you were going to be there, eh?

Surprise!  You are there!

Consider—John Ford sits in his dark hole ... tranquilized and mute ... trying to remember... what it was... ...he was trying to remember... you know? It could be you, it could be me — anyone but the one who put him there or approves of same.

We're next.

Oh, let's cut to the chase! They've already nailed me. I'm down a quarter-mill plus in lost wages over 10 years and must enjoy an eventual more minimized social security! You're next. You're next when you could fix it! You won't. ...Gotta keep those browns down, those blacks back, and those queers steered!

Restore John Ford!

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